Ford Cortina Car Price in UAE

Ford Cortina is a renowned name with respect to cars in the UAE, with factors like its vintage charm, sophistication, and comfort adding to its appeal and popularity. Although the car was discontinued in 1982, it remains a popular choice among admirers of vintage cars.

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Owing to the discontinuation, you would be able to get only a second-hand Ford Cortina in the UAE. Nevertheless, getting one would be easy if you opt for a Ford Cortina auto loan, as you would be able to get your desired car without straining your finances in any manner.

Ford Cortina - Overview

Ford Cortina is a medium-sized car usually bought for family use. Initially, Ford had launched it as a four-door sedan, a coup, and a station wagon. As mentioned earlier, Ford Cortina continues to be one of the most popular classic cars in the UAE, with the car still retaining its charm among vintage car lovers. 

Specifications and Features of Ford Cortina

Lets have a quick look at the general features and specifications of the Ford Cortina

Engine and Performance

  • Parking brakes
  • Manual lever
  • Plastic material

Dimensions and Weight

  • Length: 4,260 – 4,279 mm
  • Height: 1,320 – 1,464 mm
  • Wheel Base: 2,489 – 2,580 mm
  • Track (front): 1,258 – 1,422 mm
  • Track (rear): 1,258 – 1,422 mm
  • Width: 1,587 – 1,702 mm
  • Turning Circle: 9.14 – 10.7 m
  • Headroom (front): 952 mm
  • Headroom (rear): 960 mm
  • Shoulder room (front): 1,372 mm
  • Shoulder room (rear): 1,359 mm
  • Leg room (front): 1,136 mm
  • Leg room (rear): 971 mm
  • Gross weight: 900 – 1,185 kg
  • Curb weight: 775 – 1,000 kg
  • Cargo capacity: 48 – 410 – 343 – 410 kg


  • Sedan/Station: Wagon
  • Pillars: A - C/A - D
  • Chassis Construction: Unibody
  • Number of doors: 2/4/5
  • Front doors: Conventional
  • Rear doors: Conventional 


Instrument cluster
  • Speedometer: Analogue
  • Tachometer: Analogue
  • Fuel gauge: Analogue
  • Odometer limit: 100,000 km/miles
  • Radio AM/FM: Optional
  • Radio preparation: Yes
  • Cassette: Optional
Rear-view mirror
  • Adjustments: Mechanical
  • Rear-view mirror (Mirror type): Standard

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Side mirrors
  • Mirror type: Conventional
  • Adjustments: Mechanical
  • Window lifts (front): Manual
  • Window lifts (rear): Manual
  • Heated windows: Rear
  • Rear windows, pop-out: Manual
  • Safety glass
    • Front: Laminated
    • Side: Tempered
    • Rear: Tempered
  • Heat insulating window
    • Front: Optional
    • First row: Optional
    • Second row: Optional
    • Rear: Optional
  • Main beam: Halogen
  • Low beam: Halogen
  • Rear lights: Halogen
  • Fog lights: Optional
  • Finish: Solid
Rims and Tyres
  • Number of bolts: 4
  • Bolt distance: 108
  • Rim type: Disc wheel
Other Equipment
  • Sunroof: Optional
  • Sun Blind: Optional
  • Tinted glass: Optional
  • Tow hook: Front/Rear
  • Roof railing: Optional
  • Antenna: Optional
  • Whip: Optional
  • Mud flaps Front/Rear: Optional
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Price & Version of Ford Cortina in the UAE

With the production of the car being discontinued, the Ford Cortina price in UAE would depend on the model as well as its condition. 

Check out the general Ford Cortina prices – 

Car Version Model Price Range (Depending on the condition of the vehicle)
Ford Cortina produced between 1976 - 1979 Ford Cortina 1.6 L 4MT (67 HP) Ford Cortina 2.0 L 4MT (102 HP) Ford Cortina 2.3 L V6 4MT (110 HP) AED 35,660 to AED 20,000
Ford Cortina produced between 1970 - 1976 Ford Cortina 1.3 L 4MT (68 HP) Ford Cortina 1.6 L 4MT (69 HP) Ford Cortina 2.0 L 4MT (99 HP) AED 45,000 to AED 20,000
Ford Cortina produced between 1966 - 1970 Ford Cortina 1.3 L 4MT (64 HP) Ford Cortina 1.6 L 4MT (76 HP) AED 39,222
Ford Cortina produced between 1962 - 1966 Ford Cortina 1.2 L 4MT (49 HP) Ford Cortina 1.5 L 4MT (60 HP) AED 89,999

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Ford Cortina EMI Calculator

A car loan EMI calculator is an online tool that can help you calculate the monthly instalments applicable to your Ford Cortina auto loan. The easy-to-use Ford Cortina EMI calculator can assist you in calculating your estimated EMI amount.  

You can simply access one such calculator and enter the desired loan amount, applicable interest rate, and the loan repayment tenure to calculate the monthly instalment. Note that some calculators may display the total interest amount and other numbers related to the loan as well.

Benefits of Using the Ford Cortina EMI Calculator

By using a Ford Cortina EMI calculator, you can avail of the following benefits – 

  • With the help of a Ford Cortina EMI calculator, you can receive precise and error-free results in just a second or two
  • This online calculator is free and is considerably easy to use. It only needs the basic details for input such as the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment tenure.
  • You can draw out a monthly expenditure sheet with the help of this calculator to ensure that you don’t face any difficulty in managing your regular expenses along with the loan. Furthermore, you can use this calculator to select the ideal loan plan for you that best suits your income, requirements, and financial plans.


Q1. What is the Ford Cortina price in UAE?

Ans: The Ford Cortina price depends on the make and model of the car in UAE.

Q2. How can I get a Ford Cortina financed in the UAE?

Ans: You can secure a Ford Cortina loan in the UAE by comparing various loan offers on, which can ensure that you get only the best deal for yourself.

Q3. What is the maximum tenure for a Ford Cortina loan in the UAE?

Ans: You can take a Ford Cortina auto loan for a maximum duration of 60 months in the UAE.

Q4. What is the minimum tenure for which I can take a Ford Cortina loan?

Ans: The minimum tenure for which you can take a Ford Cortina auto loan in the UAE is usually 12 months.

Q5. How can I calculate the Ford Cortina EMI amount?

Ans: You can use a Ford Cortina EMI calculator to calculate the monthly instalment amount for your auto loan.

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