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Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is among the most popular banks in the UAE for credit products like loans and credit cards, given the comprehensive features these products come with. ADCB car loan is one such product from this list, with ADCB car loan interest rates being some of the most competitive ones in the market. 

Adding offers like free TouchPoints on the loan amount, one-sign application, and swift processing to such low rates, ADCB car loans become some of the most favourable auto loans in the emirates. Let’s cover all the key details about ADCB car loan interest rates in the UAE and the key features of this product. 

Types of ADCB Car Loan Interest Rates

  • Flat Rate of Interest: Flat rate of interest is calculated on the principal amount of the loan. The equal monthly payments and the interest to be paid each month, thus, remain the same with a flat rate of interest. Flat rates for ADCB car loans in UAE are best suited for individuals who would like to repay their loans at a steady pace over their chosen tenure. 
  • Reducing Rate of Interest: Reducing rate of interest is calculated on the remaining due balance of your loan. Consequently, your interest amount keeps reducing every month and so does your monthly payment amount. Reducing rate can be beneficial if you think that early settlement of your ADCB car loan will be a strong possibility in the future. 

Interest Rates Available for ADCB Car Loans

Available Types of Interest Rates 

Applicable Rates 

Flat Rate of Interest 

Form 1.99% per annum

Reducing Rate of Interest 

From 3.65% per annum 

One should note that the interest rates offered by ADCB for their car loan products can change due to several factors including the segment of the customer. For instance, the starting interest rates mentioned in the above table are applicable for Excellency and Emirati Excellency customer segment of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. 

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Features of ADCB Car Loans – Overview



Maximum Loan Amount

AED 1.5 Million

Maximum Loan Tenure 

60 Months 

Maximum Finance Ratio

80% of the Car’s Value

Available For 

Salaried and Self-Employed

Exclusive Offer 

Earn 50 TouchPoints for Every AED 1000 of your ADCB car loan amount

Additional Features 

  • Insurance Finance Option 
  • One-signature application 
  • Simple Documentation 

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Factors That Can Affect ADCB Car Loan Interest Rate

  • credit Score: One of the most integral parts of acquiring any type of credit, a credit score can highly impact the rate of interest you get for your car loan in UAE. While having a low credit score does not stop you from getting a car loan in the UAE, it can considerably impact the interest rates you get. An applicant with a low or very low credit score in the UAE generally receives the highest possible interest rates due to low credibility. Scoring a low ADCB car loan interest rate, ultimately, is subject to the level of credibility demonstrated by you. 
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: A high debt-to-income ratio attracts high interest rates for all types of loans, with car loans being no exception. A higher debt-to-income ratio indicates that you have lesser disposable income to repay your loan, which increases the risk factor for the bank concerning your status as a borrower. Having a low debt-to-income ratio, preferably between 15% to 30%, can help you score lower ADCB car loan interest rates. 
  • Income and Occupation: Your income level can not only impact the loan amount you get but also the interest rate you receive. If you opt for higher loan amounts (and have an increased debt-to-income ratio), you will end up with a high-interest rate. Additionally, several banks give preferences to a few occupations over others due to the nature of the jobs. If your occupation ensures that you have a secure, permanent job with a high fixed income, you may get lower ADCB car loan interest rates.
  • Loan Tenure: Longer loan tenure signifies that the bank’s money will be locked in for a longer time, which may lead to heightened interest rates for your ADCB car loan. On the other hand, opting for a shorter tenure can decrease your rate of interest. However, it’s worth noting that these fluctuations are not very significant compared to the impact of other factors like credit score. 
  • Co-Borrower: Having another party to co-sign your ADCB car loan in UAE with you can also reduce the interest rate applicable. With the burden of repaying the loan now shared among two people with a regular source of income, the debt-to-income ratio is significantly reduced, hence reflected in the reduced interest rate. 
  • Car Model: Several car models get a higher rate of interest for car loans than other cars. This is generally the case for sports car financing or luxury car financing as the loan amount is higher, with any payment defaults leading to major losses for the bank. On the other hand, less popular car models may also get higher interest rates since their resale value is lower, with the same applying to used or pre-owned cars. 

Noting all the factors discussed above can help you estimate the interest rates that you may get while applying for an ADCB car loan. Nevertheless, you can check some common questions asked regarding ADCB car loan interest rates below:

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What is the maximum repayment period for ADCB car loans?

The maximum repayment period offered for ADCB car loans is 60 months (5 years)

What is the minimum required age for ADCB car loans in UAE?

The minimum required age to get ADCB car loans is 21 years.

Can I get auto finance for used vehicles with ADCB bank?

Yes, used and pre-owned vehicles can be financed with an ADCB car loan in the UAE.

What is an ADCB car loan interest rate in the UAE?

ADCB car loan interest rates start at 1.99% per annum in the UAE. However, the interest rates can differ as per customer segment and loan eligibility factors. 


Are there different kinds of ADCB car loan interest rates available?

Yes, you can opt for one of the two available types of interest rates for ADCB car loans – flat or reducing.

Who is eligible to take ADCB car loans in UAE?

UAE residents and nationals who are older than 21 years of age, have a permanent source of income and fulfil the minimum salary requirements can get ADCB car loans.

Why is ADCB car loan interest rate higher for used cars?

As used cars and pre-owned cars have lower resale value compared to new cars, the interest rates are higher for used car loans.

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