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BMW M6 has been one of the most adored luxury sports cars from BMW. First manufactured in 1983, its production continued till 1989 after which the company took a hiatus. BMW stopped the production of the M6 in 2019. 

The car, nevertheless, is still popular among sports car enthusiasts, both new and used models. Correspondingly, BMW M6 auto loans are still in high demand in the market. This article will discuss the BMW M6 price in UAE, car loan options, EMI calculation, and more. 

Features of BMW M6 

The following are a few interesting bits about the top features and design of the BMW M6:

  • The very first model of the BMW M6 was manufactured in the year 1983 and assembled in Germany
  • BMW took a hiatus from the production of the car from 1989 to 2005 and produced a new model of BMW M6 in the year 2005 as both a coupe and convertible 
  • The latest model of BMW M6 was manufactured in 2019. The currently available new BMW M6 models in the market are from the 2019 batch and older. 
  • The car packs a powerful performance with a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour
  • BMW M6 acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph takes only 4.2 seconds for the coupe models and 4.3 seconds for the convertible models 
  • The exterior of the car features a fresh sporty finish with a highly aerodynamic body and the signature M kidney grille with the M6 badge
  • The seats are covered in soft leather covers with contrasting stitching, with all the interior parts being designed with carbon fibre in a piano black shade 
  • There is a 16-speaker sound system in the car accompanied by a 10.2” touchscreen display at the front in the cockpit 
  • The infotainment system of the car features a navigation system and supports Android and Apple CarPlay connections 
  • The second row of the car comes with a seating capacity of 2 and a dedicated climate control console 

Specifications of BMW M6

Given below are a few specifications of the BMW M6 – 



Max Power 

560 hp

Max Torque 

680 Nm

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

4.2 seconds

Body Type

Grand Tourer | Luxury Sports Coupe

Body Style 

2-door convertible/coupe | 4-door sedan


7-speed dual clutch auto-manual 

Seating Capacity


Trunk Space 

Up to 16.2 cubic feet

Number of Cylinders 


Top Speed (kmph)




Fuel Type




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BMW M6 Price in UAE as Per Variants

BMW M6 price in UAE for new cars starts from AED 318,100 and may go up to AED 330,300 as per the variant and trim you have chosen. As the latest model of the BMW M6 was manufactured in the year 2019, the new cars would be available as long as the stock lasts. 

You can also get a used BMW M6 in the UAE. BMW M6 prices in UAE for used cars, however, can variate due to a few different factors. If you plan to purchase a used BMW M6, make sure to check out the claim history and accident history of the car. Get it tested by a trained technician as well to find out if any parts have been replaced or if modifications have been made. 

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All that’s left for you to do is fill out the application form and submit it. One of our personnel would then call you and take the auto loan process forward once you clear the eligibility criteria. 

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Sending your BMW M6 auto loan applications with can reap a multitude of benefits. Let’s cover some of the top ones:

  • We have partnered with the top auto loan providers in the UAE, banks, and finance houses included. This means that you will get access to the whole range of car financing products from all top car loan providers in the UAE on a single platform. No need to toggle multiple browser pages. 
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  • Our in-house team of financial experts is always ready to guide you with your product selection process
  • You can get in touch with our 24x7 customer service centre whenever you face trouble or have a query about your BMW M6 auto loan 
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BMW M6 EMI Calculator in UAE

A free online tool, the BMW M6 EMI calculator allows you to get an estimate of the monthly payment you will be making towards the BMW M6 auto loan you plan to take. You only require a basic set of details to use these car loan calculators, which includes the loan amount, average interest rate (or actual if you have a fair idea), loan tenure you wish to get, and the down payment amount. 

Simply enter the required details in the specified fields of the BMW M6 EMI calculator you have chosen and get the results. You will get the estimated instalment amount required to be paid each month to repay the loan amount and due interest within the tenure you have chosen. The moment you change any of the added variables, the EMI amount will change as well. Some calculators also allow you to switch between reducing and flat rates of interest. 

Remember that the amount you get here is just an estimate idea of your BMW M6 auto loan instalment. The actual monthly instalment amount may differ if the approved loan terms are different from your assumptions. 

Benefits of Using the BMW M6 EMI Calculator

There are several advantages of calculating the estimated monthly repayment amount you will get with your BMW M6 auto loan using an EMI calculator, with the top ones being discussed below – 

  • Calculating your monthly loan payment amount can help you in efficient budget planning to incorporate the upcoming substantial expenses properly. It reduces the element of surprise and allows you to make necessary changes to your spending and expenses well before time. 
  • BMW M6 EMI calculators help individuals compare different auto loan products properly. You can use the calculators to compare the terms of your chosen plans and figure out which one suits your budget the best. 
  • BMW M6 EMI calculators are also helpful in determining the type of interest rate ideal for you. You can compare the schedule of monthly instalments drawn for reducing and flat rates of interest and choose the most suitable one. 
  • You can change the variable entered in the BMW M6 EMI calculators as many times as required to find the sweet spot where all loan terms match your requirements. This way, you can find just the right loan tenure, amount, and interest rate that results in easily-payable monthly instalments. 
  • BMW M6 EMI calculators can also help you in planning the proper foreclosure of the loan. Most lenders have a limit on the maximum loan amount you can pre-pay at once. Having a fair idea of your instalment amount can help in determining the number of sitting it will take to pre-pay a particular portion of the loan. 

BMW M6 Auto Loan FAQs

What is the BMW M6 price in UAE?

BMW M6 price in UAE can range from AED 318,100 to AED 330,300 for new cars. The price of a used car will depend on the manufacturing year, the condition of the car, and several other factors.

Can I get used BMW M6 cars financed in the UAE?

Yes, you can easily get your used BMW M6 financed in the UAE. Most banks offer BMW M6 auto loans for used cars.

What are the different types of interest rates I can get for BMW M6 auto loans?

You may get both flat and reduced rates of interest for your BMW M6 auto loan in the emirates. 

Which factors should be considered before purchasing a used BMW M6?

The accident history of the car, claims history, manufacturing year, and condition of the car must be checked before purchasing a second-hand BMW M6.

Should I buy a modified BMW M6 in the emirates?

Modifications are acceptable as long as they have been authorised. If the seller has an authorisation certificate for the modification done on the car, you can purchase it. If not, it is best to avoid the purchase.

What is the maximum loan tenure available for BMW M6 auto loans?

The maximum available loan tenure for BMW M6 auto loans is 60 months. 

Is it possible to settle my BMW M6 auto loan early? Are there any fees applicable?

Yes, early settlement of your BMW M6 auto loan is possible. An early settlement fee, however, may apply as per the terms of your loan provider. 

What is the shortest tenure available for BMW M6 auto loans?

The shortest possible tenure for BMW M6 car loans is 12 months.

How can I calculate the equal monthly payment amount for my BMW M6 auto loan?

You can use a BMW M6 EMI calculator to get an estimate of the monthly instalment amount for your loan. 

Should I choose flat or reduced rates of interest?

Flat rates are beneficial if you wish to have a steady monthly repayment schedule. Reducing rates, meanwhile, are useful if you plan to pre-pay the loan. 

What is the easiest way to get my BMW M6 financed in the UAE?

You can apply for BMW M6 auto loans easily using our online application platform You may also use the provider’s website as an alternative.

Can I sell my BMW M6 before completely repaying my auto loan?

Yes, you can sell off your car before repaying the loan in full if the buyer agrees to repay the rest of the loan amount. Please note that you will be required to get a NOC from the bank and officially transfer the repayment to the next owner following the due process.

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