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BMW I8 is one of the most-loved high-performance sports luxury cars produced by the brand. A plug-in hybrid, this car runs on petrol as well as electricity and can reach a top of 250 kmph. While the production of the car has been halted, it is still a rather popular model among sports car enthusiasts in the UAE. You can find both new and used BMW I8 in the emirates. Most lenders offer optimum financing for both used and new BMWs to help you get your dream BMW car. 

We will cover the BMW i8 price in UAE, the available loan options, and all other key aspects related to the car in the UAE. Let’s begin with discussing the features and specifications of the BMW I8. 

Features of BMW I8

Covered below are some features of the BMW I8 available in the UAE – 

  • The first model of the BMW I8 was manufactured in 2013 and rolled out in the market in 2014. It was designed and manufactured as a part of the BMW i, a new brand selling cars separately from Mini or BMW. 
  • With the production of the car at a standstill since 2020, BMW M8 and BMW 8 series were launched as the successors of the BMW I8 car 
  • The BMW I8 is a plug-in hybrid classified as a Sports (S) car. It is an all-wheel, transverse mid-engine drive. 
  • The car offers a mileage of 47.45 ARAI, can go up to a top speed of 250 kmph, and accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds. 
  • The front part of the cabin is endowed with cup holders and heated seats as a part of the comfort package of the car. The front seat belts are height adjustable. 
  • The rear part of the cabin comes with rear seat headrests and seat lumbar support, while the automatic climate support system of the car ensures a comfortable temperature at all times 
  • Assistive features of the car include adjustable steering, air quality control, remote trunk, fuel tank opener, an accessory power outlet, vanity mirror, cruise control, parking assist, and navigation system 
  • The car has leather seats, leather steering wheel covers, and a display for the outside temperature 
  • The driver seat is height adjustable and the whole cabin has an ambient lighting feature 
  • The car has several safety features such as an anti-lock braking system, central locking, brake assist, anti-theft alarm, driver and passenger airbags, side and front impact beam, crash sensor, and more 
  • The car has 11 speakers in total, a 26 cm colour touchscreen display, and supports Bluetooth as well as USB connectivity. Other entertainment features of the car include a CD player, DVD player, and a radio. 

Specifications of BMW I8

Mentioned below are some specifications of the BMW I8 – 



Max Power 

228bhp@5800rpm (bhp@rpm)

Max Torque 

320Nm@3700rpm (nm@rpm)


Sports car (S)

Engine Displacement 


Body Type

Plug-in Hybrid

Body Style

2-door coupe, roadster 



Fuel Tank Capacity 

42 L

Seating Capacity


Acceleration (0-100 km/h)

4.4 seconds

Number of Cylinders 

3 cylinders with 4 valves

Top Speed (kmph)




Fuel Type




BMW I8 Price in UAE as Per Variants

BMW I8 price in UAE is set at AED 855,000 for new vehicles. While the production of the BMW I8 stopped in 2020, new cars may still be available for as long as the stock lasts. You can also find used BMW I8 in the emirates. Getting a BMW I8, whether new or used, is easy, as most banks and lending institutions offer to finance both new and used cars. 

The prices of used BMW I8 cars can vary due to several factors. Some of the factors having the most significant impact on the BMW I8 price in the UAE are the conditions, age, claim history, and accident history of the car. Other factors that can impact the price of a used BMW include the modifications done on the car, parts replaced, and the number of kilometres driven. 

You can also negotiate the price of a used car in some cases. Have a trained technician take a look to determine the genuine value of the car. It is crucial to check all the boxes before you purchase a used car to make sure that its price is worth it.

Apply for BMW I8 Auto Loan on Policybazaar UAE for New & Used Cars

You can easily and swiftly apply for the BMW car loan via our official digital platform – Simply head to the car loan section on our website and fill out the present lead form present there to get the applicable quotes for your BMW I8. 

All you need to do now is compare quotes, choose a plan, and fill out the loan application. Once done, a representative of ours will give you a call and take the loan process forward – the whole process generally takes only a few minutes. 

