CBI Rewards World Credit Card

Using this CBI Credit Card, the card member can earn the highest level of rewards (through CBI Rewards) offered by the bank. This Rewards World Card is loaded with a variety of features, privileges, and benefits that fulfill the lifestyle needs of the cardholder.

The cardholder can avail free access to airport lounges worldwide, complimentary movies, free CBI Lifestyle membership (entertainment & dining program), and much more.

Benefits and Features of CBI Rewards World Credit Card

Written below are a few features & benefits of this CBI Bank Credit Card.

Access to Airport Lounges

In partnership with LoungeKey, this CBI Credit Card offers free and unlimited access to more than 850 airport lounges throughout the world. Both, the primary and the supplementary cardholder can unwind and relax while traveling by availing this offer and can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments and more. 

Fast Track Travel Visa Facilities at Discount

Using this First World card, the cardholder can enjoy a discount of 40 percent on exclusive benefits including-

  • Priority services for processing the visa for a trip to the UK, Schengen, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Appointment scheduling on priority
  • Collection of documents from the application premises
  • Filling and typing of the form

Travel Medical Insurance

The cardholder can avail free travel medical insurance using this Rewards World MasterCard. They can visit the MasterCard website for more details.

Confirmation Letter for Travel Insurance

The cardholder can generate an online letter easily and instantly for their Schengen or any other Visa requirements.

Insurance for Travel Inconvenience

The card member can also avail free insurance for travel inconvenience using this Rewards World MasterCard. They can check the MasterCard website for further details.

Balance Transfer

This CBI Credit Card offers a 0 percent interest Balance Transfer for three or six months.

Quick Cash Loan

The cardholder can avail quick cash loan facility which offers cash transfers equal to 75% of the limit (maximum) at attractive rates of interest.

Complimentary Movies

The card member may earn up to 100 percent cashback on a maximum of four movies tickets every month at any day of the week, at any cinema in UAE.

CBI Lifestyle

CBI lifestyle is a unique entertaining and dining discount program. This program provides buy one get one free offers and amazing discounts at various lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, and dining outlets. These offers can be availed by downloading the CBI Lifestyle app on iOS or Android devices and registering for this program.

Rewards and Offers on CBI Rewards World Credit Card

CBI Rewards is amongst the top loyalty programs across UAE. This program has a high earning rate for points and a large range of options for redemptions. The cardholder has the flexibility to use the points for whatever they need.

Activation Bonus

The card member can earn a maximum of 50,000 reward points as a bonus on activation & spend.

CBI Rewards

The cardholder can earn CBI Reward Points for the 1st Dirham they spend.

Charges and Fees on CBI Rewards World Credit Card

Written below are a few fees and charges of this CBI Bank Credit Card.


Fees and Charges Amount
Annual Fee on Primary Card 840 AED
Annual Fee on Supplementary Card First 3 cards: Nil4th Card onwards: 105 AED
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction 3.45 percent
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction (on missed payment) 3.70 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction 3.75 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction (on missed payment) 3.95 percent
Cash Advance Charge 3.15% (minimum 105 AED)
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over Limit Charge 313.95 AED
Card Reissuance/Replacement Charge 78.75 AED


Additional Benefits on CBI Rewards World Credit Card

Written below are a few additional benefits of this CBI Credit Card.

Discount on Cleartrip Airline

On booking tickets on Cleartrip using their CBI Rewards MasterCard, the cardholder can avail these benefits-

  • 10 percent off on the airfare of any overseas round-trip
  • No restrictions regarding any minimum amount
  • Airfare discounts will be applicable for all airlines
  • Unlimited offer usage

Careem Rides

The card member can enjoy first Careem ride free (for 1st-time users) or avail 20 percent off on 2 rides every month.

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