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The name BMW pops up whenever one discusses quality and reliability in sports and luxury segment cars. A large number of sports car enthusiasts in the emirates adore the wondrous cars designed and manufactured by BMW, given their exceptional performance and unparalleled driving experience. 

BMW M4 is one of the most renowned compact executive sports cars in the country. The popularity of the car is reflected by the high demand for financing options for it. This article will explore the BMW M4 auto loan options available in the UAE as well as the price, features, and a few more important details about the car that every interested individual must know. 

Features of BMW M4

Covered below are a few top features of BMW M4 cars available in the UAE – 

  • Performance: Powerful performance and handling are deep-rooted in the futurist design of the M4 competition and convertible models, which can accelerate to 100 km/h from 0 in only 3.7 seconds. The 650 nm torque and the 510 horsepower of the petrol engine, meanwhile, are ideal for outstanding on-road performance. 
  • Technology: The instrument cluster of the car offers a rather clear display of the drive data of the car in both SPORT and TRACK modes. Everything from tyre pressure to temperature can be found here. The live cockpit comes with a 10.25” touch display, a navigation system, and a 12.3” instrument display. The central console can also be used to configure the characteristics of the car. 
  • Exteriors: The car comes with the M Performance silencer system that offers impeccable motorsport sound adored by all sports car enthusiasts. The sporty look of the car remarkably stays intact, thanks to the streamlined muscular silhouette of the car. The unique sporty appearance of the car is enhanced by the aerodynamic rear spoiler cut-out designed using carbon fibre. 
  • Interiors: Driver-centric cockpit and the M Carbon bucket seats with their side support make the driving experience a breeze. The CSL variant features full bucket M Carbon seats that are much lighter than their counterpart. Notably, the headrest of the car is removable, which makes it easier to race with helmets on. 

Specifications of BMW M4

Given below is a list of general specifications of BMW M4 cars – 




Coupe Competition | Convertible

Max Power (kW (hp) at 1/min)

405 (551)/6.250  |  375 (510)/6,250

Max Torque (Nm at 1/min)

650/2.750–5.950  |  650/2,750–5,500

Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

3.7 | 3.7 seconds

Top Speed (kmph)

307.4 | 250

Fuel Type


Body Type

Compact Executive


Sport Steering 

Seating Capacity

5 | 4

BMW M4 Price in UAE as Per Variants

Given below are details for BMW M4 price in UAE (for brand new ones) – 

BMW M4 Variant 

Price Details 

BMW M4 Coupe 

AED 395,000

BMW M4 Convertible 

AED 410,000

You can also purchase a used BMW M4 in the UAE, with several dealerships offering used cars for sale in all seven emirates. The prices of these cars, however, can differ as several factors can influence the price of a used car. 

Some factors that can influence the price of any used car available in the emirates are – 

  • Accident history of the car
  • Claim history
  • Driving history of the previous owner 
  • Condition of the car 

Apply for BMW M4 Auto Loan on Policybazaar UAE for New & Used Cars

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a BMW Car loan is doing it via, our official website. Simply fill out the lead form on our car loan page, find a suitable plan from the available quotes, and send in your application. 

With Policybazaar UAE, you can get the loan sanctioned at our special competitive interest rates and get your dream car financed successfully. The process is easy and swift, with the disbursal of the loan generally being done within a few hours. 

You can also apply for your BMW M4 auto loan at the provider’s website or a branch office as an alternative. 

Why Apply with

Listed below are a few reasons to get your BMW M4 financed with Policybazaar UAE as your partner – 

  • Our user-friendly website is easy to navigate. You can research new trends in the banking and finance world, compare the top BMW M4 auto loan products, and send an application in a matter of minutes without much hassle. 
  • You can contact our 24x7 customer support cell to get real-time solutions for all your banking and finance-related queries.
  • We have an in-house team of experts that can help you choose the right BMW M4 auto loan product to finance your car 
  • Given our partnership with the top BMW M4 auto loan providers in the UAE, you get access to the best loan products in the emirates with us 
  • We offer special and highly-competitive rates of interest for loan products available on our platform. You can take advantage of them to get low-cost finance for your BMW M4. 

BMW M4 EMI Calculator 

BMW M4 EMI calculators are free online tools that can be used to get an estimate idea of your BMW M4 auto loan estimated monthly instalment amount. You can easily find one by simply running a search on Google or any other search engine of your preference. 

Most BMW M4 EMI calculators require you to enter a few details related to your BMW M4 auto loan – this generally includes the loan amount, the estimated interest rates, the down payment amount, and the tenure you wish to get. 

If you are using a BMW M4 EMI calculator designed by a bank, the Car loan calculator may have a pre-set average interest rate for the loan as per the bank’s policy. You can adjust the other variables to change the EMI amount and find out what fits your budget the best. 

Benefits of Using the BMW M4 EMI Calculator

Using a BMW M4 EMI calculator to get an estimate of the monthly payments you will make to repay the loan can be highly beneficial for several reasons. Given below are a few top ones that you can expect to avail of – 

  • Estimating your equal monthly instalment amount can help you effectively re-plan your budget to include the additional expense in the mix without hurting your finances 
  • BMW M4 EMI calculators are also a great way to properly examine and compare different loan products. You can compare the terms of the loan and get real-time results to determine the most affordable option 
  • Banks and lending institutions offer flexible tenure and different kinds of interest rates. BMW M4 EMI calculators allow you to change variables like tenure, interest rates, down payment, and loan amount. This helps users determine the ideal combination of all variables that fits their requirements the best.
  • If you plan to settle your BMW M4 auto loan early, using these calculators and estimating the EMI amount can help in analysing the scope of pre-payment for the loan 

BMW M4 Auto Loan FAQs

What is the BMW M4 price in UAE?

BMW M4 price in UAE can range between AED 395,000 and AED 410,000 depending on the chosen variant

How can I get BMW M4 auto loans in the UAE?

You can easily apply for your BMW M4 car finance via or visit your preferred bank’s website as an alternative. 

What are the best banks for getting my BMW M4 auto loan in UAE?

Some of the best banks and lending institutions for BMW M4 auto loans are Emirates NBD, RAKBANK, Dubai Islamic Bank, Deem Finance, and so forth.

How can I calculate the EMI amount of my BMW M4 car loan?

You can use online BMW M4 EMI calculators to get an estimate idea of your car loan EMI. 

Is flexible tenure available for BMW M4 car finance in UAE?

Yes, a flexible tenure of up to 60 months is available for BMW M4 auto loans in the emirates.

What are the available types of rates of interest for BMW M4 auto loans?

You can get flat or reducing rates of interest for your BMW M4 car loan in UAE. 

What are the factors to consider when purchasing a used BMW M4 in the UAE?

You must check the accident history of the used car you wish to purchase. Additionally, check the claim history of its previous policies and have a trained technician examine it.

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