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The National Bank of Fujairah (NBF) is a UAE-based financial institution that offers personal as well as corporate and commercial banking to UAE nationals and expatriates. Individuals who wish to open an account with NBF or already have an account can easily apply for debit cards. Separate debit cards are available for personal and business banking. 

As you go through the article below, you will gain an in-depth insight into the features/ benefits of NBF debit cards, NBF debit card offers, the process to apply for these cards, eligibility criteria, documents required, and more. 

Types of NBF Debit Cards Available and NBF Debit Card Offers 

Enlisted below are the different types of debit cards offered by NBF and all the NBF debit card offers associated with the respective cards – 

Personal Banking

There are two NBF debit cards available with personal banking – the classic debit card and the Platinum debit card: 

NBF Classic Debit Card

The following are the features and benefits of the NBF classic debit card –  

  • Users of the classic debit card get enhanced security as this type of debit card has a Chip and PIN and Visa payWave facility 
  • The NBF debit card is accepted across the globe at over 24 million visa-approved retailers for multiple purposes such as dining, shopping, entertainment, travel, and much more 
  • Enjoy additional discounts and offers using your NBF debit card for shopping, travel, entertainment, dining, and so forth 
  • Users of the NBF classic debit card can obtain free supplementary debit cards for their family members, with the same benefits offered as those with the primary debit card 
  • NBF customers can also link their debit cards with any NBF accounts they have when they use any of the NBF ATMs 
  • For any assistance regarding your NBF debit card, a mobile banking facility is available round the clock and seven days a week 
  • Free SMS alerts are also sent whenever users of NBF classic debit cards make payments via their debit cards 
  • Individuals can withdraw cash using their NBF debit cards from over 1.8 million ATMs across the world
  • Enjoy free ATM withdrawals and make balance enquiries at all ATMs in the UAE, including other banks’ ATMs 
  • Get bank account statements from the bank to track your NBF debit card transactions 

NBF Platinum Debit Card 

Given below are the benefits and features of the Platinum debit card for personal banking –  

  • Obtaining a Platinum debit card is an easy and hassle-free process 
  • NBF allows its customers to withdraw cash from both NBF ATMs and other banks’ ATMs for free 
  • Individuals can make NBF debit card balance enquiries from any ATM (NBF and non-NBF) without any additional charges 
  • The Platinum debit card is accepted across the world – users can shop, dine, and travel anywhere in the world as the card is operational at over 1.4 million ATM locations and over 28 million outlets 
  • Get free travel assistance with the NBF Platinum debit card. You can use the debit card to get free access to legal advice and emergency medical services up to 90 days of your journey, irrespective of your current location. 
  • Have a hassle-free shopping experience with the NBF debit card by availing of the Purchase Protection facility for any stolen, lost, or damaged goods purchased with this type of debit card 
  • Get platinum rewards and other privileges from gourmet restaurants, high-end retailers, and luxury travel partners across the globe 
  • Get an extended warranty period and extra security on goods purchased via the NBF debit card. This feature doubles the original warranty period stated by the manufacturer. 
  • Customers of NBF Platinum debit cards can also apply for supplementary debit cards. Notably, family members of the cardholders can also enjoy the same benefits as primary cards using their supplementary cards. 
  • Users of NBF Platinum debit cards can keep track of their daily spending and transactions. They can check their payment details through SMS alerts (sent after every transaction on the customer’s registered mobile number), at ATMs, or even in their monthly bank account statements. 
  • The NBF debit card comes with a Chip & PIN and Visa payWave facilities to ensure the utmost security
  • Speed up debit card transactions of up to AED 300 with the convenience of the ‘Tap to pay' feature
  • Individuals can link their multiple NBF accounts with NBF Platinum debit cards when using any NBF ATM 
  • Mobile banking services at the National Bank of Fujairah are active 24*7. Get an instant banking solution or access to your NBF account with the NBF Direct online banking or NBF Direct App. 

NBF Debit Card

Business Banking

For business banking, only a Platinum debit card is available for applicants. 

Business Platinum Debit Card

Refer to the points mentioned below for the features and benefits of the Platinum debit card for business purposes – 

  • This NBF debit card is convenient and secure to use 
  • Customers of business Platinum debit cards get higher ATM limits and point of sale limits to meet their monthly financial requirements 
  • The business Platinum debit card is equipped with a 3D Secure feature that allows its customers to do online and in-store hassle-free shopping and make authenticated payments 
  • The National Bank of Fujairah allows Platinum debit card users to withdraw cash and make balance enquiries for free in all ATMs (including other banks’ ATMs as well) 
  • Enjoy exciting offers and discounts with the business Platinum debit card, such as cashback on online supermarket spending, cashback on movie tickets, staycation deals at hotels and resorts, discounts on dining, shopping, entertainment, and more 

Eligibility Criteria for NBF Debit Cards

Any UAE national or an ex-pat with an NBF account can apply for NBF debit cards. 

