Open Business Accounts in Dubai, UAE

Open Business Bank Accounts in UAE

If you own a business, the requirement of a business account in UAE goes unsaid. These accounts help you effectively govern a business by documenting all expenses, cash flow, and balance. 

Before starting the process of bank account opening for a company, however, there are a few factors that you must consider before. In this article, we will equip you with all the necessary details to do just that. We will also help you select the best business account in UAE.

Let’s start with-

What is a Business Account in the UAE?

Before moving on to the best business bank accounts in Dubai or any other Emirate, let’s first go through the basics.

A business bank account, as the name suggests, is only for business transactions. It allows a business to make transactions, receive funds, and access various other banking services. 

It’s worth noting that business accounts cannot be used for personal purposes or to manage personal finances.
To open a business account in the UAE, you need to register your business and open an account in its name. All the other functions are mostly similar to that of a personal account.

How Do the Best Business Bank Accounts in UAE Work?

Each bank in the UAE provides the option for businesses to obtain a chequebook under their business name, streamlining payment processes for a range of transactions.

As an entrepreneur, you can easily manage your company’s finances through accessible online banking services. This allows you to conduct transactions and oversee accounts from any location, thereby optimising efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits of Business Account Opening in the UAE

If used the right way, a business account can bring numerous benefits to you! Here are some of the top features of these accounts — 

  1. Security and Protection: Business accounts in the UAE ensure separation between personal and business finances, safeguarding against personal liabilities and ensuring the safety of data and transactions.
  2. Purchasing Power: By utilising business accounts with credit services, entrepreneurs can access larger loans more easily. This also helps in building a robust business credit Score and facilitating significant initial purchases.
  3. Attractive Interest Rates: With the best business bank accounts in Dubai, you can enjoy competitive interest rates as a new business through your business bank accounts. This delivers added value to companies seeking to optimise their financial resources.
  4. International Transactions: UAE banks offer cost-effective platforms for conducting foreign currency remittances. With such a feature, business owners can efficiently manage international transactions.
  5. Multiple Currency Options: With the acceptance of various currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, and others by banks in the UAE, business account holders worldwide can easily open accounts, fostering global accessibility.
  6. Internet Funds Access: Online banking services allow business account holders to access and manage their company's funds from anywhere. This results in considerable saving of time and effort while enhancing efficiency.
  7. Expense Tracking & Cash Flow Management: Business accounts assist owners in monitoring expenses, which enables effective management aligned with the financial situation and business requirements.
  8. Tax Calculation: An oft-ignored aspect of business account opening is that such accounts facilitate the calculation of tax liabilities, thereby promoting transparency and accuracy in tax payments.
  9. Business Loan Access: Having a corporate account enhances the eligibility for business loans and business credit cards. Both these instruments can provide financial flexibility for business growth.

Accurate Bookkeeping: Maintaining separate business accounts ensures clean records for accurate bookkeeping. This greatly simplifies financial management and tax preparation while helping you avoid potential complications associated with mixing personal and business transactions.

Best Business Bank Accounts in Dubai

Here are some of the best banks for opening a business account in UAE- 

Bank Name

Minimum Deposit (in AED)

Fees & Charges (in AED)

Dubai Islamic Bank


Trade Licence Expiry Charge: 420 per month

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


100 per month (waived if the balance is at least AED 200,000)

Replacement of Debit Card: 25



Monthly Charges for Not Maintaining Min. Balance: 52.5

Commercial Bank of Dubai


Manual Set Up: Maximum 100

Online Set Up: 25

Failure of Transactions Due to Insufficient Funds: 100 (for each transaction)


Eligibility Criteria for Business Account Opening

For business account opening in UAE, organisations must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the respective bank. Although each bank sets its own criteria, the criteria generally involve the submission of details and documents such as —

