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With credit cards being a popular financial tool, banks and financial institutions in the UAE enhance their services to attract clients. For this reason, the credit cards are not only limited to individual owners but are also available for young and small businesses as well as large corporates. Today, credit cards cover benefits on each and every daily expense. For some spendings, you may get rewards and cashback, and for other expenses, you get insurance and protection. An extended warranty is a discrete service offered by credit card issuers that extends the period of warranty if an individual purchases an item using the credit card. 

Several banks and financial institutions offer extended warranty services on their business credit cards. With the feature, you can ask the bank for replacement or repair of your purchased item for an extended period in case of damages and failure. In UAE, most business credit cards with extended warranties prolong the warranty period by an additional year while serving the purpose of a regular business credit card. The article below gives details about the business credit cards with extended warranty in the UAE and their features and benefits. 

Top Business Credit Cards with Extended Warranty

To offer enhanced after-sale services and product reliability, banks in UAE offer business credit cards with an extended warranty. An extended warranty is extremely useful for products prone to damages such as electrical appliances and provides value for money. A credit card with an extended warranty secures your product for additional periods enhancing your product experience and reliability. Following is the list of best business credit cards with extended warranty in the UAE.

Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card

Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card
Movie Discounts
  • Minimum Salary AED 10,000
  • Annual Fee AED 0
  • Free for Life
  • Movie Discounts
  • Airport Lounge access
  • Golf Offers
  • Travel Insurance
  • Purchase Protection
  • Extended Warranty

Features & Benefits for Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card

  • Using your Emirates Islamic Business credit card to buy a product automatically increases its warranty by one additional year on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • For each expense, the cardholder earns El SmartMiles that he can redeem later to avail of exclusive discounts. 
  • With the Emirates Islamic Business credit card, you get complimentary access to over 750 airport lounges worldwide. 
  • The card offers purchase protection that secures your purchased products against loss, theft, and damages. 
  • With the Emirates Islamic business credit card, you get multi-trip travel insurance that secures your trips and vacations for up to 90 days
  • With easy payment plans, you can convert your larger purchases into convenient installments and manage your cash flow efficiently. 
  • Using the business credit card cash advance facility, you can withdraw up to AED 10,000 daily from any ATM worldwide. 
  • With Emirates Islamic business credit card, you get exclusive offers and discount on business trip booking through
  • For Signature business credit cardholders, the bank offers a global concierge service to book your flight, hotels, restaurants and more.  

ADIB Business Platinum Covered Credit Card

ADIB Business Platinum Covered Card
Airport Lounge Access
  • Minimum Salary AED 8,000
  • Annual Fee AED 800
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Roadside Assistance

Features & Benefits for ADIB Business Platinum Covered Credit Card

  • Using an ADIB Business Platinum Covered credit card to purchase a product, you get an extended warranty of one additional year. 
  • With an ADIB business card, you get a high credit card limit of AED 250,000. 
  • Additionally, you can use 60% of your available limit to withdraw cash from ATMs across the UAE. 
  • To provide multiple layers of security, the credit card comes with an advanced chip and pin feature.  
  • With the ADIB Business Platinum Covered cards, you get free roadside assistance. 

Emirates NBD Business Reward Signature Credit Card

Features & Benefits for Emirates NBD Business Reward Signature Credit Card

  • With Emirates NBD Business Rewards Signature credit card, you get an extended warranty that doubles the manufacturer’s warranty of the product. 
  • On purchasing products using your signature business credit card, you get purchase protection to secure your products against damages, burglary and losses. 
  • The credit card also provides complimentary travel and medical insurance to secure your vacations and business trips. 
  • With the reward signature credit card, you get 55 interest-free days to repay your bills without any interest. 
  • When you pay the joining fee, you get 5,000 business reward points as a joining bonus. 
  • You can enjoy complimentary access to over 650 premium airport lounges across 300 cities around the world. 
  • Using the Emirates Business Rewards Signature credit card, you get up to 30% discount on all of your dining expenses. 
  • Emirates NBD business credits cards are accepted across 22 million outlets and 1.3 million ATMs worldwide. 
  • As a part of your lifestyle privilege, the credit card also offers complimentary access to 5 premium golf rounds in the UAE. 
  • On every daily life expense in USD equivalents, you earn up to 2 business reward points.
  • The bank offers you full control over credit card expenses through an online credit card account. Monitor, limit or freeze your card with a few simple clicks. 
  • With the signature business card, you enjoy 24*7 roadside assistance up to 3 times a year. 

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CDB Business Credit Cards

Features & Benefits for CDB Business Credit Cards

  • With a CBD Business credit card, you get an extended warranty through Visa offers that extend your product’s warranty by one additional year. 
  • Using a CBD credit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs up to 50% of the credit limit. 
  • You get purchase protection on all the eligible items.
  • The bank levies a low finance rate of up to 3.45% per month. 
  • With a CBD Business credit card, you can avail of complimentary access to over 1000 airport lounges across the globe. 
  • CBD Business credit card offers a high credit limit of up to AED 250,000. 
  • The cardholders can avail of multi-trip travel insurance for a trip of up to 90 days without any charges. 
  • For every retail purchase, you can earn up to 1.5 CBD Reward Points and you can redeem them as skywards miles, shopping vouchers or cash discounts. 
  • With the CBD Business credit card, you get complimentary access to over 1000 premium airport lounges around the globe. 
  • Along with numerous lifestyle and entertainment benefits, you also get 50% off on movie tickets and complimentary valet parking. 
  • With the CBD business card, you get 24x7 customer support within and outside the UAE. 
  • The bank provides real-time account balance and transaction details via the online credit card account.

