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First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) is widely recognised as one of the most reputed banks in the UAE. This recognition primarily stems from the fact that its offers excellent financial products and services to both business and individual clients. As far as bank accounts are concerned, FAB has various offerings such as elite accounts, current accounts, savings accounts, overdrafts, and more.

FAB Personal Current Account is a popular account type providing numerous benefits to customers in an easy-to-access manner. To find out how you can manage your funds better with FAB Personal Current Account and utilise its benefits to the greatest possible extent, continue reading below.

Top Reasons to Choose FAB Personal Current Account

To begin with, here are the top reasons to open FAB Personal Current Account – 

  • Easily open your account in a few taps using the FAB website or mobile application without being required to visit a branch and standing in long queues
  • You can operate a FAB Personal Current Account through internet banking as well as the mobile application for swift and secured transactions
  • FAB Bank has an extensive network of ATMs and branches across the UAE that make daily banking convenient for everyone 
  • The daily ATM cash withdrawal limit is AED 15,000
  • Access to free chequebook, debit card, airport lounge access, and many more privileges

Benefits and Features of FAB Personal Current Account

FAB Personal Current Account offers the following benefits to enhance your banking experience as well as management of funds – 

  • Account Minimum Balance: You must maintain a minimum monthly balance of AED 3,000 in your FAB Personal Current account 
  • Instantly Open an Account: You can instantly open a FAB Personal Current Account using your Emirates ID
  • Currency: You can perform transactions in AED, USD, GBP, and all other major currencies through your FAB Personal Bank Account
  • Cheque Book & Debit Card: A FAB Personal Current Account user gets the first chequebook and a FAB Mastercard debit card for free 
  • Airport Lounge Access: The bank offers airport lounge access for free at select airports to the FAB Platinum Mastercard debit card holders 
  • Rewards: Earn FAB rewards on your transactions
  • Pay Bills: Accountholders can utilise the FAB rewards to make the payment for their bills 
  • Debit Card Limits: The daily cash withdrawal limits for the FAB Standard debit card and the FAB Platinum debit card are AED 15,000 and AED 20,000, respectively. The daily retail purchase retail limits for the FAB Standard debit card and the FAB Platinum debit card, on the other hand, are AED 20,000, and AED 40,000, respectively.
  • Debit Card Protection: You can have purchase protection or insurance coverage of up to USD 1,000 per year if the items that you order online using your debit card are not delivered within 30 days or are damaged during delivery. This coverage can also apply to cases where wrong items are delivered.
  • Interest Rates: FAB Personal Current Account does not offer interest on credit balances. Regarding debit balances, however, FAB has an interest rate of 19% per annum (at least AED 175 per month).
  • Application Process: Having your account opened is a highly convenient process with FAB, as you can simply scan the code available on the official website of FAB to apply for the FAB Personal Current Account with the FAB mobile app. You can also download the FAB mobile application on App Store, Google Play, and AppGallery as per your device.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the FAB Personal Current Account?

To apply for the FAB Personal Current Account, you must meet a few eligibility criteria as discussed below – 

  • Nationality: Both UAE nationals and residents can apply for the FAB Personal Current Account.
  • Employment Type: Self-employed and non-salaried individuals, as well as working professionals are eligible to apply for the FAB Personal Current Account.
  • Minimum Age Requirement: To open a FAB Personal Current Account, you must be at least 18 years old.

What are the Documents Required to Open the FAB Personal Current Account?

Prior to applying for the FAB Personal Current Account, keep the following documents handy – 

  • A duly completed and signed bank account opening form
  • A valid Emirates ID/passport/resident visa (original as well as copies) 
  • Income proof (such as your recent salary slip or income certificate from your current employer)

Note: Bank may ask you to submit more documents for verification if needed.

How to Apply for FAB Personal Current Account?

The application process for opening a FAB Personal Current Account is straightforward – you can quickly open the account with your Emirates ID. We will discuss the various modes through which you can open the FAB Personal Current Account – 

(1) FAB Mobile App: Download the FAB mobile application from the Google Play Store, Apple Store, or AppGallery as per your device. You can also use the scan code given on the official FAB website to download the application. 

Once downloaded, use your Emirates ID as per the instructions to open your account instantaneously. The benefits of applying for the FAB Personal Current Account through the FAB mobile app are as follows:

  • No paperwork required
  • Quick and instant approval
  • Facility to check your balance, send money, and earn rewards in a few taps

(2) Online Application: You can also use the online application mode to apply for the FAB Personal Current Account. All you need to do here is visit the official FAB website, go to the 'Bank Accounts' section, and click the 'Personal Current Bank Account' option. 

You will be redirected to the Personal Current Bank Account page, where you can find the lead form. Fill out this lead form with details like your name, contact number, email address, city of residence, monthly salary, and nationality. 

Once you submit the form, the bank will contact you within the next 24 hours for the remaining processes.

(3) Offline Application: To apply offline, an applicant has to visit a FAB bank branch with all the required documents and submit them along with the completed application form. After the verification is completed on the bank’s end, one of its representatives will connect with you to help you proceed with your application.

FAB Personal Current Account Fees

FAB Personal Current Account Charge Fees/Limit 
Account opening  Free
Minimum balance required AED 3,000
Monthly fees for breach of minimum balance AED 26.25 
Relationship fee Free
Non-receipt of salary Free
Payment of utility bills (online and ATM free) Free
Account closure  AED 105
Standing instruction setup AED 52.50
Penalty fee for insufficient funds for standing orders AED 26.25
Account balance letter AED 52.50
No liability certificate AED 63
Release letter AED 52.50
Liability letter issued to the government department or embassies AED 63
Liability letter issued to financial institutions AED 63
Statement  of  Account (per cycle) AED 26.25 outside the cycle
Teller services (6 free per month) AED 10 per transaction + 5% VAT
Safe deposit locker-deposit amount AED 3,000
Additional chequebook (10 leaves) AED 21
Additional chequebook (25 leaves) AED 26.25

Fees for Debit Card

Type of Charge Amount 
Using FAB ATMs across UAE Free
International transaction processing fee 2.1% of the transaction amount + scheme charges
Cash withdrawal from FAB ATMs Free
Fees for using an ATM outside the bank (per transaction) in the UAE AED 2.10
Fees for using an ATM outside the bank (per transaction) in the GCC AED 6.30
Fees for using an ATM outside the bank (per transaction) internationally AED 21
How the bank calculates interest on debit balances of FAB Personal Current Account?

The formula used by First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) for the calculation of interest on debit balance is ‘Daily Balance x 19% x number of days/360’

What is the minimum monthly account balance to be maintained in FAB Personal Current Account?

The account holder needs to maintain at least AED 3,000 or an equivalent amount in a permitted currency in their FAB Personal Current Account.

Do I get free teller transactions in the FAB Personal Current account?

Yes, you get up to 6 free teller transactions with your FAB Personal Current Account in a month.

What is the fall below charge if I don’t maintain the minimum monthly average balance in FAB Personal Current Account?

If a FAB Personal Current Account holder fails to maintain the minimum average balance, the bank charges a penalty of AED 26.25 per month.

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