Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card

Cash is dying for many people in Dubai. As per the recent data disclosed by some market research firms, the consumers of the United Arab Emirates are more and more living in a cashless world. Their coins and beloved paper bills have been abandoning in favour of the plastic money.

From paying for restaurant meals, utility bills and everyday things and footing the cost of luxurious and high-valued purchases, the residents are using their credit cards.

The recent data from Euromonitor International says that the consumers of the UAE marked out a huge sum of %59 billion (216 billion dirhams) on services and goods making use of their prepaid, debit and credit cards in 2017.

This figure accounts for around 45% of all the sales transactions at the retail shops and other business outlets across the country - more than different types of payment combined in UAE. More than 50% of all the transactions will be overtaken by plastic money by 2020.

Cash payments, instead, were worth USD 40 billion in the previous year, accounting for only a third of all transactions. By 2020, the paper currency will represent just 27.8% of all the transactions, down from 31.7% in the year 2017. But it is one of the tedious tasks to find the best-suited credit card, which ensures the maximum value for every transaction given the fact that there are more than200 credit cards available in the UAE market.

Among some of the most popular credit cards in the region is Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card. This innovative credit card has long been the financial instrument of choice for a larger number of UAE residents.

About Commercial Bank of Dubai:

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) set its foundation stone in the year 1969. CBD is one of the pioneer banks in the UAE and offers different commercial and retail products and services. Over a period of time, CBD has changed into a modern and escalating banking organization. CBD has a robust fiscal base with a strong and stable management system. Currently, CBD offers various financial services to aid its customers to manage and build their financial corpses. Commercial Bank of Dubai has huge network of 26 branches and 210+ ATMs across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). CBD has got the ‘Most Innovative Digital Bank Award’ at the International Finance Magazine (IFM) Awards 2018 recently.

CBD Super Saver Credit Card:

Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card is tailor-made to empower their customers’ lives. Super Saver Credit Card members must stretch their economical flexibility and enjoy cream of the card while making transactions or purchases. Different features of CBD Super Saver card are free. While some features could be used after making purchases of a minimum sum of money. CBD Super Saver credit card provides the best CASHBACK offers.

Key Highlights of the CBD Super Saver Card:

The main highlights of CBD Super Saver credit card are as follows:

  • Valet Parking
  • Cashback offers
  • Discounts on VOX Cinema
  • Multi-trip travel insurance

CBD - Super Saver Credit Card at a Glance:

Minimum Salary Annual Fee Rate of Interest Salary Transfer Cashback Balance Transfer
AED 12,000 No 3.29% per month No Yes Yes


Salient Features of CBD Super Saver Card:

CBD Super Saver Credit Card comes with attractive exclusive privileges to its affluent card users together with some power-packed features. Listed below are the salient features of Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card:

Financial Features:

The financial features of CBD Super Saver card include:

  • No yearly fee for the first year on the primary card. However, this feature is only for new consumers. Existing CBD Super Saver card members will be charged the yearly fees in the first year.
  • The cardholders can earn a 10% Cashback on everyday retail spent categories. This is capped @ AED 200 per month, per category when they make purchases of AED 1500 outside these categories.
    • Education - Universities, Colleges, and Schools abroad and in the UAE.
    • Transport - Fuel
    • Bills - Utility bills, Government-linked payment, telecom bills
    • Supermarket - Grocery Stores
  • The card members can earn up to 1 per cent cash back on every 2 dirhams on all other purchases, without any caps.

The following table shows Cashback earning rates on CBD Super Saver Card:


Type of Cashback Category % of Cashback Min. Cashback Amount every month (AED) Conditions
Base Cashback Insurance, Rentals, Auto Dealership, and Quick-Service Restaurants 0.5% every AED 2 spent in the mentioned categories Not applicable -
All other categories of purchases 1% every AED 2 spent in the  mentioned categories Not applicable -
Bonus Cashback Transportation including spends on fuel 10% of the amount  spent in the specified category 200 Subject to the least purchases of AED 1,500 under the Base Cashback Categories
Supermarkets - grocery spends 200
Education including university, college, and school fees 200
Bills including utility bills, government payments, and telecom bills 200


*Terms and conditions apply


The cardholders can avail a 50% discount on four VOX movie tickets every month. This offer is valid for all the VOX Cinema locations across the country.

