Salary Certificate in the UAE

Among the various documents you submit during a bank account application, a salary certificate is a mandatory proof. A salary certificate is not only required for account application but also for various loans and credit card applications in the UAE. It is basically proof of your employment with your current employer, the duration you have worked with the company and your income status. To obtain a salary certificate, you need to request your employer, who then provides various details regarding your employment, designation, salary structure and job duration on the company’s letterhead. The certificate acts a legal proof of your income and employment for all official purposes in the UAE. The following article gives details about the benefits, format and uses of the salary certificate in the UAE. 

What is a Salary Certificate?

In a broader term, a salary certificate is an official document from your employer that produces the details of your employment, income and the duration for which you have worked with your current employer. The company follows a set salary certificate format while including all the relevant details on the letterhead. The paper is then attested and rubber-stamped by the company’s signatory authority. A salary certificate is a general document not addressed to a specific organisation and can be used for numerous purposes.

Once all your details are filled in and signed, the certificate serves as a legal and official document for your employment with a particular company. With this certificate, you can apply for bank accounts and credit cards or get loan approvals along with other credit services. 

Why do banks in the UAE need a salary certificate?

While opening a salary account specifically, the bank requires a salary certificate issued by your employer. With this certificate, the bank verifies your income, employment status and how stable you have been in your job. Depending on your salary and the expenses mentioned in your certificate, you can enjoy various banking services and privileges. 

In the case of loan applications such as car, house or personal loans in the UAE, the bank determines your ability to repay the loans. With a better salary and fewer expenses, you pose a lower risk to the bank, and it can approve your loans easily. Similarly, when you open a bank account, you need to maintain a minimum balance and be able to pay various charges depending on the bank account. A salary certificate provides a documented detail of your earning and employment status to the bank. 

Apart from the bank account and loan services, your salary certificate can also be used during disputes regarding your employment and salary with the institution since your employer signs and stamps the document.

Importance of Salary Certificates for You as an Employee

A salary certificate is one of the most important documents you will need for financial and banking services. All the banks in the UAE, whether local or international, require your salary certificate before processing your application. As a documented proof from your employer, the salary certificate also acts as a legal document in the UAE. Additionally, financial institutions won’t process your request for a personal loan without reviewing your salary certificate. 

As an employee, you are under a contract with your employer and the salary certificate serves as proof to banks and other financial institutions about your employment status. Not only this, but you may also need the certificate to buy insurance plans and to avail yourself of numerous credit services in the UAE. 

Benefits of Salary Certificates in the UAE

A salary certificate has several benefits for an employee in the UAE. Using the certificate, an individual can apply for various bank accounts, loans and other financial services. Since the document is attested and stamped by the company you are employed with, banks and other financial institutions can use it to assess your financial situation and the amount of risk you pose to the bank while acquiring a loan. Common benefits of salary certificates in the UAE are as follows: 

  • A salary certificate acts as proof of your employment and income and is trusted by banks across the UAE. 
  • With the certificate, the bank reviews your job details and can decide whether to offer loans or not, depending on repayment capabilities. 
  • It also proves that you are an employed individual with a regular salary and are capable of repaying your loans and debts. 
  • While applying for executive programs at various universities, you may need to submit your salary certificate, depicting your designation and income. You may also need to present your certificate during your visa application. 
  • In case you don’t receive your salary slips, the salary certificate acts as proof of your monthly income. 

What is the difference between a salary certificate and a salary slip?

Individuals often get confused between the salary certificate and the salary slip. While a salary certificate is an attested document of your total earnings and your designation in an organisation, a salary slip lists down your monthly earnings and deductions such as provident fund, insurance and more. 

A salary certificate acts as your employment proof and is accepted by government organisations, banks and other financial institutions. Additionally, you can request a salary certificate from your employer for a specific purpose such as bank account opening or loan application. While your employer issues a salary slip as a receipt of your monthly salary, it does not act as documented proof. However, some banks may consider salary slips to verify your income during a credit card application in the UAE. 

Format of a Salary Certificate in the UAE

The salary certificate format is not fixed. Depending on the details asked by the bank, you can request the certificate format from your employer. However, there are some common requirements that need to be mentioned in your salary certificate as mentioned below. 

  • Date of issuance of the salary certificate
  • Name of the employee as per the employer’s record
  • Gender and age of the employee
  • Designation held in the organisation
  • Job profile of the employee including the department that the employee is working in the organisation
  • Date of joining the organisation
  • Gross and net salaries mentioned separately 
  • Housing rent, transportation and utility allowances
  • Perks and benefits offered by the company
  • Name and contact details of the authority or the HR professional signing the certificate

What does the Attestation of Salary Certificate Mean?

For a few specific purposes such as loan and bank account application or sponsoring a family member, the government authorities require wage proof. A salary certificate acts as proof of your income and employment, which must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE and the Consulate General of your home country. While getting your salary certificate attested by the government authorities, you need to carry the following documents.

  • An original passport of the individual applying for attestation, along with the first and last page photocopy of the passport
  • An original salary certificate issued by your employer and its photocopy

The process of attesting your salary certificate involves a fee, and during the procedure, you need to be physically present on the site. The authorities may ask for additional documents based on the documents you submit.


A salary certificate is a crucial document for various official purposes, including opening a bank account or applying for a loan in the UAE. Most financial institutions in the UAE have their own salary certificate format. However, they need to include more or less the same information as mentioned in the article above. An employee can reach out to their HR department and request a salary certificate in the format prescribed by the bank or financial institution.

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