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CBI offers top of the line credit cards and the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card is amongst the best credit card offered by the bank. With zero annual membership fees and an exclusive range of benefits, this CBI credit card fits into your lifestyle perfectly and very easily.

Key Highlights of the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card 

  • Zero annual membership fee.
  • Low retail interest of 3.45 percent is charged every month.
  • Competitive rate of interest of 3.75 percent on cash withdrawals.
  • 100 percent cash back on a maximum of 4 complimentary cinema tickets every month.
  • Exciting lifestyle and dining discounts through the mobile app.
  • Cash can be withdrawn up to 50 percent of your available credit limit.

Main CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card Features

Below specified are the main features of the CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card:

Supplementary Cards

You can avail up to 3 add-ons/ supplementary cards for the eligible family members in order to provide them financial freedom. Being a primary cardholder, you can also keep a track of every transaction.

Easy Payment Plan

As a member of this CBI Mastercard Titanium credit card, you can convert your hefty purchases into equated monthly installments at the participating outlets to reduce your financial burden. You can convert your purchases at a zero percent interest rate.

Additional Security

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card offers the facility of 3D secure to make your online shopping safe and secure. Other than that, you will get an SMS alert on your register mobile number upon making every transaction as well as real-time fraud monitoring service.


As a member of this CBI credit card, you are automatically enrolled for e-statements.

Emergency Assistance

You don’t need to worry about extra cash in emergency situations as the bank will replace your credit card in such urgent situations to make your banking experience smooth & hassle-free.

Cash Transfer Loan

This CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card offers the facility of cash transfer loan at 1 percent per month flat interest rate with flexible repayment periods of a maximum of 36 months & a nominal processing fee of only 1 percent.

Top CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card Benefits

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card offers a wide range of benefits and privileges. Following are the key benefits of this credit card:

CBI Lifestyle Program

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card offers a unique entertainment & dining program that provides a wide range of enticing discounts & Buy One, Get One offers at thousands of lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, and dining outlets throughout the UAE as well as Oman.

All you have to download the mobile app of ‘CBI Lifestyle’ on your phone and then register for this rewarding program with your private membership number which is sent together with your welcome pack.

Cinema Offers

With this CBI Credit Card, you can avail complimentary movie tickets at any movie theatre across the UAE, all days of the week. Well, you can buy movie tickets online, over the counter or through a mobile app using this CBI credit card. 

Moreover, this credit card allows you to get 100 percent cash back (a maximum of 150 dirhams) on up to 4 cinema tickets each month. Given below are the criteria for earning cash back on your cinema spend:

Statement Cycle Spend Maximum Cash Back
4000 dirhams or more 75 dirhams
6000 dirhams or more 150 dirhams

Airport Lounge Access

You and your supplementary/add-on cardholders can enjoy free access to 10 airport lounges.

Priceless Arabia

With this CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card, you can avail of a wide range of lifestyle discounts &m offers through MasterCard Priceless Arabia Program.

The Final Verdict

The CBI Mastercard Titanium Credit Card is the prime example of a lifestyle credit card that offers an extensive range of benefits and privileges to its customers. Available at zero annual membership fees and a low retail interest rate, this credit card helps you to make the most of your every spending.

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