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Business Credit Cards with Extended Warranty

Business entities willing to apply for a credit card with an extended warranty need to satisfy a few criteria related to their business operation and revenue. Several banks in UAE may also consider the owner’s personal details before offering a business credit card. Applicants need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria while applying for business credit cards with an extended warranty. 

  • Individual’s age - To acquire a business credit card in the UAE, an applicant must have attained the age of 21 years. Few banks have an upper age limit of 60 to 65 years, above which the individual cannot apply for a credit card. 
  • Business Location - The business needs to have a local office and operate within the geographical boundaries of the UAE. A business established outside the UAE needs to have an active branch in the UAE.
  • Operation Period - The businesses need to be operational for a minimum period of 1-3 years depending on the bank’s requirements before applying for the credit card. The bank lays down these criteria to know the financial stability and reliability of the business. Since new businesses are unstable and possess a higher risk than established businesses, they may find it difficult to acquire a business credit card. 
  • Minimum Relationship Balance (Bank account balance) - Before offering a credit card, numerous banks in UAE consider the liquid funds available with business entities. It shows their stability and capability to cope with emergencies. With better stability, the chances of acquiring a business credit card increase.  
  • credit Score - While reviewing credit card applications, banks in the UAE enquire about the business’s creditworthiness. It may also consider the credit scores of the business owners. Businesses with better credit scores and history are eligible for business credit cards with an extended warranty. 
  • Annual Revenue - Annual revenue is the total turnover of a specific business. To apply for business credit cards with an extended warranty, enterprises need to satisfy the annual revenue requirements as specified by the bank.  

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Documents Required to Apply for a Business Credit Card with Extended Warranty

If the business satisfies the above requirements, they can move a step further with collecting the relevant documents. The documents may vary depending on the issuing bank, type of business, and the credit card. The list of documents a business requires during credit card application is as follows.

  • A copy of the trade license issued by the Department of Economic development UAE
  • Valid passport of all the business owners, partners, signatories or stakeholders (if applicable) 
  • Valid Emirates ID of all the partners, signatories or stakeholders residing in the UAE
  • Power of attorney or the board members’ resolution
  • Documents related to the business and its operations
  • Past one or two years business performance (cash flow report) of the enterprise
  • Company incorporation certificate or details
  • Bank account statement of the company of the past 12 months
  • A bank reference letter or company profile is applicable
  • Official address proof of the company
  • Memorandum of Association or Partnership Agreement

Note - The bank may require the applicant to provide additional information and proof related to their business type and personal details of all the partners and stakeholders. To have a convenient application process, they need to collect all the relevant documents in the prescribed format. 

How to Apply for Business Credit Card with Extended Warranty in the UAE?

Application for business credit cards in the UAE is hassle-free and quick. The banks accept applications through various online and offline channels. The applicants can use the online mode to apply for a business credit card, thereby saving their effort and time. They can also visit the bank in person to fill the application form. Various means to apply for extended warranty credit cards are as follows - 

  • Online Mode - For online applications for a credit card, an applicant needs to visit the bank’s official website and scroll through the business credit card section. After selecting their credit card with extended warranty, they need to fill an application form and provide their contact and personal details. Subsequently, the bank contacts the applicant for the further application process. 
  • Offline Mode - To apply offline, the applicants need to approach the nearest bank branch along with all the relevant documents and fill the application form as per the bank representative’s directions. After applying, the bank reviews your application and once approved, it dispatches the credit card to the registered address. 
  • Application via Phone call or IVR - Several banks in the UAE accept business credit card applications via phone or have an IVR system to guide you through the process. The applicants can reach out to the bank through a customer support number or dial the IVR phone number. 

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Annual Charges on Business Credit Cards with Extended Warranty 

Type of Business Credit Card

Annual Charges

Emirates Islamic Business Credit Card

Free for Life

ADIB Business Platinum Covered Credit Card

AED 800

Emirates NBD Business Reward Signature credit card


CDB Business Credit Cards

Free for Life

Other Business Credit Card with Card Type

Business Credit Card with Credit Card Type
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What is an Extended Warranty Feature in the Business credit card?

Several business credit cards in the UAE offer extended warranty on the products purchased using the card. An extended warranty is a feature that increases the manufacturer’s warranty of the product. Most business credit cards double the warranty period if a cardholder purchases the product using the credit card. 

How much warranty extension do I get on the product purchase using a business credit card?

Most products in UAE have a manufacturer warranty of 1-2 years, and the business credit cards extend their warranty by one additional year, doubling the security period.

Do I get extended warranty business credit cards without any annual membership charge?

While most business credit cards come without an annual membership fee, it mostly depends on the bank and the credit card you apply for.

Is an extended warranty with a business credit card a free service?

Yes, you don’t need to pay for extended warranty service for the eligible products purchased using a business credit card.

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