A Beginner’s Guide To Budget Travel: Earning a Free Flight

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Traveling around the globe as you see the incredible sights across countries, like the Machu Pichu, Christ the Redeemer, and the Stonehenge, clicking away memories to be cherished forever. Did we manage to paint a picture in your head? Did it inspire you to pack your bags and apply for leave at your workplace? Well, what if this picture could become even more beautiful with getting a free flight ticket? 

No, we are not making this up. It is indeed possible with Airmiles credit cards! 

One of the things that stop us all from fulfilling our travel dreams is the cost of doing it. Travelling can be expensive especially if you are planning a cross-country trip. The lodging, dining and flying expenses together can cost one a fortune if one is not adept with meticulous planning and saving tactics. But fret not! We are here to help you make your dreams a reality with the use of the best airmiles credit cards available in the market. There are many ways you, as a beginner, can save up and travel within a pre-decided budget, and getting airmiles credit cards is one of the first steps towards achieving that. 

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So, without further ado, let us look at some of the tips travelers across the globe vouch for when it comes to budget trips for a beginner:

1. Sign up for Airmiles credit cards:

Do your research and find the credit cards that offer the best airmiles and hotel rewards. This would entirely depend upon your preference- whether you wish to save up on flight costs in which case go for airmiles credit cards. It is better to stick to credit cards that provide at least 50,000 miles or points. 

2. Make sure to hit the card’s spending limit:

Carefully strategize on spending up to your airmiles credit cards’ limit in order to maximize the rewards you receive from your credit card.

3. Sign up for programs:

Sign up for as many frequent flyers and other rewards programs. These are mostly free and every time you stay at a new hotel or book with a new airline, you can earn credit by signing up. Never miss this opportunity as it reaps many benefits. Additionally, one can also check out the official website of the airline or hotel before making reservations to check their promotional offers and programs that can earn you miles or points.

4. Be regular:

As much as it is possible, try to stay at the same hotel or fly the same airline in order to get the most out of their loyalty programs. Even though it might not be possible to always fly in your favorite airline due to availability or even cost, but it pays to be a regular customer. The points you earn from the loyalty program add up much like the points in your airmilies credit cards and they can earn you free stay or free flight tickets! and also use the travel credit card for eco friendly travelling for beginners.

5. Carry no credit card debt:

You may be wondering as to why we have suddenly started talking about credit cards and debts, but credit cards are indeed the answer to budget travel. Being fiscally responsible will ensure that you do not put a dent in your budget. Start spending conservatively and earn a few free flights. Do not overburden yourself with airmiles credit cards if you are not financially secure enough to repay them. It would be against the goal of budget travel if you are sliding into debt.

6. Transfer points:

Try to pick airmiles credit cards that allow you to transfer your reward points. This way you can easily convert or transfer your reward points earned from lodging into your designated frequent flyers account and get the benefit of earning more points in the process.

7. Getting upgrades:

Most often it happens to be the case not many people wish to pay out of their pockets for a first-class ticket, so the majority of the companies award first-class seats to passengers who hold an elite status at the last minute. This elite status goes to passengers who are regular customers and fly often. So, being a part of the airlines’ loyalty program pays more than you think like in this case getting you the first-class upgrade at 50 to 60 percent lesser price. 

8. Free flights:

Good Airmiles credit cards and having no debt can do wonders in getting you a free flight. The first way is to simply sign up for the bonus of your new credit card. This will give you enough reward points to be able to afford your first free flight or at least close to it. Signing up for a new credit card can negatively affect your credit Score if you are already in credit card debt, so be wary of this. Another important thing to remember is that one should avoid getting a new credit card for the bonus and then closing it immediately afterward. It is best to get credit cards that you actually want to use in order to prevent running your credit score into the ground.

The best Airmiles Credit Cards in the United Arab Emirates:

To make it easier for you to pick the best credit cards offering the most rewarding programs, we have listed the best-reviewed airmiles credit cards in the UAE below-

  1. Emirates Citibank Ultima Credit Card.
  2. American Express Platinum Card.
  3. Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card.
  4. Emirates Citibank Ultimate Credit Card. 
  5. Emirates Islamic Skywards Infinite Credit Card

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The Bottom Line

Now is the time to give wings to your travel dreams by earning a free flight ticket simply by utilizing airmiles credit cards. Undoubtedly, you still have to pay for a lot of things while traveling but when it comes to booking your next flight ticket, your reward points can get you a free ticket without any extra efforts. So, sit back, tighten your seat belt and fly away to your dream destination!

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