Commercial Bank of Dubai- Titanium MasterCard Credit Card

Listed as the 35th largest bank in the Persian Gulf region, The Commercial Bank of Dubai is one of the leading banking and financial services corporations of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The headquarters of CBD is in Deira, Dubai. Founded in the year 1969, the Commercial Bank of Dubai, grew into a National Public shareholding firm by the year 1982. CBD has moved towards Islamic banking, SME Finance and Retail Banking. CBD deals in trade finance, treasury services, payments and cash management, financing solutions, capital solutions and advisory among others. Known to be a modern and progressive banking institution, Commercial Bank of Dubai offers a full range of financial services to help its customers build and manage their finances.

The world is progressing towards cashless or plastic money, considering it is easy and convenient that paper currency and coins. One of the best options to spend money along with enjoying benefits is credit cards in Dubai. One such card is Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard. It offers a deal of worldwide acceptance, travel benefits and earn up to two points for every dirham spent on every transactions. It provides its users with greater spending power, and the ability to earn exclusive rewards. Here are some important features and benefits of the Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard along with the eligibility criteria that are required to apply for the card.

Salient Features of the CBD - Titanium MasterCard:

Apart from offering exclusive and attractive privileges to its affluent customers, Titanium MasterCard by the Commercial Bank of Dubai is loaded with some power-packed features. Below is the list of some of the key features of CBD Titanium MasterCard. The features mentioned below are categorized as:


Titanium MasterCard by the Commercial Bank of Dubai is free for life. This means it has no annual fee forever on the primary cards. The rate of interest starts from 3.29% per month. The credit card members can earn up to 1.5 points for every Dirham they spent.

Extended Warranty:

The CBD Titanium Mastercard comes with extended warranty feature. The card comes with purchase protection and 1-year extended warranty.

Contactless Payments are Safer:

The Titanium MasterCard by CBD never leaves the hands of the cardholders, and the encryption, which is unique to each purchase, protects the users’ data by reducing the counterfeit or the risk of loss.

Zero Liability Protection:

The cardholders can have peace of mind knowing about the zero liability protection feature of CBD Titanium MasterCard. Any financial institution issuing the MasterCard will not hold the cardholders responsible for any ‘unauthorized transactions.’  As a Mastercard member, the zero liability applies to all the purchases made by the cardholder online, in the stores, over the phone, and ATM transactions.

Convenience with 24 hours Assistance:

The Commercial Bank of Dubai offers round the clock assistance to its Titanium MasterCard holders via the contact centres – 600 575 556


CBD Titanium MasterCard has the power-packed additional security of the chip technology. There are microchips embedded in the card, which provides increased protection against any fraud. This also gives the card members the convenience to get cash in a more secure way, pay bills, and make purchases.

Core Benefits of the Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard:

Titanium MasterCard Credit Card from the Commercial Bank of Dubai is a credit card designed for its distinguished customers with world full of benefits. The exclusive range of benefits offered by this card ensures utmost convenience and huge savings for its users in the region.

MasterCard Benefits:

Along with the aforementioned benefits, CBD World MasterCard offers lifestyle, dining, wellness, and travel benefits. They are:

A world of Luxury Shopping with Titanium MasterCard:

With CBD Titanium Mastercard the cardholders can avail exclusive offers at Europe’s 9 shopping villages namely:

  • Wertheim Village – Frankfurt Village
  • Maasmechelen Village – Brussels, Belgium
  • La Vallee Village – Paris, France
  • Las Rozas Village – Madrid, Spain
  • La Roca Village – Barcelona Spain
  • Kildare Village – Dublin, Ireland
  • Ingolstadt Village – Munich, Germany
  • Fidenza Village – Milan, Italy
  • Bicester Village – London, UK

CBD Titanium MasterCard holders can have access to:

  • 15% of discount on the shopping packages
  • 15% of discount on the Shopping Express
  • 15% of discount on chauffer drive experiences at the participating villages
  • VIP invitation
  • VIP lounges

Unwind Before Flying:

Travel must always make one feel like a privilege. With Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard, the card members, under the Titanium MasterCard Lounge Program, can have that privilege. As this card member with a Titanium MasterCard issued in the UAE, the cardholder receives:

  • Complimentary and unlimited access to more than 10 lounges in the United Arab Emirates, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, and Jordan.
  • Complimentary snacks and refreshments
  • The access to all the business facilities including fax machines, phones, internet, emails and the conference space the some of the lounges.

