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Tesla Model X is one of the most popular Tesla cars in the UAE, closely matching the sales brought by its flagship car Model S. With immense power, range, exemplary autopilot features, and stylish new-age interiors, Tesla Model X seems to be the dream car for all admirers of adventure and technology. 

Although Tesla Model X is available only in a single trim as of now, the company expects to deliver a new variant soon for Tesla admirers. This article will explore all the important details like Tesla Model X price in UAE, loan options, and EMI calculation given the popularity of the car in the emirates. 

We will start with the basics and cover the key features and specifications before jumping on to the financing options. 

Features of Tesla Model X

The following are some of the top features of Tesla Model X available in the UAE:

  • Performance: The unrivalled efficiency, power, and range of the Tesla Model X is delivered thanks to its combination of powertrain and battery technologies. The new architecture of the car allows faster charging as well as increased endurance and power to help the car offer exceptional performance in all landscapes and terrains. Tesla Model X Plaid comes as a tri-motor all-wheel drive while the Model X is available as a dual motor all-wheel drive. 
  • Improved Interiors: Tesla Model X has sufficient power to fully charge your laptop and tablets. It also supports multiple-connectivity for Bluetooth connections, wireless charging, and USB-C charging connections for all the passengers, i.e., 6 plus the driver. The spacious cabin of the car, meanwhile, features the world’s largest panoramic view windshield and a seating capacity of up to 7 people. 
  • Entertainment: With processing power of up to 10 teraflops, Tesla Model X passengers can indulge in on-the-go gaming using any of the new-age consoles.  The interiors of the Tesla Model X are better than ever with a 960-watt, 22-speaker audio system. The 17-inch touchscreen of the car features true colours that are perfect for gaming, movies, and more. 
  • Sturdy Exteriors: The carefully crafted exterior design of Tesla Model X makes it one of the most aerodynamic SUVs in the world. The performance tyres of the car offer low rolling resistance, which enhances ride quality and handling. The iconic look of Tesla is maintained in Model X albeit with subtle hints of the classic SUV design. 
  • Autopilot: The autopilot system of the car is supported by numerous cameras located all around the car. Features like auto navigation, auto lane change, Autopark, and Smart Summon further improve the experience of the autopilot driving mode and make it a hassle-free one. The car can auto steer, use auto break, and change lanes automatically as required by the situation. 

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Specifications of Tesla Model X 

Find the major specifications of Tesla Model X in the table below:




Model X Plaid / Model X (about to be launched)

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

2.6 (roll-out subtracted) / 3.9 seconds


Tri-Motor All-Wheel / Dual-Motor All-Wheel

Drag Coefficient 

0.24 Cd

Top Speed (kmph)

262 / 250


250 kW / 250 kW

Range (WLTP)

528 / 560 (km)

Fuel Type


Body Type

Luxury SUV

Max Power (hp)

1,020 / 670


Electronic Steering

Seating Capacity

Up to 6 + driver


22” or 20”

Tesla Model X Price in UAE as Per Variants

As of now, Tesla only has one variant of Model X available in the UAE – Model X Plaid. The Model X standard is expected to be launched soon in the upcoming year. 

Tesla Model X Plaid is available as both new and used cars in the emirates, and residents can get either of the two types of Tesla Model X financed in the country. New Tesla Model X Plaid price in UAE is AED 477,990. The price of the standard Model X will be available after the launch next year. 

Second-hand Tesla Model X price in UAE depends on multiple factors like the condition of the car, driving history, accident history, claim history, and more. 

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Once you have the product you wish to get, fill out the application form and submit it. The form will be sent to the bank which will then call you and inform you about the approval status of the application. Your loan is disbursed within a few days after approval arrives. 

The application procedure barely takes a minute with us. You can spend as much time as you wish comparing the available plans. 

Why Apply for Car Loan from Policybazaar.ae?

Applying for your Tesla Model X auto loan from policybazaar.ae comes with a host of benefits attached. Let us uncover some most prominent ones:

  • As we have tied up with the most popular banks and finance houses in the UAE, you can find all the reliable car financing products from top providers on a unified platform 
  • Our user-friendly platform is designed to ensure that our customers can not only browse and compare the available plans for their Tesla Model X auto loans but are also able to apply for the chosen car loan plan with ease
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  • You can get in touch with our customer support cell any time of any day and get real-time assistance with any loan-related issue you are facing
  • Our after-sales services are as good as the support you receive when finalising your Tesla Model X auto loan product

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Tesla Model X EMI Calculator

Car Loan EMI calculator is free online tool that can be used to estimate the loan repayment amount that you will be liable to pay each month. Several such Tesla Model X EMI calculators are available on the internet for all to use. 

Most Tesla Model X EMI calculators require details such as the loan amount, loan tenure, and average interest rates. Some calculators, however, may require additional information like the down payment amount or percentage. 

Irrespective of the requirements from any of those mentioned above, simply enter the required information into the assigned columns to calculate the EMI amount. You can change the information entered to examine different EMI amounts and find out the one that suits you the best. 

Benefits of Using Tesla Model X EMI Calculator

  • Using a Tesla Model X EMI calculator is the best way to get an estimate of the monthly payments you will be making towards the repayment of the auto loan 
  • Tesla Model X EMI calculators also help in comparing the different available loan products and checking which one suits your requirements the best. For this, you would simply need to change the variables and see which products give you the most affordable monthly instalments. 
  • Calculating your EMI amount can help you design an apt budget to handle your finances expertly. Redesigning the budget beforehand will help you avoid any potential surprise expenses after taking the loan. 
  • Notably, Tesla Model X EMI calculators can help you determine the ideal loan amount you should get to finance your Tesla Model Car. You can get adjust the variables of the calculator and find out the instalment amount you can afford to pay. 
  • If you think you can pre-pay a part of your auto loan in the future, calculating the EMI amount beforehand can help you create a schedule for it as well. 

Tesla Model X Auto Loan FAQs

What are some of the top institutions to get my Tesla car loan from in the UAE?

Some of the most-preferred banks and finance houses to get your Tesla Model X car loans are FAB, ADCB, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank, and ADIB.

How can I calculate my Tesla Model X loan EMI online?

You can use Tesla Model X EMI calculator to get the estimated EMI amount for your loan

What kind of interest rates are available for Tesla Model X auto loans?

Most lenders in the UAE offer both reducing and flat rates of interest for Tesla Model X auto loans in the UAE.

What is the maximum loan repayment tenure available for Tesla Model X car loans?

The maximum available tenure for Tesla Model X car loans is 60 months.

How can I get my Tesla Model X auto loans in the UAE?

You can get your Tesla Model X financed online via policybazaar.ae or get a car loan from the lender’s official website

Which factors can influence the approval chances for my car loan in the UAE?

Factors like credit score, income, employment type, and age of the borrower can influence auto loan approvals in the UAE. 


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