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To fulfil your dream of having a car of your own, getting a car loan in UAE could provide you with much-needed financial assistance and a place to start from. While the process of searching for loan plans and applying for them may often be tedious, the First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) makes this process stress-free due to its efficient processing systems and customer-centric features. FAB car loan plans are popular in the country for providing the required support without much hassle.

Financing and banking with the First Abu Dhabi Bank is an excellent option, with the bank reputed as one of the leading financial institutions in the region. Offering some of the best plans for a car loan in UAE, FAB ensures that users can easily access the necessary funds quickly and without tedious application processes. 

FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan

  • Minimum Salary AED 25,000
  • Monthly Payment 1760
  • Flat Rate 3.19%
  • Reducing Rate 5.98%
  • No Salary Transfer

Key Features & Benefits of FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan

If you are searching for car financing, FAB car loans can be immensely helpful. With various features and benefits offered with this car loan in UAE, as discussed below, you can buy your chosen car quickly. 

  1. High Loan Amount - Whether you wish to buy your first car or that luxury ride of your dreams, this loan can be used for any purpose. With the loan amount going up to AED 1.5 million, you can have access to most of the relevant cars in the country.
  2. Flexible Loan Term - FAB car loans are customisable financing options that allow users to repay their car finance in convenient monthly payments across a tenure of their choice. With loan repayment tenures ranging up to 60 months, you can relax and take time to repay your loan without having high installment amounts. It should be noted that long loan repayment tenures mean higher total interest with low monthly installment amounts. Thus, you must carefully decide whether you should go for long tenures with high interests or short tenures with high installment amounts.
  3. Low Rates of Interest - First Abu Dhabi Bank car loans include some of the lowest interest rates available in the market, making them attractive options for customers. FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan offers annual loan rates as low as 2.99%. 
  4. 80% Financing - With a First Abu Dhabi Bank car loan, you can get up to 80% of the car’s price financed by the bank. This leaves only 20% of the invoice to be paid from your side.
  5. Quick Loan Processing - The digital vehicle loan processing system of the FAB allows it to process and approve or reject an application swiftly. From loan application to the loan payment, the procedure can be completed in only a couple of days.
  6. Car Insurance Financing - As one might be aware of, having car insurance in UAE is mandatory. With the FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan, you can also secure the insurance aspect besides the loan as the bank offers 100% financing of your car insurance.

FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan Interest Rates

Check out the interest rates for the FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan in the following table:

Car Finance Plan

Flat Rate of Interest Starting from

Reducing Rate of Interest Starting from

FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan

2.99% per annum

5.62% per annum

FAB Car Loan Interest Rates in UAE

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FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan Documentation Requirements

Before you initiate the FAB car loan application process, here is a checklist of the documents to be kept ready:

  • Emirates ID along with a copy 
  • Valid Passport (original and copy)
  • Resident Visa along with a copy
  • Driving Licence
  • Last 6-month bank statements
  • Letter for transfer of salary 
  • Dealer’s quotation of the vehicle

Eligibility Criteria for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan

Keep the following qualifying requirements in mind when applying for this FAB car loan:

  1. Age: FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan requires applicants to be at least 21 years old at the time of application. Similar requirements exist with respect to the maximum age limit, although this limit varies as per the applicant’s income and other factors.
  2. Salary: FAB Car Loan requires a minimum monthly income of AED 7,000 on the applicant’s part
  3. Credit Score: While the exact requirement for credit score can vary as per the applicant, one should try to have a credit score of at least 700 when applying for a FAB car loan. This way, you can ensure easy loan approval and favorable loan repayment terms.
  4. Down Payment: First Abu Dhabi Bank requires the car loan applicants to pay at least 20% of the cost of the car in the form of a down payment.


At least 21 years old

Minimum Salary Requirement

AED 7,000 

Credit Score

A good credit score is necessary

Down Payment

20% of the value of the car 

If you found these features attractive and relevant for your car purchasing plans, you can apply for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan online and offline (from the bank’s website and a branch, respectively). You can also check out other FAB car loan plans on policybazaar.ae. With Policybazaar UAE, you can compare the best car loan plans of the top providers in one place and make a purchase in a couple of clicks (or taps) of your device online. 

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Top Reasons to Choose FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan

First Abu Dhabi Bank is an excellent option if you plan to get a car loan in UAE due to its user-friendly service and numerous features provided with the plans, as listed below:

  • 350 miles as a reward for every AED 20,000 loan amount
  • Car loan fixed interest rates starting as low as 2.99% per annum
  • Major car brand Financing
  • Car Insurance Financing
  • High loan amount limit of up to AED 1,50,000 
  • Financing for up to 80% of the car’s value 
  • Loan options available for both new and used cars 


What is the highest amount of loan amount I can receive from First Abu Dhabi Bank?

With a FAB car loan, you can get an amount of up to AED 1.5 million (AED 1,50,000).

Can I close my FAB car loan account before my loan term ends?

Yes. First Abu Dhabi Bank allows loan pre-settlement, although you would be required to pay an early loan settlement fee.

How to apply for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan?

To apply for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan, you can visit the official FAB website and go to the car loans section. You can also search for a nearby FAB branch and visit it to complete the loan application process offline.

How much is the salary requirement for FAB Car Loan?

A monthly salary of at least AED 7,000 is required if you wish to apply for this First Abu Dhabi Bank car loan.

What is the auto finance interest rate offered by FAB Bank?

FAB car loan interest rates start from 2.99% per annum.

What is the minimum age requirement for FAB Car Loan?

Applicants above the age of 21 years are eligible to apply for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan.

Can I apply for FAB Etihad Guest Car Loan as a self-employed?

Yes. Both self-employed and salaried applicants are eligible for car loans from FAB Bank provided they fulfil the eligibility requirements.

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