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Environmentally-conscious individuals seeking to protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint might get tempted to choose a hybrid or fully electric model when the time comes to buy a car. These cars, besides contributing to your environmental goals, provide an excellent driving experience at minimum hassles to users. At the same time, with the electric vehicle (EV) technology still being relatively new in the market, the prices might currently appear beyond one’s reach. However, with specific solutions like HSBC Green Car Loan, you can easily fulfil your ambitions of securing an electric car with minimal burden on your finances.

The technology and market for electric vehicles (EVs) are changing rapidly. And while the current costs may prove deterring, the overall prices are dropping, efficiency is going up, and an increasing number of car models are becoming available due to an emphasis on this technology across the world. HSBC Bank realises the importance of supporting this trend toward environmentally-friendly transportation. For this reason, they've created their new, flexible HSBC Green Car Loan to help more individuals make the switch to EVs.

HSBC Green Car Loan

  • Minimum Salary AED 75,00
  • Flat Rate NA
  • Reducing Rate NA
  • No Salary Transfer

Features of HSBC Green Car Loans

An electric car is a clean and efficient vehicle that is easy to drive and provides a luxurious driving experience. With the help of HSBC, you can quickly get behind the wheel and enjoy the convenience of EVs. Notably, even the HSBC car loan comes with several features that ensure an easy loan repayment experience as described below: 

1. Low Rates of Interest - Get the electric car of your dreams with the HSBC Green Car Loan. With some of the most affordable rates in the market right now starting from 1.84% per annum, it is no surprise why interest rates are still declining for car loans used to purchase electric or hybrid vehicles. HSBC Car Loan helps you decrease the overall loan cost while also contributing toward a pollution-free world.

2. Special Discounts - To promote electric car usage in UAE, HSBC Bank offers special discounts on EV financing. 

  • With HSBC Car Loan, applicants get a fixed interest rate of 1.84% along with a 50% arrangement fees discount for all new TESLA car financing.
  • 0.25% discount on ongoing interest rate with a 50% arrangement fees discount for any other EV financing other than TESLA
  • 0.15% discount on the ongoing interest rates for hybrid vehicle financing

3. Zero Salary Transfer - Contrary to the widespread opinion, you don’t need an active bank account with HSBC in order to access HSBC car loan. You can easily apply for an HSBC Green car loan without a salary transfer account with the bank.

4. High Loan Amount - If you're thinking of buying a hybrid or completely electric car that may cost, the HSBC Green Car Loan is your one-stop solution in such cases. With the financial assistance provided by HSBC Bank, you can afford to invest in an eco-friendly electric car of your preference, while the high financing amounts ensure that you can purchase almost any car you want.

5. Flexible Loan Term - Car loans from HSBC Bank are available across diverse tenure options to serve your specific needs. You can choose from multiple loan tenures between the minimum and maximum limits of 12 months and 60 months, respectively, and decide the repayment schedule that suits your financial plans and conditions. The crucial aspect to remember here is that longer loan tenures are accompanied by higher loan interest amounts. However, if you are looking for a lower instalment amount, a longer loan term makes sense as it helps you manage your budget better.

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HSBC Green Car Loan Interest Rate

Car Finance Plan

Flat Rate of Interest

HSBC Green Car Loan

Starting from 1.84% per annum

HSBC Car Loan Interest Rates in UAE

HSBC Green Car Loan Documents Needed

Before you begin the loan application process for an HSBC car loan, confirm that all the required paperwork is in order as the whole process could get delayed if even a single document is not in place.

Employed Applicants

  • Emirates ID
  • Recent Salary Certificates or Payslips
  • Security Cheque
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Last 3-month Bank Statements

Self-Employed Applicants

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Driving License
  • Last 2-year Audited Financials
  • Last 6-month Individual Bank Statements
  • Last 3-month Corporate Bank Statements
  • Trade License
  • Memorandum or Article of Association
  • Owner or Partner Passport

HSBC Green Car Loan Eligibility Criteria

The following are the general eligibility requirements for an HSBC new car loan in UAE. 

  • Age: HSBC has a stated age range for car finance customers that covers those between the ages of 21 years and 65 years. Thus, to qualify for an HSBC Green car loan, you should be at least 21 years old.
  • Residency: HSBC Bank provides attractive car financing schemes for both UAE nationals and expatriates. Both types of customers are entitled to enjoy attractive discounts given they provide adequate proof of their residency.
  • Salary: Your monthly income must be equal to or higher than AED 7,500 to be considered eligible for an auto loan from HSBC Bank.
  • Credit Score: In the UAE, HSBC Bank requires a good credit score on an applicant’s part to verify their history of credits and loans. In absence of a prescribed limit, applicants can target a credit score of 700 for easily getting a car loan with better terms and conditions.
  • Down Payment: Applicants for HSBC Car Loans must submit 20% of the overall invoice amount by themselves.


21 to 65 years


UAE Nationals and Expats

Salary Requirement

AED 7,500 

Credit Score

The applicant is required to have a good credit score

Down Payment

Car Value’s 20% 

 If you want to apply for HSBC Green Car Loan or check out some other leading green car loan plans in the UAE, policybazaar.ae could serve as an invaluable tool. Visit our ‘car loans’ section and buy a plan after comparing the best ones as much as you want without stepping outside of your place.

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Key Reasons to Choose HSBC Green Car Loan

HSBC Green Car Finance is a vehicle-specific finance product specially designed for car buyers who want to make an EV purchase more affordable. With its flexible facilities and other features as illustrated below, you can manage your finances better with HSBC car loan.

  • High Loan Amounts
  • Special Rates of Interest for EV Financing
  • Flat Rates of Interest starting from 1.84% per annum
  • Salary Transfer not mandatory

Before you begin checking out the best car loans in UAE, you can view some common customer queries regarding the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum salary requirement for HSBC Green Car Loan?

The minimum salary requirement for HSBC Green Car Loan is AED 7,500.

Is there a way for me to get an early settlement on my car loan?

HSBC Bank allows users the option of the early settlement of car loans. However, this feature can be availed of in exchange for a pre-settlement fee.

How to apply for Car Loan from HSBC?

If you wish to apply for Car Loan from HSBC, you can visit their official website and fill up the necessary application form to proceed. The same can be done on our website by going to the ‘car loans’ section. When you choose any of these two online options, the bank will connect with you if your application is approved and guide you regarding further processes.

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