Documents Required for NBF Debit Cards

Individuals already having an account with NBF are not required to present any documents for debit cards separately. Thus, one can consider the following list of documents required to open an NBF bank account – 

  • A valid copy of your passport
  • A valid copy of residency visa (applicable to expatriates)
  • A valid certified copy of your Emirates ID 
  • Valid proof of income, such as a salary certificate or bank account statements

How to Apply for NBF Debit Cards?

There are three different ways through which you can apply for NBF debit cards for both personal banking and business purposes –  

Via Policybazaar.ae

You can visit our website to seamlessly purchase NBF debit cards at the best terms and conditions. After you are on the policybazaar.ae home page, head to the ‘credit card’ section, fill out the lead form, and proceed with the further on-screen prompted instructions. 

Via Provider’s Website

  • Open the official website of the National Bank of Fujairah 
  • On the homepage, choose ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’ from the menu as per your requirement 
  • Select the type of NBF debit card you want
  • Once you are directed to the next page, tap on the ‘Apply Now’ button 
  • Provide all the essential details and click on the ‘Send Enquiry’ button 
  • After your query is sent, the bank will contact you for further processing

By Visiting the National Bank of Fujairah Branch

You can go to the nearest bank branch of NBF and have a one-on-one conversation with one of the bank’s representatives regarding the process of applying for an NBF debit card. You can then fill out the application form offline and carry out further processes as per the given instructions. 

How to Generate NBF Debit Card PIN? 

In order to get your NBF debit card PIN, you can contact the relevant bank authorities at 8008623. 

How to Change NBF ATM Card PIN?

You can get connected with the NBF representatives to find out the process of changing your debit card PIN by dialling 8008623. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest branch of the National Bank of Fujairah and have an in-person consultation with a concerned individual. 

Cash Limit Per Day for NBF Debit Cards

The cash limit per day is listed below for both Classic and Platinum debit cards –  

Classic Debit Card

The daily cash withdrawal limit and transaction limit for purchases are AED 5,000. 

Platinum Debit Card 

The daily cash withdrawal limit and transaction limit for purchases are AED 15,000.

Fee Charges of NBF Debit Cards 

Tabled below are the various fees and charges of NBF debit cards –  

Debit Card Charges  NBF Priority Banking (Platinum Debit Card) NBF Preferred Banking (Classic Debit Card)  NBF Personal Banking (Classic Debit Card) 
Annual Fee Free Free Free
Supplementary Fee 3 free cards – Additional card AED 25 3 free cards – Additional card AED 25  First card free –  Additional card AED 25
PIN Replacement  Free via mobile banking/call centre/ NBF direct Free via mobile banking/call centre/ NBF direct Free via mobile banking/call centre/ NBF direct
Card Replacement  Free AED 25 AED 25
Copy of Sales Slip  AED 25 AED 25 AED 25
Processing Fee for Foreign Currency Transaction  2% 2% 2%

How to Check NBF Debit Card Balance? 

Customers of the National Bank of Fujairah can check their NBF debit card balances through various banking channels, such as via ATMs, SMS notifications, or monthly debit card statements.  

What to do If NBF Debit Card is Lost?

Make sure to inform the bank and your nearest police station immediately in case your NBF debit card is lost or stolen. It is crucial to block your card as soon as possible to avoid any misuse or unauthorised transaction. To block the card or replace the stolen/lost NBF debit card, call the bank immediately at 8008623.

Jump on to the final section of the article to get answers to some frequently asked questions!


Does the National Bank of Fujairah charge extra for using its Visa Platinum debit cards outside UAE?

The first two international ATM withdrawals are free each month. However, an additional charge is levied as stated by the country in which you make a cash withdrawal afterwards.

How to find the extended warranty period of NBF debit cards?

You can simply get in touch with the concerned bank authority at 80004413487 (toll-free number) or +97143611234 (International direct dialling).

Is there an additional charge for obtaining a supplementary classic debit card for personal banking?

Yes, if you want to get a supplementary classic debit card for personal banking, you would be required to pay a fee of AED 25.

How to ensure the utmost security for NBF debit cards to avoid any authorised transactions?

Keep the following points in mind if you are an NBF debit card holder – 

  • Make sure not to share your 4-digit ATM PIN with anyone
  • Don’t write down your PIN – set up a PIN that is easy to remember instead
  • Ensure to shield the ATM keypad while entering your 4-digit PIN at ATMs
  • Keep changing your ATM PIN at certain frequencies
What are the features of an NBF business debit card?

Given below are the salient features of an NBD business debit card – 

  • The business platinum debit card is easy to use and to make instant transactions, and is highly secure
  • Get a higher ATM limit and point of sale limit
  • Avail of a free ATM withdrawal facility and make free balance enquiries in all ATMs
  • Get amazing NBF debit card offers and discounts
Does the National Bank of Fujairah provide PINs while delivering debit cards to their customers?

No, the financial institution does not provide a PIN during the delivery of an NBF debit card. After receiving the debit card, you would be required to call the bank at 8008623 to generate a 4-digit PIN or visit your nearest bank branch to carry out the process in person. 

Are there any daily transaction limits for NBF debit cards offered for personal banking? 

Yes, if you are an NBF Classic debit card holder, the daily transaction limit is AED 5000. For Platinum debit card holders, on the other hand, the limit is AED 15,000. 

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