CBD Visa Platinum Credit Card

Commercial Bank of Dubai, often referred to as CBD, laid its foundation stone in the year 1969. The bank offers a wide variety of commercial and retail services and products, in both Shariah-compliant and conventional formats. They have a wide network of around 26 branches and more than 210 ATMs across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The financial institution does its best to build viable prosperity via extraordinary banking experiences. The bank commits to simplicity, authenticity, innovation, partnership, excellence and responsibility.

CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card Overview:

The VISA Platinum Credit Card offered by the Commercial Bank of Dubai is a card, which offers its users the benefits ranging from lower rates of interest to the exclusive perks while travelling. The CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card is available to both the citizens of UAE as well as the expatriates, who are working in UAE with a valid visa. The card provides access to special discounts while the user goes shopping.

This platinum credit card by CBD also offers a 50% discount on VOX cinema tickets throughout the UAE. This card intends to enhance the lifestyle of the user by increasing purchasing power. The card member can enjoy the access to pay utility bills, make online purchases, or daily shopping offers.

The card holders can enjoy the multi-trip insurance while they are travelling to get security against any unforeseen event.

Key Highlights of CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card:

  • Travel Insurance
  • Attijari Cashback Programme
  • No Annual Fee
  • VISA benefits
  • Lifestyle benefits

CBD – VISA Platinum Credit Card at a Glance:


Minimum Salary

Annual Fee

Rate of Interest

Salary Transfer


Balance Transfer

AED 8,000


3.29% per month





Salient Features of VISA Platinum Card by CBD:

Apart from offering exclusive and attractive privileges to its affluent customers, Credit Cards by the Commercial Bank of Dubai has power-packed features. Below is the list of some salient features of CBD VISA Platinum Card. The features mentioned below are categorized as:


VISA Platinum card by CBD is free for life, which means it has no annual fee forever. The rate of interest starts from 3.29% per month. The credit card holders can earn up to 2.5 points for every Dirham they spent.

Extended Warranty:

CBD VISA Platinum card comes with an extended warranty. This doubles the period of repair offered by the actual warranty of the manufacturer for up to one year, safeguarding the card holder against the cost of replacement and repair of the item.


Commercial Bank of Dubai – VISA Platinum Credit Card is equipped with a Chip & Pin feature that gives convenience to its user to make the transactions or purchases, get cash in a more secure way, and pay bills.

Purchase Protection:

This feature offers the card holders with add-on peace of mind every time they make purchases using CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card. This feature safeguards the card member against accidental damage or a theft of the items purchased by the card holder.

Convenience and 24x7 Assistance:

CBD Platinum Credit Card members are offered 24 hours assistance through the contact centre (600 575 556) of the bank.

Key Benefits of CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card:

Apart from the aforementioned features, the CBD VISA Platinum Card also offers various benefits to its card holders. The main benefits of the VISA Platinum Credit Card by Commercial Bank of Dubai are mentioned below:

Entertainment Benefits:

VISA Platinum card holder can avail special discounts at VOX Cinemas in the UAE. The card member has to purchase the movie tickets online on the official website of VOX cinema and select VISA offer to avail 50% discount, which is applicable only to Sunday shows, for a maximum of four movie tickets per bookings and ten movie tickets monthly. This offer is valid until September 30, 2019.

Lifestyle and Leisure Benefits:

CBD VISA Platinum card members can avail discounts on the green fees on different golf clubs across the MENA area. Moreover, the card also offers airport dining discount with a dragon pass to its card members. The card holders can get discounts on travel, shopping, and dining.

Visa Benefits:

Besides the aforementioned benefits, VISA also offers various travel, wellness, and hospitality benefits on this platinum avenue. The VISA Platinum card member can avail up to 12% discount in more than 985,000 hotels along with vacation rentals across the globe with Agoda.

Travel Benefits:

Visa Platinum Credit Card by Commercial Bank of Dubai offers free travel medical insurance. This means that the card holder can get travel and medical assistance free of cost.

Who can apply for CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

In order to apply for VISA Platinum Credit Card by CBD, the applicant must fulfil the following parameters:

In case of a salaried individual:

The minimum salary of the salaried individual who wishes to apply for this card must be AED 8,000.

For UAE Nationals:

The age of the individual applying for VISA Platinum credit card by CBD must be between 21 years and 65 years at the date of expiry of the card.

For UAE Residents:

The age of the individual applying for CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card must be between 21 years and 60 years at the date of expiry of the card.

Why choose CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

An individual can have the following reasons to consider buying CBD VISA Platinum Card:

  • Free forever
  • Chip & Pin protection against fraud
  • Free purchase protection
  • Extended warranty
  • Free travel medical insurance

CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card Fees and Charges:


Primary Annual Fee (First Year)

No fees

Primary Annual Fee (Second year onwards)


Retail Rate of Interest

3.29% monthly

1.5% only for Private Banks

Cash Advance Interest Rate (from the transaction date)

3.49% monthly

Cash Advance Limit

50% of the limit of the credit card

Cash Advance Fees for Transaction

AED 300 or 3% (whichever is higher)

Supplementary Cards Annual Fees


Late Payment

AED 209

Replacement for Lost/Stolen Card

AED 75

Over Limit

AED 209

Fees for the International Transactions (in Foreign Currencies and AED)


Liability Letter Issuance

AED 50

Fee for Transaction Copy Request

AED 25


**This fee is imposed for the transactions done in foreign currencies or AED at the merchant establishments, which includes e-commerce and physical merchants who are residents outside the UAE. This fee is levied along with the standard processing charges imposed by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.

CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card Rewards:

CBD VISA platinum card comes with Attijari Loyalty Programme. This programme made earning points easier, simpler and quicker. The applicant just has to apply for the card and get rewarded instantly. This is not it, the points of the card members grow every time they use their CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card. The Attijari Loyalty Programme is a way of showing the gratitude of CBD to its customers.

Top Features of this programme are:

  • Earn points
  • Redeem them
  • Manage the points
  • Free of cost enrolment

How to earn points on CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

The card member can earn points on VISA platinum card by CBD by not only using it on purchases.


Type of Purchase

Points earned for every 1 AED spent

Government Spent

0.50 points

Retail Grocery Purchase

1 point

Other International Purchase

2 points

Other UAE Purchase

1.5 points


How can Points be redeemed on CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

In order to redeem points on VISA Platinum card by CBD, the card member has to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log on to the official website of the Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Click on the ‘Manage and Redeem your Points’ tab in the Overview Page. Or, the card member can call on 600 575 556.
  • The card holder can choose any one option out of three – Etihad Guest Miles in the rate of 20 for 1 mile, Cashback, or Emirates Skywards miles.

Documents Required to apply for CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card:

The following documents will be required while applying for CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card:

In the case of self-employed Individuals:

  • Valid trade license
  • Valid passport or National ID, Emirates ID, and residence VISA.

In case of Salaried Individuals:

  • Certificate for Salary
  • Valid passport or National ID, Emirates ID, and residence VISA.

How to apply for CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

In order to apply for CBD VISA Platinum Credit card, the applicant has to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of Commercial Bank of Dubai

Step 2: Click on ‘How to apply’ tab on the right-hand side of the page.

Step 3: The applicant will be redirected to a new page wherein, the applicant has to fill in the application form online. The form will have different fields that have to be filled such as the personal details (name, date of birth, address, mobile number, and email address), Employment details, and Products details that the person is applying for.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Review my application’ tab and submit the form online.

Step 5: The officials from Commercial Bank of Dubai will get in touch with the applicant shortly.

CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card Payment Options:

Paying off the balance of CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card has become easier and convenient. The card member has numerous ways of paying-off the VISA Platinum card balance. They are:

CBD Internet and Mobile Banking:

If the card holders have a bank account with CBD Bank, then they can easily make the payment from their bank account towards the VISA Platinum Credit Card balance.

CBD Branches:

The card holders can make the payments by visiting the CBD Branches located in the UAE.

CBD Phone Banking:

The card members can call on CBD’s toll-free number 600575556 to make their payment via Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Facebook Branch:

The card members can pay the balance for VISA Platinum Credit Card via CBD Facebook Branches. (For more details, visit the official portal of the bank).

Al Ansari Exchange:

The card users can visit any Al Ansari Exchange branch and make the payment of the credit card bill. A fee of AED 5 on every transaction is applied.

Cheque Deposit Machines (CDMs):

The card members can deposit cheque for their CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card via cheque deposit machines. The card user must write the mobile number along with the Platinum credit card number on the back of the deposited cheque.

Redha Al Ansari Exchange:

The card member has to visit Redha Al Ansari Exchange’s any branch and pay the bill in cash towards the CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card. However, the maximum limit to make the payment of VISA Platinum card is AED 15,000 per day.

Account Transfer/Standing Instruction:

The card holder can give account transfer instruction or standing instruction to the bank so as to pay the bill towards CBD VISA platinum card on the due date of the payment.


Q1. How can I claim my points if I want to close my credit card?

A1. You should redeem your earned points before you close your credit card. Once the request for redemption is completed, you can close your card. Otherwise, you will have to redeem your points to Etihad or Emirates.

Q2. Can Attijari Points be transferred to any other customer’s Attijari Points' account?

A2. No. The Attijari Points are non-transferrable.

Q3. How can I change or reset my CBD Chip & Pin credit card PIN?

A3. Select the avenue that best suits you so as to reset or change the PIN:

Call: Call the bank on their toll-free number 600 575 556 and choose option 4 to activate and select a PIN.

SMS: Type CPIN<space><last 4 digits of the card number><space>4 digit new PIN from the primary mobile number that is registered with the bank.

Online: Visit the Accounts page and choose VISA Platinum Card. Enter your PIN and confirm it. Hit the ‘Continue’ button for One Time Password (OTP) – which will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Q4. How do I protect against any ill use of my CBD VISA Platinum Credit Card?

A4. For the precautionary reasons, you must avoid choosing a PIN that can be easily guessed. You must not use 1234, 4 zeroes, or date of birth as a PIN. You can use a different PIN for every card you use.

Q5. What should I do in case of a lost or stolen card?

A5. In case of lost or stolen card, you just have to get in touch with the CBD’s nearest branch or call on 600 575 556 right away. The bank officials will block your card. Moreover, the bank will initiate the replacement of the card.

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