Tesla Model 3 Car Price in UAE

Tesla Model 3 quickly became one of the best-selling cars in the UAE soon after its launch. This has continued even to date, with the car being pre-booked for several coming months in keeping up its initial popularity. The fine blend of performance, convenience of autopilot, and safety have helped Tesla Model 3 achieve the popularity it flaunts today in the global market.

Given the popularity of the car, the demand for car loans in UAE for purchasing Tesla Model 3 has also increased drastically. We will take this article to cover a few essential things related to Tesla Model 3 price in UAE and the Tesla Model 3 auto loan solutions you can opt for to finance your new EV. 

Features of Tesla Model 3

Given below are the top features of Tesla Model 3:

  • Variants: Tesla Model 3 is available in three variants – Performance, Long Range, and Standard. The Performance and Long-Range models feature an all-wheel drive while the Standard version is a rear-wheel drive. All three variants come in 5 different exterior colours and 2 interior colours. 
  • Performance and Safety: Tesla Model 3 features a maximum range of 602 km WLTP and a top speed of up to 261 km/hr. The car comes equipped with numerous performance-enhancing features like performance brakes, carbon fibre spoilers, aluminium alloy peddles, and Überturbine wheels. All these features combine to allow the car to gain optimum stability and offer a smooth driving experience regardless of the weather. The aluminium steel body of the car is designed to offer maximum sturdiness and collision protection. 
  • Fast Charging: Given below are the different time periods it may take to charge your Tesla Model 3, depending on the charging station you are using:
    • Level 1 AC Charging (Home Outlets 110-120V): 20-40 hours for a full charge
    • AC Level 2 Chargers, Third-Party Chargers, and Tesla Home Chargers: 8-12 hours for a full charge
    • Level 3 DC Tesla or Third-Party Chargers (480V): 15-25 minutes for a full charge
  • Autopilot: This car’s 360-degree side and rear cameras, combined with a video processing of up to a range of 250-meters, ensure the optimum driving experience for the user with Autopilot mode. Users can also purchase an update for Autopilot that has improved features like an auto lane change, Autopark, smart summon, and autopilot navigation to further enhance the experience. 

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Specifications of Tesla Model 3 

Given below is a tabular representation of the specifications of Tesla Model 3 cars available in the UAE:




Performance / Standard / Long Range 

Range (WLTP)

547 / 602 / 491 (km)


Long Range / Standard Range / Long Range 

Front and Rear Brake 

Ventilated Disk


Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive / Rear-Wheel Drive / Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive /

Cargo Space

649 L

Body Type


Seating Capacity

Fuel Type



3.3 s for 0-100 km/h (rollout subtracted) / 6.1 s for 0-100 km/h / 4.4 s for 0-100 km/h /


20” / 18” or 19” / 18” or 19”

Top Speed (kmph)



Electronic Steering

Tesla Model 3 Price in UAE as Per Variants

Refer to the table given below to find out Tesla Model 3 price as per the available variant:

Tesla Model 3 Variant

Price in the UAE

Standard Tesla Model 3 

AED 184,990

Long Range Model 3

AED 215,990

Performance Model 3 

AED 235,990

Note that you can also buy a second-hand Tesla Model 3 in the UAE. The price of a used Tesla Model 3, however, will depend on the condition of the car, the emirate you are getting it exported from, accident history of the car, and more. 

Make sure that you have investigated each detail of the vehicle’s history before finalising the purchase. You must also get it examined by a trained mechanic to check the engine and overall health and whether any car parts have been changed. 

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The following are just a few of the many reasons you should consider applying for your Tesla Model 3 auto loan with Policybazaar UAE as your finance partner:

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Tesla Model 3 EMI Calculator 

Tesla Model 3 EMI calculator is an online tool that can be used to estimate the equal monthly payment amount to be paid for a Tesla Model 3 car loan. Several online Tesla Model 3 EMI calculators are available on the web from which you can pick one for your use. 

While each calculator may have a slightly different format, they all work on the same model and formula. You will require a few details to calculate your car loan EMI amount using one of these online Tesla Model 3 EMI calculators. The information required by them includes the estimated loan amount, the down payment amount, the estimated average interest rate, the type of interest rate you wish to get, and the tenure of the plan. 

Some calculators may require all these details while others may require only a few of them. Whatever the case be, simply provide the required details in the designated boxes and press enter to get your results. You can also change the variables to check different instalment amounts. 

Benefits of Using Tesla Model 3 EMI Calculator

Here are a few benefits of using a Tesla Model 3 EMI calculator to find out your monthly payment amount:

  • Checking your easy monthly instalment in advance allows you to plan your budget effectively and make necessary changes to include the loan repayment amount 
  • Calculating your equal monthly payment amount allows you to decide the loan amount that you may take without compromising your monthly budget or savings 
  • Calculating your EMI in advance will also allow you to get a realistic idea of the loan amount you can afford to pay and get it approved by the bank. This reduces the chances of loan application rejection and ensures better credit ratings in the future. 
  • Besides helping with repayments of the loan. Tesla Model 3 EMI calculator also helps with planning the pre-payment of the loan
  • As you can change the variables and find the respective instalment amount in each case, it becomes easy to decide which loan tenure and the loan amount will fit your budget as per the expected interest rates 
  • Ultimately, one of the core advantages of calculating loan EMI is that it allows you to compare your top options based on concrete results. Using such a car loan calculator, you can compare the estimated interest amount you will be paying and other such details and find out which bank or finance house is offering you the best deal. 

Tesla Model 3 auto Loan FAQs 

What is the price of the latest Tesla Model 3 in the UAE?

The price of the Tesla Model 3 can range from AED 184,900 to AED 235,990 in the UAE, depending on the variant you chose.

How can I get my Tesla Model 3 financed in the UAE?

You can easily get your Tesla Model 3 auto loan via policybazaar.ae. As an alternative, you may also use your preferred bank’s website or visit one of their branch offices. 

What is the maximum available repayment tenure for Tesla Model 3 auto loans?

The maximum available tenure for Tesla Model 3 auto loans is 60 months.

What is the minimum available tenure for Tesla Model 3 car finance solutions?

The minimum available tenure for Tesla Model 3 car finance products is 12 months.

Which are the best banks to get my Tesla Model 3 auto loan?

You can choose from an array of leading banks and finance houses to get your Tesla Model 3 financed. Some of the top preferred financial institutions are Emirates NBD, ADCB, FAB, Commercial Bank of Dubai, and more. 

How can I calculate my Tesla Model 3 auto loan monthly payment amount?

You can easily calculate the monthly payment for your Tesla Model 3 auto loans using an online car loan calculator.

What are the types of interest rates available for Tesla Model 3 auto loans?

Tesla Model 3 auto loans are available with flat as well as reducing rates of interest.

Can I get finance for a second-hand Tesla Model 3 in the UAE?

Yes, you can easily get your second-hand Tesla Model 3 financed in the UAE. 

What factors should I consider when purchasing a second-hand Tesla Model 3 in the UAE?

Besides checking the car accident history and claim history before purchasing the car, you should also get a trained technician to examine the car for any mechanical or electrical faults. 

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