Book Personal Chauffer:

The Titanium MasterCard member can enjoy up to 20% discount on three Careem rides every month. If the cardholders are booking a ride with Careem for the first time, they can get it for free.

Car Rentals

The Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard members can enjoy and avail exclusive offers and benefits with the Avis. They can get up to 15% discount on their next car rental with Avis. Moreover, the cardholders also get a complimentary upgrade with each and every rental, across the world.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Commercial Bank of Dubai- Titanium MasterCard

Here are some important eligibility criteria one needs to take care of while applying for the Titanium MasterCard:

  1. One has to be a UAE national that should be aged between 21 and 65 years of age or if the person is UAE resident aged between 21 and 60 years of age.
  2. The person would have to be a salaried individual. One should have a minimum salary of AED 10,000.
  3. In case the person is self-employed, one must have a profitable relationship with Commercial Bank of Dubai.
  4. The credit turnover in liability accounts over last 12 months should be at least five times of credit card limit.

Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard Fees and Charges:


Primary Annual Fee (First Year)

No fees

Primary Annual Fee (Second year onwards)


Retail Rate of Interest

3.29% monthly

1.5% only for Private Banks

Cash Advance Interest Rate (from the transaction date)

3.49% monthly

Cash Advance Limit

50% of the limit of the credit card

Cash Advance Fees for Transaction

AED 300 or 3% (whichever is higher)

Supplementary Cards Annual Fees


Late Payment

AED 209

Replacement for Lost/Stolen Card

AED 75

Over Limit

AED 209

Fees for the International Transactions (in Foreign Currencies and AED)


Liability Letter Issuance

AED 50

Fee for Transaction Copy Request

AED 25


**This fee is imposed for the transactions done in foreign currencies or AED at the merchant establishments, which includes e-commerce and physical merchants who are residents outside the UAE. This fee is levied along with the standard processing charges imposed by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.


CBD Titanium MasterCard Credit Card Rewards:

Titanium MasterCard from the Commercial Bank of Dubai has the following reward program:

What is the Attijari Loyalty Programme?

The more card one uses, the more loyalty points the user gets. Attijari Loyalty Programme is one such programme by Commercial Bank of Dubai provides for its veterans. In fact, it is also for the people who apply for a CBD product. People get rewarded right when they apply for the MasterCard. In fact, the points will grow every time one uses their CBD Titanium MasterCard or enhance the monthly average balances on the accounts.

Top features of Attijari Loyalty Programme:

Here are the salient features of the Attijari Loyalty Programme:

Earn Points

Earn points by applying to Titanium MasterCard along with making all the transactions with the card.

Redeem Points

As the cardholders transact, more points accumulate in their kitty. These points can then be redeemed at any given point, especially for Skyward Miles, Etihad Miles or cash back.

Manage Points

Earn more points and manage them through CBD online banking. In fact, users can check the number of points they have earned and can redeem them online.

Free Enrolment

The user doesn’t have to activate or register to the loyalty programme. In fact, they are automatically enrolled into these reward programmes to enjoy maximum benefits without any charge.

Here’s how more points can be earned:

Earn these reward points not just by transacting through the MasterCard, but also through other options and enjoy the many benefits of using CBD services.

  • The card users can earn Attijari points by using online banking, for making utility payments and international transfers.
  • All investment products
  • Taking loans, be it personal loan, auto loan or even home loan
  • Transacting through the Titanium MasterCard

How to redeem these points?

One can redeem the earned points by logging in to CBD online banking. Click on the ‘manage and redeem your points’ option in the Overview page. One can also call on 600575556.

Documents Required to apply for CBD Titanium MasterCard:

  1. In case the person is salaried, these are the following papers or documents to be submitted:
  • National ID or valid passport
  • Residence visa
  • Emirates ID
  1. If the person is self-employed, here are the documents one must submit:
  • National ID or valid passport
  • Residence visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Valid trade license

How to activate the MasterCard and secure it?

Before using the Titanium MasterCard, one will have to activate it and also secure it to avoid fraudulent practices in the future. Here’s how one can activate his/her card:

Commercial Bank of Dubai Online Banking

Login to CBD online banking and follow the instructions in order to activate the card. One can register first before activating the card.

Through SMS

The card user will have to send a message writing CACT<space>last 4 digits of the card number <space>4 digits clear PIN to 4266 from the registered mobile number with Commercial Bank of Dubai. The card member should note that this will be effective on the next business day.


