Open Instant Bank Account Online in UAE

Open Your Bank Account Instantly in UAE Online in Just a Few Clicks!

ADCB, in 2019, launched an instant bank account opening application- ADCB Hayyak. This application was launched to help individuals conveniently and securely open ADCB bank accounts. While this application makes it easy to open any ADCB bank account, it limits your options for bank accounts.

Undoubtedly, the bank offers the best accounts with convenient services. However, you can always look out for options when it comes to bank accounts. This is where Policybazaar UAE comes into the scene. 

Here are some comparative insights into opening an online bank account via ADCB Hayyak and Policybazaar UAE. 

ADCB Hayyak

Policybazaar UAE

You can open only ADCB bank accounts with this mobile application 

With Policybazaar UAE, you can choose bank accounts from different financial institutions in the country, including ADCB 

This application works only for its ADCB customers 

Anybody can use this website to open an instant bank account in the UAE

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