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Calculate ADCB car loan payments easily in just some steps, enter the loan amount, interest rate, and loan term to calculate the monthly payment.

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A car loan in UAE is easily available for both nationals and ex-pats, with several financial institutions across the country offering car loans to their users. As buying a car with only savings can be expensive, a large number of individuals take an auto loan in the UAE to purchase a car of their choice.

The Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank is among the most eminent institution in UAE providing car loans to customers with a flexible and hassle-free service. The bank is known for providing excellent loan options in easy and affordable installments. Nevertheless, it is crucial to first assess the applicable monthly installment when purchasing a car with an ADCB car loan.

To simplify the process for users, the bank provides an ADCB car loan calculator that helps in evaluating the exact monthly installment for the same. By going through this article, we will find out all the essential details regarding the ADCB car loan and the methods to determine the monthly installment for the same.


The entire loan application and approval processes are quite easy and hassle-free with the ADCB bank. By ensuring the availability of all the relevant information and specified documents, you can further simplify the process for yourself. 

You can make an informed decision when taking a car loan with the help of the ADCB car loan calculator. Instead of jotting down the formulae on paper, you can simply provide the specified information about your car loan to successfully check your monthly installment using an ADCB car loan EMI calculator. For any further queries regarding the same, you can reach out to us at

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Points to Know About ADCB Car Loan EMI

Before proceeding further, here are a few important details that you must be aware of regarding the monthly installment amount of an ADCB car loan.

  • The term ‘EMI’ stands for Equated Monthly Instalment. These installments are to be paid to the bank each month at a fixed date to complete the repayment of your car loan.
  • The amount of your car loan that you will repay (loan amount plus the applicable interest) will depend on the loan repayment duration
  • Car loans generally cover up to 80% of the car value
  • The flat rate on an ADCB car loan starts at 1.99% per annum

Features of an ADCB Car Loan

This section will highlight the major features of a car loan from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank-

  • The loan application and documentation process involves simple steps with a one-signature application
  • The bank can issue a finance amount of up to AED 1.5 million 
  • Swift loan application and approval process 
  • Provision to opt for insurance finance
  • Option to repay the loan in up to 5 years

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Factors Affecting the Monthly Instalment of an ADCB Car Loan

Primarily, there are three components that influence the ADCB car loan monthly instalment amount -

  • Rate of Interest: The interest rate is the primary factor that affects your repayment amount. However, the interest rate for an ADCB car loan can be different for all individuals as the rate is imposed after analyzing an applicant’s credit Score, credit history, annual income, age, and more.
  • Tenure of the Loan: This term refers to the time that you have to repay the car loan. Generally, one can expect a lower monthly installment amount if the loan is of a longer duration (although the interest will also be high with longer tenures).
  • Amount of the Loan: It is the total amount that you are accountable to pay the bank, with the installment amount directly related to the amount taken by you from the bank. Keep in mind that as the repayment amount is calculated as the obtained loan amount plus the interest, the amount will depend on your chosen repayment tenure.

The Process to Calculate Your Car Loan EMI Using the ADCB Car Loan EMI Calculator

Most banks provide a tool to calculate your EMI amount for a car loan in UAE. Using the ADCB car loan calculator, you can quickly analyse the amount that you need to pay as monthly installments without undertaking complex calculations. 

To calculate your monthly EMI payments, you will be required to provide data like the price of the car, the applicable interest rate, loan amount tenure, loan amount, and more. Once you enter this data, the calculator will display the applicable monthly installment payment as well as the total interest amount on your loan.

Tips for Choosing the Correct Car Loan Monthly Instalment Amount

When you apply for a car loan, you should accurately estimate the monthly installment amount using the car loan calculator. This step is necessary to analyse your potential to pay off the loan amount without any trouble. Described below are some tips that should be considered while choosing the car loan EMI:

  • First, you should aim to assess the amount that you need for your car loan as an excess loan amount can mean higher installments as well.
  • Besides the amount, you should also consider the duration of the loan repayment. Shorter repayment tenures can mean higher instalments yet low interest amounts, while the longer ones generally result in manageable installments yet higher interest sum.
  • Carefully evaluate all your expenses, especially if you already have another loan to repay. It is recommended to decide the amount for your ADCB car loan only after gauging your other expenses and financial responsibilities.  

How to Deal with ADCB Car Loan Prepayment?

If you wish to close your loan before the specified period, you have the option to do so with your ADCB car loan. However, it should be remembered that the bank will charge an additional fee in such a case in the form of an early settlement fee.


Q1. What are the benefits of availing an ADCB car loan?

Ans: The following are the benefits of an ADCB car loan -

  1. Loan amounts of up to AED 1.5 million
  2. Financing up to 80% of your car value
  3. Fast loan approval and convenient documentation
  4. Option to select insurance finance for your car loan plan
Q2. How does an ADCB car loan EMI calculator function?

Ans: To calculate your car loan with the help of the ADCB car loan calculator, you will need to provide details like the rate of interest, car price, duration of the loan, car loan amount, and more. The calculator will then show the estimated monthly instalment, total interest amount, and other details related to the loan.

Q3. What is the flat rate and interest rate when purchasing a car loan from the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank?

Ans: The flat rate for a car loan in ADCB begins at 1.99%. However, the applicable interest rate depends on your loan amount, credit history, credit score, and several other factors.

Q4. Does the ADCB car loan EMI calculator provide accurate results?

Ans: Yes, an ADCB car loan calculator is quite beneficial in terms of showing appropriate results in a swift manner. However, as the actual terms and conditions of the loan will be decided by the bank, the actual amount and other loan terms must be verified with the bank first.

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