CBI Visa Platinum Credit Card

This CBI Credit Card charges the lowest rate of interest and helps the cardholder in saving money. This Platinum Credit Card is loaded with a wide array of additional benefits and privileges.

The card member can avail various benefits such as credit shield insurance, free movies, travel benefits, lifestyle privileges, dining & entertainment experiences through the CBI Lifestyle app and much more.

Benefits and Features of CBI Visa Platinum Credit Card

Following are the benefits and features of this CBI Bank Credit Card.

CBI Lifestyle

CBI lifestyle is a unique entertaining and dining discount program. This program provides 1000+ buy one get one free offers and amazing discounts at various lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, and dining outlets. These offers can be availed by downloading the CBI Lifestyle app on iOS or Android devices and registering for this program.

Complimentary Movies

The card member may earn up to 100 percent cashback on a maximum of four movies tickets every month at any day of the week, at any cinema in UAE.

Supplementary Cards

The card member can also opt for supplementary cards without any cost for their family members. However, only the first three supplementary cards are free, subsequently, an annual fee of 26.25 AED is charged.

Cash Advance

The card member can withdraw cash from any ATM or branch of the bank using this Visa Platinum Credit Card. The withdrawal limit is equivalent to 50 percent of the available credit limit (maximum). A small processing fee is charged on this cash advance facility.

Balance Transfer

This CBI Credit Card offers a 0 percent interest Balance Transfer in the initial six months.

SMS Alerts

This CBI Credit Card also sends SMS alerts for all the transactions made on their credit card. These alerts are sent on the registered contact number of the cardholder.

Cash Transfer Loan

The cardholder can avail the option of cash transfer loan at a flat interest of one percent per month. There is a repayment period of maximum 36 months on this facility along with a processing charge of one percent only.

Low Balance Interest Rate

With a low reducing rate of interest on a balance transfer of 2.25 percent per month, the card member can save by spreading the costs of huge purchases or transferring the balance of other cards.

Charges and Fees on CBI Visa Platinum Credit Card

Following are the fees and charges on this CBI Bank Credit Card.


Fees and Charges Amount
Annual Fee on Primary Card 157.50 AED
Annual Fee on Supplementary Card First 3 cards: Nil4th Card onwards: 26.25 AED
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction 2.25 percent
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction (on missed payment) 3.70 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction 3.39 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction (on missed payment) 3.95 percent
Balance Transfer (one time in the 1st 6 months) 0 percent (for three months)
EPP (Easy Payment Plan) 1 percent (maximum 36 months)
Transfer from Cash to Account 1 percent (maximum 36 months)
Processing Fee on Transfer from Cash to Account 1 percent
Cash Advance Charge 3.15% (minimum 105 AED)
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over Limit Charge 313.95 AED
Card Reissuance/Replacement Charge 78.75 AED
Credit Shield Cover (on balance of statement) 0.85 percent


Additional Benefits on CBI Visa Platinum Credit Card

Following are the additional benefits of this CBI Bank Credit Card.

Credit Shield

Credit Shield insurance is an optional product that a primary cardholder can avail on this credit card. It offers credit protection to the cardholder in case of total permanent disability, death or critical illness.

Exclusive Privileges on Lifestyle

The cardholder can earn a reward with a host of discount and offers within UAE and abroad.

Travel Benefits

The upgrades and discounts on hotels throughout the world while you make payments using this Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Extended Warranty & Protection

CBI covers the cardholder in the case their purchases get stolen, lost or damaged.

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