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A current bank account in the UAE is a type of deposit bank account that is maintained by those individuals who need to make a large number of transactions with the bank on a regular basis. CBD current account is designed to make everyday banking easy and convenient. It lets its account holder access their money when they need the most.

This current account offered by the CBD comes with exciting features and benefits that help in fulfilling the personal as well as business needs of the account holder. Other than individuals, this bank account can also be operated by businesses and organizations.

CBD Current Account - Features & Benefits

Listed below are some of the key features & benefits of the CBD current account:

  • Free Debit Card: The account holder can avail a free debit card (i.e. Platinum MasterCard Debit Card) with the advanced CHIP & PIN security and contactless pay card technology. This latest technology debit card enables the account holder to make easy payments or withdraw cash at ATMs across the globe.
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: The account holder can avail free access to more than 10 VIP lounges in UAE, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, and Kuwait using Platinum MasterCard Debit Card.
  • Minimum Balance Requirement: The account holder needs to maintain a minimum balance of 3000 AED.
  • CBD Rewards Points: The account holder can avail reward points for every AED spent.
  • Overdraft Facility: The account holder can avail personal overdraft facility in order to fulfill their immediate & unexpected cash requirements.
  • Multiple Currencies: The account holder can make unlimited transactions in major currencies which include UAE dirhams, Euro, US Dollar, and Pound Sterling.
  • Complimentary Cheque Book: CBD offers the account holder a free cheque book (only the first one) with this current account UAE.
  • 24x7 Hour Contact Centre: The account holder can avail the option of 24/7 contact service of CBD in order to get assistance anytime.
  • Cheque Images: The account holder can get images of all of their cheques in online banking statements.
  • Budget & Track Tool: It is basically a unique financial management tool that helps the account holder to track their expenditures, set budgets, save money for their life goals, and much more.
  • Free Online & Mobile Banking: CBD offers electronic banking portals to the account holder for making transactions anytime and from anywhere, as and when they want to. They can enjoy the online and mobile banking for convenient and hassle-free banking solutions.

CBD Debit Card

Eligibility Criteria Required to Open CBD Current Account in UAE

Below are the eligibility criteria for opening a current bank account with CBD:

Category Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Age Requirements 21 years
Other Requirements UAE National or UAE Resident only

Documents Required to Open a CBD Current Account in UAE

In order to open a current account with CBD, the applicant needs to submit the following documents:

Category Required Documents
Id Proof National ID or valid Passport
Emirates ID
Resident Visa
Form Completed Account Opening Form

Open CBD Bank Account

How to Open a CBD Current Account in the UAE?

The applicant can open a CBD current account any of the following ways:

  • Online: Interested people can open a current account with CBD by visiting the official website of the bank. And then, they need to fill in the required details in the application form and submit it to the bank. Once the application is submitted successfully, the bank will take a few working days to verify the applicant’s details and proceed with the application.
  • Offline: Alternatively, the applicant has an option to open a CBD Current Account by visiting the nearest bank branch. Please note that the applicant will have to carry required documents along with them that have to be submitted to the bank.
  • Phone Banking: One of the easiest ways of opening a current account with CBD is via phone banking. The applicant just need to contact a bank representative by calling on 600 575 556.

How to Close a CBD Current Account in the UAE?

In order to close a CBD current account in the UAE, before anything else, the account holder must withdraw all of their funds from the current account or getting it transferred to another bank account successfully.

After that, the account holder should apply for the ‘account closure form’ either on the CBD’s branch or via online banking or phone banking.

Please note that the account holder has to pay a fee of 100 AED for account closure.

CBD Current Account FAQs

What all currencies can I make transactions in?

You have multiple currency options available for making unlimited transactions which include UAE dirhams, US Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro.

How many free cheque books can I avail on this CBD Current Account?

You can avail first cheque book free of cost with this current bank account.

Do I get a free debit card with this CBD Current Account?

Yes. You can avail the free MasterCard Platinum Debit Card along with this bank account. This debit card comes with the latest Chip & PIN Security and contactless pay card technology that helps you to make easy payments and withdraw cash at ATMs globally.

What is a Budget & Track tool?

It is basically a unique financial management tool that helps you to track your expenditures, set your budgets, save money for your life goals, and much more in a systematic manner.

What is the minimum balance that I need to maintain in my CBD Current Account?

You need to maintain a minimum balance of 3000 AED in your CBD Current Account.

Do I have to pay any charge if my account balance goes below the minimum requirement?

Well, yes. You will need to pay 25 AED if your current bank account balance goes below the minimum requirement.

Can I open a CBD current account online?

Of course, yes. You don’t need to visit a CBD branch. You can easily open a CBD Current Account online by visiting the official website of the bank. It’s quick, it is easy and it takes a few minutes only to compete.

What are the various electronic channels are available that I can use to make banking transactions?

CBD offers you the convenience of various electronic channels which include the following:

  • CBD Mobile banking
  • CBD SMS Banking
  • CBD Internet Banking
  • CBD Phone Banking

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