In order to avail this offer, the card members have to spend at least AED 5,000 every month on their credit card.

Global Emergency Assistance:

In case the card members have lost their CBD Super Saver Credit Card, they can block their card, avail emergency cash, and get a replacement card.

Extended Warranty:

This feature adds a real value to CBD Super Saver Credit card. The offer for repaired period offered by actual warranty by the producer for up to one year is doubled. This safeguards the card users against the cost of repair or replacement of any item.

Purchase Protection:

This feature of CBD Super Saver card provides the card members with extra relief every time they use their card. This feature safeguards the card members against the accidental damage or theft of the commodities or items purchased by the card users.

Core Benefits of CBD Super Saver Credit Card:

Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card is a VISA credit card, which has been thoughtfully conceptualized and carefully designed to make sure numerous benefits along with rewards for cardholders. The virtual ocean of benefits and rewards offered this bestselling card ensures huge savings, in the form of exclusive discounts and cashback, for its card users. Here’s a list of benefits this card offers to its members:

Lifestyle Benefits:

CBD Super Saver card offers free Valtrans valet parking 2 times every month at more than 15 locations such as Ferrari World, YAS Waterworld, Dubai International Airport, City Walk, Mirdif City Centre, and many more locations.

VISA Benefits:

The card members can avail a maximum of 8 complimentary visits in a calendar year at more than 1,000 airport lounges across the world effective from January 1, 2019. This entitlement works as follows:

  • The first visit is complimentary
  • For the rest of the 7 complimentary visits every calendar year, the cardholders must spend at least USD 1 (international) in the calendar year.
  • Any visit outside the entitlement of Lounge will is chargeable of USD 27 directly to the CBD Super Saver Credit Card member by LoungeKey.
  • Guest visits, other than that of the card user, are also chargeable of USD 27per individual per visit directly to the CBD Super Saver Credit Card member.

Travel Insurance Benefits:

CBD Super Saver Card offers multi-trip travel insurance to its cardholders and their family. The card users along with their family members are covered on all their trips for a duration up to 90 days.

The coverage details are as follows:


Cover Amount (in USD)
Personal Accident Benefits (Domestic) USD 50,000
Personal Accident Benefits (International) USD 500,000
Repatriation & Evacuation Expenses USD 500,000
Emergency Medical Expenses USD 150,000
Hospital Daily Cash USD 50 everyday up to USD 1,500
Delay Departures USD 42 per hour up to USD 1,000
Trip Curtailment/Trip Cancellation Up to USD 5,000
Loss of personal belongings Up to USD 150
Delay of Luggage USD 42 per hour up to USD 500


Complimentary Access to Airport Lounges:

With CBD Super Saver Credit Card, the card members can avail complimentary access to 1000+ airport lounges across the world. There is no need for any registration before visiting the lounge.

Who can apply for CBD Super Saver Credit Card?

The applicant must qualify and fulfil the criteria below in order to apply for CBD Super Saver Credit Card:

In case of Salaried Individuals:

The salaried individuals must be the confirmed employees with a salary of AED 12,000.

For UAE Residents:

The age of the individuals applying for Super Saver Credit Card must be between 21 years and 60 years at the expiry of the card for UAE residents.

For UAE Nationals:

The age of the individuals applying for CBD Super Saver credit card must be between 21 years and 65 years at the expiry date of the card.

