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The German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen is widely famous in the UAE for its sturdy and reliable premium segment vehicles. The company manufactures and designs commercial and personal cars, motorbikes, turbo machinery, etc. With several of its car models delivering an excellent driving experience in line with the unique requirements of the gulf landscape, Volkswagen has quickly become a prominent car brand in the country. Lupo is one of the most preferred cars in the UAE, owning up to Volkswagen’s extensive four-wheeler performance portfolio. This article discusses the Volkswagen Lupo price, features, specifications and how you can apply for the Volkswagen Lupo auto loan in a few quick steps.

Volkswagen Lupo – An Overview

Volkswagen Lupo, a small hatchback, is a highly reliable and efficient car with remarkable features, stylish exteriors and comfy interiors. Several features are included to ensure convenience and an improved driving experience for the drivers. Volkswagen Lupo comes in three variants:

  1. Volkswagen Lupo 3L
  2. Volkswagen Lupo FSI
  3. Volkswagen Lupo GTI

Volkswagen Lupo 3L:

Lupo 3L is designed to be a fuel-efficient car. The outer body made with stricter iron steel sheets is exceptionally light yet sturdy. The car has a two-litre three-cylinder diesel engine with a turbocharger and direct injection. Other features of Volkswagen Lupo are engine blocks, an automated clutch and gearbox, auto start/stop system, magnesium and aluminium wheels, rear hatches etc.

Volkswagen Lupo FSI:

Volkswagen Lupo FSI is not available in UAE.

Volkswagen Lupo GTI:

It has full body-coloured bumpers, twin main and central exhausts. It is one of the main competitors of the Volkswagen Polo GTI. 

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Features of Volkswagen Lupo 

Following are some key features of Volkswagen Lupo:

  • Interior Features: The interior features of standard Lupo include premium upholstery, a three-spoke steering wheel, luggage area carpet, height adjustment system for the driver's seat, coin tray, front door side pockets, ashtray and cup tray in the centre console.
  • Exterior features: The exterior features of the Volkswagen Lupo includes the galvanized body, wheel trims, side rubbing strips, bumpers in-line with the car's colour, roof strips, black door handles and side mirrors, white front indicators and dark rear lenses.
  • Safety features: Volkswagen Lupo has a solid chassis equipped with crumple zones to absorb impact. The other safety features are an anti-lock braking system, front and rear head restraints, airbag for the driver's seat, three-point seat belts, high-level third brake light, and two rear child seat fixing systems with Isofix.
  • Lighter Body:  The lightweight body of Volkswagen Lupo helps in reducing the carbon emission of the car. This also increases the efficiency of the car since lightweight vehicles require lesser energy for acceleration. 

Specifications of Volkswagen Lupo 

Give below are the general specifications of Volkswagen Lupo in the UAE:

Steering wheel




Cylinder capacity

Two-litre three-cylinder diesel engine



Engine capacity




Number of doors 


Front door




Number of bolts


Rim type

Disc wheel

Speedometer, tachometer, and fuel gauge


Fuel Type

Petrol and Diesel

Tank Volume

34 L

Make-up mirror

Driver side and passenger side

Colour available

Black, blue, green, grey, red, yellow, and white

Volkswagen Lupo Price in UAE

Volkswagen Lupo was discontinued in June 2005. However, second-hand Lupo cars are still available in the market.

Second-hand Volkswagen Lupo prices can range between AED 82,000 to AED 1, 27,900 depending on the condition of the car, accident history and several other related factors. 

*The price stated above is indicative and not objective.

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You can easily and quickly apply for your Volkswagen Lupo auto loan on Policybazaar. ae. We provide Volkswagen Lupo loans to finance both new and used cars in the UAE. All you need to do is research, compare and select a plan, fill out the application and send it to the bank directly for approval. Apart from the ease of purchase and comfort of research, there are several other benefits of applying for your loan with 

Top benefits of taking out a Volkswagen Lupo auto loan from are as follows:

  • We have a collection of all top car loan in UAE products from the best financial institutions in the UAE.
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Volkswagen Lupo Car EMI Calculator

Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator is an online tool easily accessible for utilization to determine the estimated instalment amount for your Volkswagen car loan. Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator uses components related to your loans like interest rate, loan tenure and loan amount to calculate the estimated interest and loan amount you will be required to repay every month. Most calculators work with the aforementioned variables however some may require additional information such as the down payment amount. 

Let's take a look at some advantages of using a Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator to calculate your estimated monthly loan payment amount:

  • You can check the affordability of the Volkswagen auto loan with the help of a Car Loan EMI calculator. By tweaking the values of the variables, you can select the best car loan available on the UAE market that best fits your finances and lifestyle.
  • Once you get the idea of your monthly instalment amount using the Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator, you can easily prepare a new monthly budget to properly fit the EMIs and still make room for savings.
  • Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculators also help in deciding the ideal loan tenure that suits your individual needs ideally. 
  • Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator also aids in the easy comparison of various loan products and their interest by providing a realistic idea of the complete loan schedule. You can make a properly informed decision if you use an online calculator to pre-calculate the upcoming expenses. 


What factors affect the Volkswagen Lupo car loan EMI amount?

Volkswagen Lupo car loan EMI amount is influenced by several factors, such as loan amount, interest or profit rates, monthly income and loan repayment period.

What is a Volkswagen Lupo car loan EMI?

EMI stands for Equated Monthly Instalments. It is a set monthly amount required to be paid by the borrower to the lender to complete Volkswagen Lupo car loan repayment. EMIs divide the principal amount and total interest amount to be paid in equal or reducing monthly sums as per the tenure of the plan.

What is Volkswagen Lupo price in UAE?

Volkswagen Lupo is only available as second-hand cars now since the model was discontinued in 2005. Second-hand Volkswagen prices can depend on the condition of the car in consideration and a few other factors. 

How to use the Volkswagen Lupo car EMI calculator?

You can use the Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator with the below-given steps:

  • Open the car loan EMI calculator.
  • Enter the details like the loan amount, the loan repayment tenure and the interest or profit rate and get the EMI amount. 
  • Tweak the values of components to change the monthly instalment amount as you like.
How to finance the Volkswagen Lupo second-hand or used cars?

Volkswagen Lupo used, or second-hand cars can be easily financed via You may also use the provider’s website or a branch office to get your car financed. 

How many times can I use the Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator?

You can use the Volkswagen Lupo EMI calculator as many times as required. There is no set limit. 

What kind of interest rates can I get for Volkswagen Lupo auto loans in the UAE?

You can get reducing or flat rates of interest for your Lupo auto loans in the UAE.

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