Updating Emirates ID Details with Bank

You may have received a call or two from your bank about Emirates ID updates recently. Thanks to the new KYC regulations set by the Central Bank of the UAE, you are required to update your Emirates ID details with your bank if you have made any recent updates or renewed your emirates ID. The traditional method of doing so is by going to one of the nearest branches of your bank and submitting an update request. However, there are a few better ways to do it now. This brief piece covers everything you need to know about Emirates ID updates for banks. From the reason for this mandatory update to the repercussions of not providing the updates and the ways to update the details, everything is covered below. 

Why Do You Need to Update Your Emirates ID with Your Bank?

As of February 28, 2019, the Central Bank of the UAE has made it mandatory for all banking customers to update their Emirates ID details in the bank database. This applies to all banks operating in the UAE whether regional or international. All banks have been instructed to spread awareness about the same among their customer for the same as well. Not complying with the same will result in the suspension of several services as instructed by the Central Bank of the UAE. 

Repercussions of Not Updating Emirates ID

As mentioned above, not updating your Emirates ID details with your bank will result in certain restrictions and suspension of banking service. Given below is the complete list for the same:

  • Suspension of Credit and Debit Cards: All your debit and credit cards associated with the account that do not have updated Emirates ID linked to them will be suspended. The suspension will remain effective until you update the Emirates ID and the bank verifies all the required details. The guidelines for the suspension have been released by the Central Bank of the UAE itself.  
  • Restriction on Cash Withdrawals: Cash withdrawals using your debit card or credit cards will also be restricted for the time being. This service will also resume after uploading and having your Emirates ID verified by your bank. 
  • Restriction on Performing Transactions: Other transactions like online payments, in-store purchases, POS transfers and fund transfers will also remain suspended. You can enjoy these services yet again once the Emirates ID is all set as per the requirements set by the Central Bank of the UAE. 

Note that other services such as bank account payments, auto-payments, car cancellation requests, auto-debit maintenance will still be active. However, the exact list of permitted services may differ for each bank. In a nutshell, any kind of card payment or withdrawal will remain suspended. 

How to Check Emirates ID Status

How Can You Update Your Emirates ID Details with Your Bank?

Several ways can be adapted to update your emirates with your bank. Below are some of the easiest and fastest ways to update your Emirates ID details without visiting the bank itself:

Via Bank ATMs 

  • Go to the nearest ATM of your bank and insert your credit/debit card into the machine. 
  • Enter the authentication PIN and move ahead.
  • Go to the profile section or request section from here. The name of this particular option may differ for each bank. 
  • Select the option to update your emirates ID here.
  • Take out the ATM card and insert your Emirates ID in its place. 
  • The ATM will scan the details and present them on the screen. 
  • Verify the details and confirm the submission. 

Via Mobile Applications or Net Banking 

  • If your bank has its own mobile banking application, open it and log in using your credentials. 
  • Go to your profile and find the option to update emirates ID details. 
  • Scan the front and back of your Emirates ID and upload the data. 
  • Once the scanned data has been verified and approved by the bank, you will get a notification on your registered mobile number. Your update process is complete here. 

Via Customer Support Cell

  • Call the customer support cell of your bank using the provided toll-free number by the bank.
  • Enquire whether you can update the Emirates ID details via the support cell and ask about the process.
  • Follow the steps that the customer care executive suggests. 
  • Send the scanned picture of your Emirates ID by the suggested means. 
  • The executive will submit your update request. Once the bank approves it, you will get a notification on your registered number. 
Uses of Emirates ID

When Will the Services Resume After Updating Emirates ID?

The time of having your services resumed will depend entirely on your bank’s verification process. If the verification is done immediately, the services may be resumed within 24-48 hours. If it takes longer, getting your privileges may take some extra time. The resuming of services will be at the bank’s discretion.  

What if Your Emirates Is Undergoing Renewal Process?

You may be in the process of getting your Emirates ID renewed at the moment and haven’t updated the details of the old one yet. In such a case, you can provide your bank with the Emirates ID number of your current Emirates ID card with its expiry date. And once you get your Emirates ID renewed, provide the bank with your details. The same applies in case you just came to the UAE and are yet to receive your Emirates ID. You can use your bank’s ATMs, mobile application, website, internet banking portal, official email id or customer support cell for this. 


Q1: How can I send my Emirates ID updates to my bank?

Ans: You can update your Emirates ID details by visiting the bank, via mobile banking app, via the website of the bank, via the net banking portal or by using an ATM of your bank. 

Q2: What happens if I am not able to update my Emirates ID details?

Ans: Your credit and debit cards with your bank will be suspended for the time being. The services that involve direct use of the card will also be suspended. 

Q3: When will I be required to update Emirates ID details with my bank?

Ans: If you have made any recent updates to your Emirates ID or have renewed it recently, you will need to update the details with your bank. If the record of your Emirates ID details with your bank is incomplete or non-existent, you will have to update the details with the bank. 

Q4: When will my cards get unblocked after updating my Emirates ID details with the bank?

Ans: It may take at least 24-48 hours for your suspended services to get resumed after the updates. The duration may differ for each bank. 

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