BMW X1 Car Price in UAE

SUVs are highly popular in the emirates simply given how they combine the most valued things by most Emiratis and UAE residents – luxury and the spirit of adventure. Most visitors and residents in the UAE wish to experience the infamous dune bashing at least once during their stay, with regular admirers making this activity a frequent part of their excursions in the country. 

This is one of the reasons why the BMW X1 is exceptionally popular in the UAE. Performance, luxury, space, reliability, and several other features of this car make it one of the most popular SUVs among car owners. This article is dedicated to covering all important aspects related to this car that potential new owners must know, which includes BMW X1 auto loan options, prices, how to get it financed, and more. 

Features of BMW X1

Let’s cover some of the top features of BMW X1 cars available in the emirates:

  • Performance: The TwinPower Turbo 4-cylinder engine combined with adaptive suspension makes way for powerful yet smooth rides. The responsiveness of the car along with efficient fuel emissions stays intact even at low engine speeds. The all-wheel-drive system of the car even divides the power among all wheels for maximum traction during drives on challenging terrains. The M Sport brakes are expertly designed to offer exceptional safety during rides. 
  • Interiors: The rear seats of the car can be adjusted in several ways so that you can use the boot space as creatively as desired. You can increase the legroom for rear seat passengers or make more space in the boot to load luggage as per the requirement of the hour. Notably, the car comes with an ambient light package with 6 selectable designs. With this, you can mix and match to create the ideal atmosphere every time. The seats of the BMW X1, meanwhile, are clad with leather ‘Dakota’ featuring Oyster and Grey coloured highlights. 
  • Technology: The advanced Driving Assistance Plus of BMW X1 is ideally integrated to show collision warnings, lane departure warnings, pedestrian warnings, speed limit info, and more. The Park Assistant of the car can be used for easy parallel parking.The head-up display of the car is full-coloured and displays all the key information related to the drive right in front of the driver. The car also has a wireless charging dock along with USB ports and can be connected to both Android and iOS smartphones seamlessly. 
  • Exteriors: The modernised design of the car is well in-tune with its athletic appeal. The new bumper combined with a kidney grille and LED fog lamps creates a rather aesthetic ensemble for the car. The adaptive headlights of the car ensure ideal lightening of the road head for safe and easy driving.  

Specifications of BMW X1

Here are some key specifications of the BMW X1 available in the UAE – 



Max Power 

192 bhp

Engine Displacement 


Max Torque 

280 Nm

Fuel Tank Capacity 

51 L

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

7.9 seconds



Number of Cylinders 


Top Speed (kmph)


Fuel Type


Body Type

Premium Sub-Compact SUV


Power Steering 


Ventilated Disk 

Seating Capacity

BMW X1 Price in UAE as Per Variants

BMW X1 price in UAE is set at AED 189,000 for new cars. You can also get second-hand, i.e., used BMW X1 cars in the UAE, although the price of a used car would depend on a few factors. Aspects that can impact the price of a used BMW X1 are the accident history of the car, claim history, driving history of the previous owner, age of the car, mechanical faults, engine troubles, condition of the interior and exterior of the car, condition of its electronic features, and so on. 

It is advised to get the used car you wish to purchase examined by a trained technician and get the accident history drawn from a nearby police station. 

Apply for BMW X1 Auto Loan on Policybazaar UAE for New & Used Cars

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Why Apply with

Sending your BMW X1 auto loan application via our website comes with a multitude of benefits and unique advantages. Let’s cover some of the top ones below –  

  • We have an ongoing partnership with the top auto loan providers in the UAE which allows us to offer special discounted interest rates to our customers. You can get your BMW X1 financed at a highly affordable cost when you apply with 
  • Our in-house team of experts is well-trained in the ways of the financial world of the UAE to help you understand the nitty-gritty and choose an ideally suitable plan for your requirements 
  • You can count on our 24x7 customer support staff to help you with all your loan-related, and otherwise, queries any time of any day 
  • We offer impeccable after-sales services to help you get settled with your financing products and handle any last-minute issues 
  • Your loan applications are sent directly to your chosen provider without the involvement of any middlemen, which ensures that the utmost transparency is thoroughly maintained 
  • Our easy-to-use platform makes it a breeze to research trending products, compare different loans, and file your applications 

BMW X1 EMI Calculator 

EMI calculators are online tools that can be used for free to determine the estimated instalment amount you will be paying after getting your BMW X1 auto loan. BMW X1 EMI calculators are easily available and can be found simply using search engines like Google. Most banks and lending institutions offer their own BMW X1 EMI calculators. 

Most of these tools require a few pieces of information to compute the desired equal monthly instalment amount. The required details can include the loan amount, interest rates, down payment amount, and loan tenure. Borrowers can choose the variable that they plan to get with their BMW X1 auto loan and get the estimated equal monthly payment amount from the calculator. 

Note that these calculators only generate an estimate idea of the monthly payment amount. The actual amount may differ depending on the loan terms finalised by the lender. 

Benefits of Using the BMW X1 EMI Calculator

Even when providing only the estimate idea of the loan repayment schedule, BMW X1 EMI calculators are extremely useful for all potential BMW X1 auto loan borrowers in the UAE. 

The following are a few top advantages that these tools offer – 

  • Using a BMW X1 EMI calculator allows you to effectively pre-plan your monthly and yearly budgets to incorporate your BMW X1 auto loan without trouble. Making gradual changes to your expenses is easier to make room for new substantial expenses when you already have an idea of its size. 
  • EMI calculators are rather useful when it comes to finding the sweet spot where all variables of your BMW X1 auto loan meet your requirements perfectly. You can easily use the car loan calculator to adjust the variable and find out which levels are perfect to draw up a monthly payment amount that you can afford easily. 
  • You can also use BMW X1 EMI calculators to compare different BMW X1 auto loan products available in the emirates. The tools can be used to find out which product is best suited to your individual loan requirements. 
  • Most lenders allow early settlement or foreclosure of loans. However, there are several conditions, limits, and fees involved with this service. Using a BMW X1 EMI calculator can help you form a well-thought plan to foreclose your loan.

BMW X1 Auto Loan FAQs

What is the best way to get BMW X1 auto loans in the UAE?

The easiest way to apply for your BMW X1 auto loan is via, our official website. You may also apply using the provider's website or at one of the branches. 

Can I get a used BMW X1 financed in the UAE?

Yes, you can easily get a used BMW X1 financed in the UAE. Most banks and lending institutions offer financing for second-hand cars in the UAE.

Which is the best bank to get my BMW X1 auto loan from?

Some banks and lending institutions to choose from for financing your BMW X1 are ADCB, Emirates Islamic Bank, Emirates NBD, and Finance House.

How can I get the estimated EMI amount for my BMW X1 car loan?

You can use an online BMW X1 EMI calculator to calculate the estimated EMI amount for your BMW X1 auto loan. 

Where can I find an online BMW X1 EMI calculator?

There are several BMW X1 EMI calculators available online. You can find one simply by using a search term in your search engine. 

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