Ford Falcon Car Price in UAE

Ford Falcon is one of the iconic models of the brand that made its debut in 1959 in the USA. A number of models were released until 1970 before Ford discontinued the car in the American Markets. However, Ford Australia continued to manufacture this model for their customers across Australia and New Zealand. Seven generations of Ford Falcon, including the American-made vintage models, are available in the used-car market. more

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As one may expect, the Ford Falcon price is not fixed in the used-car market and depends on various factors such as the car's condition, manufacturing year, demand, and geographical location. The seventh-generation model of Falcon, manufactured by Ford in 2017, may be found in the UAE in the second-hand market. Individuals interested in the same can easily find numerous Ford Falcon car loan plans for making the purchase.

This article will help you understand the various aspects that determine Ford Falcon price, the key specifications of the car, and details regarding how to obtain a Ford Falcon Loan. Additionally, we will discuss the Ford Falcon EMI Calculator and how you can use it while purchasing the car.  

Specifications and Features of Ford Falcon

As a starter, let’s go through some key technical specifications and features offered by the seventh-generation Ford Falcons below –  

Technical Specifications

  • Wheel size - The standard wheel size of Ford Falcon ranges from 16x6.5 inches to 19x8 inches.
  • Dimensions - Although depending on the selected body type, the dimensions of the 2017 Ford Falcon can go up to the maximum of 1,934mm x 1,538mm (width and height).
  • Towing Capacity - The towing capacity for the 2017 Ford Falcon ranges between 1,200kg and 2,300kg. 
  • Fuel consumption - The 2017 model of Ford Falcon delivers fuel consumption in the range of 8.1 and 14L/100km.
  • Fuel Type - Ford Falcon is available in Diesel, Petrol, and LPG variants. 
  • Cubic capacity - 3,984 cc


The seventh-generation Ford Falcon models are well-equipped with numerous modern features such as-

  • Safety airbags 
  • Anti-lock braking 
  • Cruise control 
  • Power steering
  • Power windows 
  • Customizable music system 
  • Alloy wheels 
  • Satellite navigation
  • Voice recognition 
  • Dusk-sensing headlights
  • Climate-controlled air conditioning   

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Price and Versions of Ford Falcon

As mentioned earlier, the seventh-generation Ford Falcons, manufactured by Ford Australia, are widely available in the used-cars market. For a reference regarding their approximate prices in the second-hand market, let’s have a look at the Ford Falcon price range associated with its sedan and Ute variants in Australia as discussed below –   

Year Type Base Price Maximum Price
  2017 Sedan $23,300 $62,480
Ute $21,900 $43,230
  2016 Sedan $14,700 $55,880
Ute $14,100 $29,920
  2015 Sedan $10,900 $45,100
Ute $13,000 $28,050
  2014 Sedan $7,800 $42,130
Ute $11,600 $26,180
  2013 Sedan $7,200 $20,350
Ute $8,000 $20,020

Factors Determining Ford Falcon Price

The Ford Falcon price in UAE depends on various factors associated with the overall condition of the car. Some of the key factors that contribute towards the price of the car are mentioned below – 

  • Car mileage 
  • Condition of the car
  • Features and technical specifications
  • Year of manufacturing
  • Colour  

It is essential to note that some of the above factors may not apply to Ford Falcon's vintage range. Instead of colour, mileage or features, the pricing of a vintage car is more dependent on the car's availability, demand, and condition. 

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You can apply for Ford car loan for all models directly on our platform – Policybazaar UAE. The process is fairly easy to complete, as you can start by filling out the lead form with the required details on the car loans page on 

Following this, you will receive customised Ford Falcon auto loan quotes as per the details entered by you. You can review the various quotes and choose a plan that best suits your requirements. Once your decision is made, you can apply for the particular Ford Falcon car loan directly and receive a call-back from our executives to help you proceed with the remaining application process.  

Benefits of Applying for a Ford Falcon Loan with Policybazaar UAE

Policybazaar UAE helps you finance your car purchase and compare different loan offers to pick the best option as per your requirements. 

The major benefits of applying for a car loan in UAE with include the following –  

  • Quick and easy documentation process 
  • 24/7 loan assistance 
  • One platform to compare different loan plans from the leading loan providers 
  • Quick loan disbursal for new and used cars 
  • Competitive interest rates 
  • User-friendly interface and transparent process
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Ford Falcon EMI Calculator

Before getting a Ford Falcon car loan, it would be beneficial for you to calculate the applicable instalment amount as per your loan specifications. For this, you can use any of the Ford Falcon EMI calculators available online on the websites of the leading banks and financial institutions. 

To use a Ford Falcon EMI calculator, simply open the calculator and enter the basic details associated with your Ford Falcon auto loan; this includes the auto loan amount, rate of interest, down-payment amount, and the loan tenure. After you enter the details in the specified spaces, you would immediately find the EMI amount for your Ford Falcon car loan. 

Benefits of Using an Online EMI Calculator

Listed below are some benefits that you can avail of with an online Ford Falcon EMI calculator – 

  • You can use the Car loan EMI calculator to compare different auto loan quotations
  • You can develop a clear understanding of your new financial obligations with the instalment amount added 
  • Using the calculator, you can plan the loan repayment in a way that your other financial requirements are not compromised
  • You can modify the auto loan amount and other details until you derive an EMI plan that best fits your requirements 
  • A Ford Falcon EMI calculator is highly convenient and accurate 

Key Takeaways

While Ford stopped manufacturing the Falcon in 1970 for its American markets and in 2017 for the Australian market, Ford admirers in the UAE and around the world still seek to purchase the Ford Falcon from the vast used-cars markets. 

With only the second-hand models available, Ford Falcon prices in UAE are primarily determined by factors such as the year of manufacturing, technical specifications, variant type, and the overall working condition of the car. 

Policybazaar UAE can help you finance your second-hand Ford Falcon cars by providing you the platform to scan through various Ford Falcon auto loan quotes so that you can select the best plan as per your requirements.   


Q1. Can I get finance for a second-hand Ford Falcon model in the UAE?

Ans:  Yes, you can easily get your second-hand Ford Falcon model financed in the UAE, considering the various Ford Falcon car loan options available.

Q2. What factors should I consider while applying for a second-hand Ford Falcon model in the UAE?

Ans: You must evaluate various factors before applying for a used Ford Falcon model in UAE such as its claim history, car accident history, mileage, and so forth.

Q3. How can I calculate my Ford Falcon auto loan monthly payment amount?

Ans: You may calculate the monthly payment for your Ford Falcon auto loan using an online car loan calculator.

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