  1. Valid Emirates ID
  2. Valid UAE residency visa
  3. Company licence 
  4. Financial records of the company

Documents Required to Open a Business Account in UAE 

Let’s take a look at the few general documents required to perform bank account opening for company-

Mainland Bank Account

Free Zone Bank Account

Foreign Entity Bank Account

  • Trade Licence
  • Emirates ID, Passport, and Visa 
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Applicant Profile (CV) of Signatory
  • Office Tenancy or Ejari Contract
  • Details Related to Existing or Prospective Clients
  • 6 Months’ Bank Statement
  • Utility Bills as Address Proof
  • Credit and Debit Invoices
  • VAT Certificate
  • Business Model or Company Website/Profile/Plan

  • Free Zone Trade Licence
  • Passport, Emirates ID, and Visa of all the concerned partners (if applicable)
  • Share Certificate
  • Office Tenancy (Physical Office)
  • Article of Association (AoA) or Memorandum of Association (MoA)
  • Applicant Profile (CV)
  • 6 Months’ bank statement
  • Utility Bills as Address Proof
  • Invoices/shipping documents/agreements/bill of shipment/custom clearance, and so on
  • Business model/website/company profile
  • Details of Existing or Prospective Clients (suppliers/buyers)
  • Memorandum of Association (MoA) or Article of Association (AoA) with legal attestation
  • Utility Bill of Shareholders Showing Address Proof
  • Share Certificate
  • Trade Licence
  • Corporate Legal Documents and Bank Statements (in case of a shareholder having a company outside UAE)
  • Passport with UAE Entry Page of Shareholders
  • Details of Current or Prospective Clients (buyers or suppliers)
  • Emirates ID and Shareholders’ Visa Pages (applicable if shareholders have UAE residency)
  • 6 Months’ bank statement (personal/company from home country)

Note: Documents required can vary depending on the sole discretion of the chosen bank.

How to Open Business Account Online in UAE?

To open a business account in the UAE, your business must first have legal registration in the UAE. Your company can be either a sole proprietorship or a single-layer company with individuals as ultimate beneficiary owners.

Next, make sure that you procure a valid Trade Licence or Certificate of Incorporation from a recognised UAE authority. Furthermore, you may be required to submit the documents mentioned in the table above as per the bank’s requirements. 

Once you have all the valid documents required, you can visit the website or a branch of your preferred bank and apply for it.
Note: The applicant organisation may have to fulfil more of such eligibility criteria apart from the ones mentioned above as per the sole discretion of the concerned bank.

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Account

Q1: Is it possible to open a bank account in Dubai while on a visit visa?

A1: Non-residents can usually obtain only savings accounts in the UAE — current accounts are usually not accessible to them. 

Q2: How long does it generally take to open a business account in the UAE?

A2: Opening a business bank account for an LLC or Free Zone company in the UAE usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

Q3: Can foreign entities set up business accounts in the UAE?

A3: Yes, foreign entities are allowed to open business accounts in the UAE. 

Q4: How does one go about opening a corporate account in the UAE post-incorporation?

A4: While specific requirements vary by bank, generally, a significant director or shareholder's presence is required. The applicant company must complete an account opening application and provide comprehensive business records, including invoices, contracts, and supplier and client details. Banks then conduct background checks on management, review financial projections, and may conduct an interview before opening the account.

Q5: Can personal bank accounts be utilised for business purposes in the UAE?

A5: Using a personal bank account for business activities in the UAE is prohibited. For business operations, it is necessary to open a corporate bank account and use it exclusively for business purposes.

Q6: Are sole proprietors obligated to have a business account?

A6: Sole proprietors are not legally mandated to have a business account and may use personal accounts for business transactions. However, it is advantageous to go for business accounts due to benefits such as improved financial organisation, enhanced professional dealing, and more.

Q7: Are limited companies required to open dedicated business accounts?

A7: Yes, limited companies are required to maintain dedicated business accounts as they are distinct legal entities from their owners.

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