CBD VISA Signature Fees and Charges:


Primary Annual Fee (First Year) No fee
Primary Annual Fee (Second year onwards) AED 800
Retail Rate of Interest 3.29% monthly1.5% only for Private Banks
Cash Advance Interest Rate (from the transaction date) 3.49% monthly
Cash Advance Limit 50% of the limit of the credit card
Cash Advance Fees for Transaction AED 300 or 3% (whichever is higher)
Supplementary Cards Annual Fees Free
Late Payment AED 209
Replacement for Lost/Stolen Card AED 75
Over Limit AED 209
Fees for the International Transactions (in Foreign Currencies and AED) 2%**
Liability Letter Issuance AED 50
Fee for Transaction Copy Request AED 25


**This fee is imposed for the transactions done in foreign currencies or AED at the merchant establishments, which includes e-commerce and physical merchants who are residents outside the UAE. This fee is levied along with the standard processing charges imposed by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide.

Documents Required:

The applicant would require the following documents while filing an application for CBD Super Saver credit card:

In the case of the self-employed:

  • A valid trading license
  • A valid residence VISA, passport, National ID or the Emirates ID

In the case of the Salaried Individuals:

  • A certificate for salary
  • A valid residence VISA, passport, National ID or the Emirates ID

How to apply for CBD Super Saver Credit Card?

So as to apply for CBD Super Saver Credit card, the applicants must follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Commercial Bank of Dubai

Step 2: Press the ‘How to apply’ button on the right side of the page.

Step 3: The applicants will be redirected to a new page wherein, they’ll have to fill the online application form. This form will have different sections, which cannot be left vacant such as the personal details (name, date of birth, address, mobile number, and email address), Employment details, and Products details that the person is applying for.

Step 4: Press the ‘Review my application’ tab and submit the form online.

Step 5: The Commercial Bank of Dubai’s officials will get hold of the applicant shortly.

CBD Super Saver Credit Card Payment Options:

Paying out the due amount of Commercial Bank of Dubai Super Saver Credit Card has become a hassle-free, simple, convenient and easier process. The card members can pay out their due amount by using different methods. These methods are mentioned below:

CBD Internet and Mobile Banking:

In case the cardholders have obtained a bank account with CBD, then they can pay the due amount using the bank account towards the CBD Super Saver Credit Card balance.

CBD Branches:

The card users can pay off the card balance by visit CBD branches location in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Facebook Branch:

The card members can pay their card’s due balance for Super Saver Credit Card via CBD Facebook branches. The members can go to the official portal of CBD for further details on their Facebook branches.

Cheque Deposit Machines (CDMs):

The card members can also pay off the balance via depositing cheques. The cardholders must put their name and mobile number together with the CBD Super Saver credit card number at the back of the cheque.

CBD Phone Banking:

The card members can call on CBD’s toll-free number- 600 575 556 to pay the credit card due balance via Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Al Ansari Exchange:

The card members are required to go to any branch of Al Ansari Exchange and pay off the credit card bill. The cardholders will be charged a fee of AED 5 on each transaction.

Standing Instructions/ Account Transfer:

The cardholders can give the account transfer instructions/the standing instructions to the bank so as to clear the balance on their CBD Super Saver credit card on the due date of the payment.

Redha Al Ansari Exchange:

The card members have to go to any branch of Redha Al Ansari Exchange and pay off the bill in cash towards their CBD Super Saver credit card. Nevertheless, the maximum limit to pay the Super Saver Credit Card is AED 15,000 per day.


Q1. What are the CBD Super Saver Card Qualifying Transactions?

A1. Qualifying transactions are the online, retail transactions, on the credit card, which the Bank defines as eligible for Bonus Cashback and/or Base Cashback. Only the transactions that are posted on your account during a calendar month are treated as qualifying transactions for cashback.

Q2. Will I have to pay any yearly fees on the Supplementary Card?

A2.  No. You don’t have to pay any fees on the Supplementary cards. They’re free for life.

Q3. Will my Cashback ever expire?

A3. Yes.  Your cashback is maximum valid for 24 months from the day you earn it. If you do not redeem your cashback within 24 months, your cashback will expire.

Q4. Will my earned cashback is cancelled when I cancel my credit card?

A4. You can forfeit the cashback, which was not redeemed before the cancellation of your Super Saver Card.

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