BMW X7 Car Price in UAE

BMW X7 outranks almost all other large SUV cars when it comes to reliability as per consumer reports. Widely considered an epitome of a luxury sports activity car, BMW M7 is loved by enthusiasts of both luxury and adventure cars. BMW X7 offers exceptional on and off-road performance and features and a remarkably comfortable and ambient cabin. 

BMW X7 auto loans for new and used cars are rather popular products in the UAE banking market, proportionate to the popularity of the car. This article will cover the key details related to BMW X7 prices in UAE, loan options, EMI calculations, and several other important aspects every new potential BMW X7 owner must know of. 

Features of BMW X7

Let’s first discuss some of the major features of BMW X7 cars – 

  • Performance: Versatility, power, and poise are the three pillars of the impeccable performance offered by the BMW X7. The car is an all-wheel-drive and comes with a new accurately developed chassis technology. BMW X7 is an unrivalled SUV in the luxury segment and has a rather generous ground clearance along with 4 different settings for off-road driving. The M Sport exhaust of the car offers a dense sound and can be adjusted as per the requirements. The integral active steering of the car, meanwhile, offers expert handling at even low speeds. 
  • Interiors: The gear sections, start/stop button, volume control, iDrive controller, and others are designed with CraftedClarity glass details for enhanced appeal of the cabin. The seats are clad by exceptional quality ‘merino’ leather available in Ivory White and Midnight Blue colours. The cabin, which can be a 6 or 7-seater space, has two cup holders, ambient lighting, a glass ceiling, and decorative trim. These ambient lights can be used in 6 different colours. 
  • Exteriors: The signature BMW kidney grille is the highlight of the exterior appeal of the car. The headlights are endowed with BMW Liserlight that illuminates up to 600 metres when used as a high beam. Owing to its rear bar that runs between the rear lights, the car gets a notable sporty look. The 22” alloy wheels and the air breather behind them complete the look of the car and give the required final touches. 
  • Technology: The BMW Live Cockpit Professional system features a navigation system along with a touch control high-quality 12.3” screen. The gesture control features of the car allow you to control certain functions like receiving calls, adjusting volume, and so on. 

The Driving Assistant Professional of the car helps the driver with functions such as Lane Assist, local hazard warning, collision protection, etc. Other features here include Parking Assistant Plus, Parking Space Assistant, and remote updates for the car’s software. 

Specifications of BMW X7

Given below are some major specifications of the BMW X7 available in the UAE – 



Max Power 

250(340)/5,500-6,500 (kW (PS) at 1/min)

Max Torque 

450/1,500-5,200 ((Nm) at 1/min)

Engine Displacement 

2,998 cc

Body Type




Fuel Tank Capacity 

83 L

Seating Capacity


Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

6.1 seconds

Number of Cylinders 


Top Speed (kmph)



Power Steering 

Fuel Type




BMW X7 Price in UAE as Per Variants

The price of the BMW X7 can depend on the variant you decide to purchase. Given below is a schedule of costs for BMW X7 variants (new cars) – 

Car Variants 

Price Details (Starting at)

BMW X7 xDrive40i

AED 496,000

BMW X7 xDrive50i

AED 550,000

You can also purchase second-hand BMW X7 cars in the UAE. However, the price of these cars can depend on several factors including their condition, chosen variant, manufacturing year, accident history, kilometres driven, and so on. 

You can get the car checked by a trained technician to even negotiate the price of the car as per the evaluation report of the technician. Always make a few things sure before purchasing a used car such as parts replaced in the car, any unapproved modifications, claim history of the car, etc. 

If any modifications have been made to the car, be sure to obtain a certificate for the same – the price of the car can fluctuate as per these factors as well. 

Apply for BMW X7 Auto Loan on Policybazaar UAE for New & Used Cars

Although there are several ways to send in the application for BMW Car loan in the UAE, the easiest and quickest way to apply for it is via Policybazaar UAE. Our website is exceptionally easy to navigate, where you would simply need to fill out the lead form to get auto loan quotes and choose a plan after a proper comparison. 

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With us, you get to enjoy the special low interest rates we offer for BMW X7 auto loans and get the loan processed with maximum security. These are just a few of the many benefits you get to enjoy when getting your BMW X7 financed with 

Why Apply with

Getting your BMW X7 financed via Policybazaar UAE comes with a host of unique benefits that you just cannot pass on. Let’s take a look at a few important ones below – 

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  • Your application is sent directly to the lender and is processed as per the standard processing time of the lender. The loan amount is disbursed as per your preferences as per the bank’s safety protocols. 
  • You can connect with our customer support cell at any hour of any day to get real-time solutions for all finance-related issues 

BMW X7 EMI Calculator 

Equal monthly payment calculators are online tools that can be used to get an estimate of the monthly payments that you would make to repay your BMW X7 auto loan amount. BMW X7 EMI calculators are available in abundance online and can be found by simply searching it on a search engine such as Google. 

Details like the loan amount, interest rate, down payment amount, and loan tenure are a few bits of information required to use any basic BMW X7 EMI calculator available online. You can simply adjust the variables of the calculator to change the EMI amount and get the desired results. 

Take note that BMW X7 EMI calculators only offer an estimate of the loan amount and the EMI amount. The actual monthly payment amount may differ as per the actual loan terms you receive. 

Benefits of Using the BMW X7 EMI Calculator

Here are a few advantages of using a BMW X7 EMI calculator to get an estimate of the monthly payments for loan repayment – 

  • Calculating your equal or reduced monthly payment amount will allow you to plan your monthly and yearly budget well in advance to eliminate all surprises when you take out the loan 
  • BMW X7 EMI calculators are highly versatile. You can adjust the variables as many times as required to figure out the perfect spot where all the loan terms match your requirements. This is a crucial step in making sure that you choose nothing but the ideal loan plan for yourself.
  • Online Car loan EMI calculators can also be used to compare different loan products from different providers. You can compare the loan terms offered by the top lenders of your choice and pick the best one. 
  • Most lenders offer loan foreclosure services as well, using which you can repay your loan earlier than the pre-decided tenure of the loan. Estimating the monthly EMI amount of the loan can help you plan foreclosure properly as well. 

BMW X7 Auto Loan FAQs

What is the longest tenure available for BMW X7 auto loans?

The longest available tenure for BMW X7 car loans is 60 months.

Which banks offer the best BMW X7 auto loan products?

Some of the top options for BMW X7 auto loan lenders in the UAE are Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, RAKBANK, Dubai Islamic Bank, Deem Finance, and so on

Is it a good decision to purchase a used BMW X7 car?

Yes, buying used cars in UAE is a smart and sustainable decision as long as you confirm that the car is in good condition and is cost-effective.

What are the factors to look out for when purchasing a second-hand BMW X7?

The accident history of the car, condition, claims history, driving history of the previous owner, and manufacturing year are some of the many things to look out for in case you plan to purchase a second-hand BMW X7.

What information will I need to use BMW X7 EMI calculators?

You will require information like the loan amount, interest rate, down payment amount, and loan tenure to use a BMW X7 EMI calculator. 

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