Third way to activate the card is to call the customer care service centre on 600575556 and choose option number 4 after language selection. The Telephone Identification Number (TIN) will also be required.

How to Ensure PIN security?

The PIN must contain four digits using numbers between 0 and 9. One can choose to tab their own birthday, or a part of their telephone numbers; something one can easily remember.

Here’s how one can create a new credit card PIN:

CBD Online Banking

One can login to CBD online banking and follow the instructions in order to create a new PIN.


The user will have to send a message: CPIN<space>last 4 digits of the card number<space>4 digit clear PIN to 4266 from the registered mobile number with Commercial Bank of Dubai.


The card user can visit any nearest Commercial Bank of Dubai ATM machine and select ‘PIN services.’


The card members can call the customer service centre on 600575556 and follow the instructions after choosing the language they want to hear on IVR. The user will have to ensure that s/he knows the telephone PIN that is required with every call the user makes.

How secure is the Commercial Bank of Dubai-Titanium MasterCard?

Commercial Bank of Dubai Titanium MasterCard credit cards have a smart microchip that requires the credit card to be inserted into a point-of-scale machine, where the user needs to enter a four digit PIN to complete the transaction in order to purchase something in a secure way. These chips and PINs are a way to tell the user that the purchases that are made are secure in every possible way. For lost and stolen cards, one can call the nearest branch or call centres on 600575556 and the customer care service will block the card and initiate a new card.

How to make Purchases with the CBD Chip and PIN credit card?

Purchases are made on a daily basis; ranging from groceries to tickets for travelling, or even shopping. It is about making payment seamless, convenient and definitely safe; thanks to Commercial Bank of Dubai’s Titanium MasterCard, one can securely and easily make purchases with CBD chip and PIN credit card. Here’s how one can do it in just three simple steps:

  1. Show the CBD chip and PIN credit card to the merchant. So, rather than swiping the card, it will be inserted in the point-of-scale machine.
  2. The card member will then punch in the four digit PIN number that has already been set up while activating the card.
  3. Once the transaction is authorised by the point-of-scale machine, the card will returned to the user along with a sales receipt, which doesn’t need to be signed by the cardholder.


FAQ 1: How to change or reset PIN for my CBD chip and Pin credit card?

Answer 1: Choose out of the three channels that suit you for changing or resetting the credit card PIN:

  • Online: Go to the Accounts page and select the card that you want to change or reset the PIN for. Now, enter the PIN you want to add, confirm and click on continue to input the one time password (OTP), which will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Text Message: Send a message to 4266: type CPIN<space><last four digits of credit card number><space> 4 digit new PIN number from your registered mobile number. Make sure you use the registered phone number, else message wouldn’t be sent.
  • Phone call: Simply call on 600575556 and select option number 4 for card activation and PIN selection.

FAQ 2: How do I safeguard against any misuse on my card?

Answer 2: Always ensure adding a PIN number that is tough to guess. Some of the simplest PIN numbers can be 0000, 1234, or simply your date birth, all of which can be easily guessed. Always choose difficult digits that can only be remembered by you. It is recommended that you change your PIN number from time to time.

FAQ 3: What are the benefits of chip and pin?

Answer 3: The cards embedded with microchip are more secured in a way that they are difficult to duplicate. You will be required to enter your Personal Identification Number, which will be only known to you, further making your purchases even more secure.

FAQ 4: Can I transfer my Attijari reward points to any other CBD customer’s Attijari Points’ account?

Answer 4: No, these are loyalty points that you earn on your transactions. These points, therefore, become non-transferable.

FAQ 5: What is the value in AED of 10,000 Attijari points?

Answer 5: The value in AED of 10,000 Attijari points is AED 50. You can calculate the AED value using the calculator, especially designed for this programme. Calculator is available on the main CBD website.

FAQ 6: What is the minimum number of Attijari points required for redemption? What is the validity period of Attijari points earned under this programme?

Answer 6: The minimum number of Attijari points required for redemption is 10,000 Attijari points. The validity period is the points earned in the current year till 31st December. The points will expire on the following year December end.

FAQ 7: Am I bound by any terms and conditions under this programme?

Answer 7: Yes, this programme is generally offered to the customers at the sole discretion of the bank. All decisions with regards to this programme made by the Commercial Bank of Dubai will be final. CBD reserves the right to modify, discontinue or withdraw this program partially or completely at any time without any prior notice to the customers.

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