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Citibank began its journey in the UAE in 1964 with its first branch in Dubai, with its next branch opening in 1971. Currently, the bank is a leading provider of consumer credit facilities and banking accounts and has 4 branches in the UAE, 1 smart centre, 3 Citigold lounges, and around 39 ATMs in the network. 

The bank has been delivering top-notch banking services in the UAE for a long time, with one such product of the bank being the Citibank debit card. The Citibank debit cards come complimentary when you open a personal savings account with the bank. 

This write-up will offer insights into the structure of Citibank debit cards and look into some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the same.

Types of Citibank Debit Cards Available 

Given below are the types of Citibank debit cards – 

Citibank Mastercard Debit Card 

To start with, here are the key features of the Citibank Mastercard debit card

Key Features 

  • Tap and Go – You can save time with the help of this contactless feature available on this Citibank debit card, as it eliminates the need to carry cash and calculate the amount to be paid.
  • Citibank Global Wallet – With this feature, you can make transactions in 9 different currencies and avoid currency conversion charges. You can enable your Citibank Global Wallet on the mobile banking application. 
  • Flexible Transaction Limit –  This Citibank debit card will also allow you to define the monthly transaction limit and control your monthly expenses. You can fix a limit of up to AED 100,000 per month. To activate this service, you would simply need to log in to the mobile banking application or call the 24-hour banking service.
  • Options of Online and Mobile Banking – You can check your bank balance and account information, transfer funds, pay utility bills, or perform online trading using the online and mobile banking features. 
  • Globally Acceptable – This Citibank debit card can be used worldwide at your convenience.

CitiPhone Banking

  • Unlimited Airport Lounge Access – One can enjoy access to more than 9,000 airport lounges worldwide along with complimentary LoungeKey membership available with this Citibank debit card. Please note that this facility is available for Citigold Private Clients. 

You can also access over 25 airport lounges in the Middle East using this Citibank debit card. 

Citibank Debit Card Offers –

Citi World Privileges 

With a Citibank Mastercard debit card, you can enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with offers across dining, fashion, entertainment, electronics, spas, and hotels. 

  • You can get a great discount of 20% on all restaurants, fine dining, cafe and delights, and more
  • 20% off on some of the best bars in Dubai 
  • Attractive deals on the top-rated hotels in Dubai
  • Major discounts on facilities related to beauty, health, spa, and entertainment 

Citigold Privileges  

With Citigold status, you can experience the ultimate luxury in leading hotels worldwide, complimentary lounges, restaurants, spas, entertainment clubs, and more. 

  • You can get unlimited bonuses when you refer your friends 
  • You can avail of the lifestyle privileges like golf benefits and a complimentary debit card 

Mastercard Priceless Experiences 

With a Citibank debit card, you can access exclusive offers in several cities across the world.

Citibank Debit Card

Citibank Visa Debit Card

Listed below are the key features of this Citibank debit card – 

  • Exclusive discounts at leading retail outlets
  • Worldwide acceptance (across more than 30 nations) – you can use this feature with Citibank Global Wallet
  • Flexible Limit – option to set the limit for your Citibank debit card using the mobile banking app or online. The maximum limit for the same is AED 100,000.
  • CitiPhone Banking – With this Citibank debit card, you can access the round-the-clock CitiPhone banking services. Using this, you can easily check your account balance, report a fraudulent transaction, or stolen card, define the retail limit, and more. 
  • Online and Mobile Banking Service – You can seamlessly utilise mobile banking and online banking features to check your account information, perform transactions, do online trading, pay bills, and more.
  • ‘Tap and Go’ to eliminate the inconvenience of carrying cash

Other features include – 

  • Chip and PIN Security – Like other Citibank debit cards, the Visa debit card comes with an in-built chip and PIN technology. This feature can enhance your card security, as you would need to enter the PIN to complete the transaction using your debit card. 
  • Zero Loss Liability – You can easily block your stolen or lost Citibank debit card by reporting the same to the bank immediately.
  • Fraud Early Warning System (FEWS) – This is an additional security feature that keeps your Citibank debit card secure while you shop, dine, make payments, or perform other retail transactions. The FEWS regulates the transactions completed using the debit card to ensure the utmost security.

Eligibility Criteria for Citibank Debit Cards 

The following are the eligibility criteria for a Citibank debit card – 

  • The applicant should be a UAE national or an expatriate
  • The applicant must have a savings account in Citibank

Documents Required for Citibank Debit Cards 

Since you would require a bank account to apply for the Citibank debit card, the documents needed are the same as those required while opening a savings account. In that light, you can keep the following documents available to apply for the account/debit card – 

  • Emirates ID
  • A copy of the passport or any of the following documents – 
    • Valid UAE driving licence
    • Online labour card copy
    • Last 3 months' utility bills
    • Bank statement for the last 3 months
    • A copy of the current tenancy contract or a copy of Ejari (displaying the local address)
    • A copy of the employment card issued by the local or federal government

How to Apply for Citibank Debit Cards? 

