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With this CBI Credit Card, the cardholder can enjoy a huge range of privileges, benefits, and features that match their lifestyle needs. This card has been designed to offer convenience, flexibility & peace of mind. The card member can also avail a reward points program called CBI Rewards which is amongst the most rewarding programs in UAE.

This First World Credit Card offers free unlimited access to airport lounges across the globe, complimentary movie tickets, free membership of CBI Lifestyle (CBI entertainment and dining program) & much more. In order to enjoy these benefits, the card member can activate their card by calling on the number 80022434778 (in UAE) and +97145039100 (from overseas).

Benefits and Features of CBI First World Credit Card

Here are some benefits and features of this CBI Bank Credit Card.

  • Access to Airport Lounges: In partnership with LoungeKey, this CBI Credit Card offers free and unlimited access to more than 650 airport lounges throughout the world. Both, the primary and the supplementary cardholder can unwind and relax while traveling by availing this offer and can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, refreshments and more. 
  • Complimentary Movies: The cardholder can avail complimentary movies at any of the cinema houses in UAE, on all days of the week. There aren’t any channel restrictions, therefore, the tickets may be bought from the counter or online using this CBI Credit Card through the mobile App. The card member may earn up to 100% cashback on a maximum of four movies tickets every month depending upon the monthly spends.
  • CBI Lifestyle: CBI lifestyle is a unique entertaining and dining discount program. This program provides buy one get one free offers and amazing discounts at various lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, and dining outlets in Oman and the UAE. These offers can be availed by downloading the CBI Lifestyle app on iOS or Android devices and registering for this program.
  • Fast Track Travel Visa Facilities at Discount: Using this First World card, the cardholder can enjoy a discount of 40 percent on exclusive benefits including:
    • Priority services for processing the visa for a trip to the UK, Schengen, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Australia
    • Appointment scheduling on priority
    • Collection of documents from the application premises
    • Filling and typing of the form
  • Confirmation Letter for Travel Insurance: The cardholder can generate an online letter easily and instantly for their Schengen or any other Visa requirements.

Rewards and Offers on CBI First World Credit Card

CBI Rewards is amongst the top loyalty programs in UAE. This program has a high earning rate for points and a large range of options for redemptions. The cardholder has the flexibility to use the points for whatever they need. 

Category/Dirhams Reward Points (on each dirham)
Spends in non-UAE dirhams 2.5
When transaction amount is more than 2,000 AED 1.75
Other Purchases 1
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Five Star Membership: The cardholder can avail free Gold Plus Rewards Five Star Membership that provides the following benefits-
    • Priority in rental queues at most of the busiest airports of the world
    • Free upgrades on one-car-class (as per availability)
    • Maximum discount of 15 percent at the best available rates publicly
    • Faster rentals, reservations, and returns
  • Buy one Get one:
    • The cardholder can download the MasterCard Buy 1 Get 1 app and enjoy a host of free offers in fine dining, premium spas, and hotels across the Middle East and Africa, including-
    • Complimentary item from the main menu on purchasing one item from the main menu
    • Complimentary hotel stay on purchasing one hotel stay
    • Complimentary therapeutic massage on purchase of one therapeutic massage
  • Free Hotel Nights: The cardholder can avail up to 2 free hotel nights on their bookings at 175+ partner Starwood Hotel and Resorts in Africa, Middle East, and Europe.
  • Cleartrip Offers: The users of the CBI First World credit card can enjoy 10 % discount on any roundtrip booked via cleartrip.ae
  • Careem Rides: The card member can enjoy first Careem ride free (for 1st-time users) or avail 20 percent off on 2 rides every month.

Eligibility Criteria and Documents REquired for the CBI First World Credit Card

Eligibility: The cardholder must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to apply for this CBI Credit Card. 

Category Amount (in AED)
Minimum Salary Transfer per month 40,000
Minimum Total Relationship Balance 300,000
Minimum Mortgage Relationship Balance 2 million

Documents Required:

  • Valid passport for UAE Nationals
  • Valid Emirates ID
  • Valid passport and valid UAE residence visa for Expatriates
  • Salary Certificate
  • Last three months bank statements

Charges and Fees on CBI First World Credit Card

Here are some fees and charges of this CBI Bank Credit Card.

Fees and Charges Amount
Annual Fee on Primary Card Nil
Annual Fee on Supplementary Card First 3 cards: Nil 4th Card onwards: 105 AED
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction 2.99 percent
Finance Charge- Retail Transaction (on missed payment) 3.25 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction 2.99 percent
Finance Charge- Cash Transaction (on missed payment) 3.25 percent
Cash Advance Charge 3.15% (minimum 105 AED)
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over Limit Charge 313.95 AED
Card Reissuance/Replacement Charge 78.75 AED

Frequently Asked Question about the CBI First World  Credit Card

Q1: What are the over limit charges on the CBI First World Credit Card?

Ans: The over limit charges on the CBI First World credit card is AED 313.95

Q2: What payment options are available for CBI credit cards?

Ans: One can opt for  flexible payment by choosing to pay 4.5% of the monthly outstanding balance due or settle it in full. Flexible payment will however attract an interest charge.

Q3: Where can one make payments for their CBI credit cards?

Ans: One can set up a direct debit instruction with CBI bank and conveniently settle their monthly payments. One can even pay at any of the CBI branches across UAE or at any of our Cash & Cheque Deposit Machines at several locations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.

Q4: Does the CBI First World Credit Card offer complimentary access to airport lounges?

Ans: Yes, the CBI First World credit card offers complimentary access to over 800 airport lounges with LoungeKey.

Q5: What is the minimum salary requirement to avail of the CBI First World Credit Card?

Ans: The minimum salary requirement for the CBI First World credit card is AED 40,000.