The loan application is processed in due time, as stipulated by your chosen lender and the funds are disbursed shortly after the application has been approved. You get to take advantage of our special low-interest rates while enjoying optimum safety and transparency offered by lending banks and finance houses. 

Why Apply with

There are several benefits of applying for your BMW I8 auto loan via Policybazaar UAE. Mentioned below are some of the top ones – 

  • We partner with the top auto loan providers in the UAE to make it easy for you to find all the top options on a single platform 
  • You, as our customer, can enjoy special interest rates to finance your BMW I8 on low-cost EMIs 
  • You can contact our 24x7 support staff any time of any day to get real-time solutions for all your loan-related issues 
  • Our in-house finance experts are available to help you choose the ideal car loan in UAE that suits your requirements the best 
  • Comparing different loan products is easy on our integrated, easy-to-use platform 

BMW i8 EMI Calculator 

The BMW I8 EMI calculator is an online tool that helps in calculating the estimated EMI amount for your BMW I8 auto loan. Several such tools can be found online and used with only a handful of information. 

To use a BMW I8 EMI calculator, you will require information like the rate of interest, the loan amount, the down payment, and the loan tenure. Simply find a calculator that you find suitable and enter the essential information in the assigned fields to get your monthly EMI schedule as per the entered variables. You can change the variables to get a different EMI amount if you wish to do so. 

Remember that BMW I8 EMI calculators only produce an estimated EMI amount. The actual amount may differ as per the loan terms your bank approves. 

Benefits of Using the BMW I8 EMI Calculator

Even when producing an estimated result, using a BMW I8 EMI calculator can prove to be quite beneficial. Given below are a few of the benefits of using a BMW I8 EMI calculator – 

  • A BMW I8 EMI calculator can help you plan your budget efficiently beforehand to incorporate the upcoming big expenses properly. You can move around the current expenses and draw up a new budget to make sure that your savings don’t take a hit. 
  • BMW I8 EMI calculators are quite easy to use. You can change the variables multiple times to compare different loan terms and find out the set that suits your interests the best. Adjusting the variables and finding the ideal EMI amount that fits your budget is the ideal way to ensure that the loan that you apply for has terms suiting your financial needs. 
  • You can also use BMW I8 EMI calculators to compare different loan products. Car Loan calculator can help you analyse the terms offered by different providers, after which you can select the most appropriate options. 
  • BMW I8 EMI calculators are also helpful in planning the partial prepayment of the loan. You can use these calculators to draw a suitable EMI schedule and see how much you can afford to repay early to save on interest. 

BMW I8 Auto Loan FAQs

What is the BMW I8 price in UAE?

BMW I8 price in UAE is set at AED 855,000. Keep in mind that the prices can vary based on whether the car is a new or a used one.

Are new BMW I8 cars available in the UAE?

Although the production of new BMW I8 cars has been halted, new cars may still be available in the UAE for as long as the stock lasts. 

What kind of interest rates can I avail of for my BMW I8 auto loan in the UAE?

You can get two kinds of interest rates for your BMW I8 car finance – flat and reducing rates of interest. 

How can I apply for my BMW I8 car loan in the emirates?

The easiest way to apply for your car loan is via, our official website. Alternatively, you can apply for a car loan via the website of your preferred provider.

Which is the best provider for BMW I8 auto loans in the UAE?

Lending institutions and banks like Deem Finance, RAKBANK, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank are some of the best BMW I8 car loan providers in the UAE. 

What is the maximum tenure available for BMW I8 auto loans?

The maximum tenure available for BMW I8 car loans is 60 months. 

What is the minimum tenure available on BMW I8 car loans in the UAE?

The minimum tenure available for BMW I8 auto loans is 12 months.

Can I get a used BMW I8 financed in the UAE?

Yes, most banks offer financing for new as well as used cars in the emirates. The interest rates, however, generally differ for used car financing. 

Which factors should be considered when purchasing a second-hand BMW I8?

Factors like the condition of the car, its age, accident history, and claim history must be checked before purchasing a used BMW I8 in the UAE. You must also check for any replaced parts and modifications – all modifications must be approved by the manufacturer and shall only be practical modifications. 

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