Discussed below are some points that you need to keep in mind while applying for Citibank debit card –

  • The bank will review all the supporting papers that you submit. Within a day of opening your account, you will receive a welcome letter and a confirmation SMS if you have been accepted.
  • When you receive your debit card, you would be required to activate it and sign up for Citibank Online to take advantage of faster and more affordable international services.
  • You will be automatically signed up to get E-statements on the email address you provide. This is a beneficial feature as it would allow you to keep tabs on your monthly spending.

How to Activate Citibank Debit Card? 

You can activate the Citibank debit card by following the procedure given below – 

  • Log into Citibank’s online or mobile banking account
  • Click on the “Activate Card” option
  • Provide your card information and enter the 6-digit number that you receive on the registered mobile number
  • Click on the “Activate Your Card Now” tab

How to Change Citibank ATM Card Pin?

You may simply forget the PIN of your Citibank debit card or discover some unauthorised purchases made with it. In such scenarios, you should immediately modify the PIN of your ATM card. You can use the closest ATM operated by Citibank to complete this process. However, while creating a new PIN, make sure that it is easy to remember.

Fees and Charges  

You can expect the following charges with your Citibank debit card –

Citibank Debit Card Fees Citibank Account Holder Citigold Account Holder Citigold Private Client
Issuance Fee/Annual Membership Fee Free Free Free 
Replacement Fee AED 25 Free Free
Supplementary Card Issuance Fee AED 25 Free Free
PIN Maintenance Fee AED 25 AED 25 Free
Citibank ATM Transactions in the UAE or Abroad Free Free Free
Non-Citibank ATM Transaction Abroad USD 5 per transaction 1 Free transaction per month, USD 5 for each additional transaction Free
Non-Citibank ATM Transaction in the UAE AED 2 per transaction Free Free
Copy of Sales Slip AED 25 AED 25 Free 

What to Do If the Citibank Debit Card is Lost? 

In case the customer loses their Citibank debit card, they would need to take the following precautions – 

  • Immediately report the loss, theft, or a case of disclosed PIN to Citibank’s designated executives by connecting with them on 04-3114000 or visiting the nearest branch. Besides this, you should report the theft to the police of the country in which the incident occurred.
  • If the customer informs the bank about the incident verbally, it should be backed by a written notice and submitted to the bank within 48 hours of the verbal reporting. 
  • Once the customer has reported the incident, it is upon the bank’s discretion if they want to issue a replacement Citibank debit card in case of misplacement or theft, or provide a new PIN in case the PIN is disclosed to a third party. 
  • In case the lost or stolen Citibank debit card is recovered by the customer, they would be required to return it to the bank and cut it in half without using it. They cannot use the PIN once they report a case of disclosure of the PIN.

Note – The customer will be responsible for any unauthorised transaction made using the stolen or misplaced Citibank debit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Citibank Mastercard debit cards?

Here are a few benefits of a Citibank debit card –

  • Contactless transactions
  • Access to more than 900 international airport lounges
  • Transactions in multiple currencies (up to 9 currencies)
  • Prevents overspending


What are the significant features of Citibank debit cards?

The following are the main features of Citibank's debit cards –

  • Online and mobile banking
  • Flexible spending limit of up to AED 100,000
  • Global acceptability
  • CitiPhone banking
What is a Citibank debit card?

A debit card is a type of payment card that enables easy and safe online payments or electronic fund transfers from the cardholder's bank account. You can also receive mini-statements and check your bank balance with a debit card at an ATM.

What is the chip and PIN feature in Citibank debit cards?

The debit cards are equipped with Chip and PIN technology which requires you to provide the PIN to complete your transactions. It provides extra security while you perform your transactions. 

Can you use the Citigold lounge if you report a stolen or misplaced Citibank debit card and waiting for a replacement card?

You cannot access the Citigold lounge without your debit card as the lounge would not be able to check the authenticity as a customer of the LoungeKey program without swiping your card. 

What does Fraud Early Warning System mean?

You can use your Citibank Debit Card with confidence for any retail purchase, including dining out, paying bills, and shopping. This is because your Citibank Debit Card is regularly monitored by its Fraud Early Warning Device, a cutting-edge system that helps prevent fraudulent use.

Is Citibank Mastercard debit card accepted everywhere?

The Citibank debit card can be conveniently and safely used across the globe. 

What are the limits for Citibank debit cards?

Your monthly expenditure caps can be set up with your Citibank Debit Card. You can set a monthly spending cap of up to AED 100,000 and shop to your heart's content. For this, you can call their 24-hour CitiPhone Banking Service at +971 4 311 4000.

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