National Bank of Fujairah(NBF) Statement in UAE

National Bank of Fujairah, or NBF, was founded in 1982 and is one of the leading banks in the UAE offering both conventional and Shariah-compliant banking services. The bank is also known for its seamless banking services on both online and offline platforms.

NBF has extended its real-time banking services on online platforms via online banking and mobile application. With these platforms, you can easily access all your important banking documents such as NBF account statements, all within a few clicks.

If you have an NBF account, you can easily download your bank statements (valid for both the NBF savings account and the NBF current account). Read on to learn more about how you can download NBF statements.

What to Expect in NBF Statements in UAE?

NBF statements are necessary documents for all NBF account holders. Whether you hold an NBF current account or a savings one, you will receive your monthly, quarterly, or yearly bank statement.

With these statements, you, this bank account holder, can get details regarding your debits and credits, account number, account type, closing balances, contact information, bank contact details, and so forth. These statements can be considered a summary of your account activity for the specified period and are essential to understand the inflows and outflows of cash.

How to Get an NBF Statement via Online Banking?

Getting an NBF statement for your NBF bank account is pretty easy with NBF direct online banking. All you have to do is open the NBF direct online banking page and follow the given steps -

  • Log into your account after choosing the ‘personal banking’ option.
  • Locate the option for ‘e-statement’ from the main menu.
  • Fill in the required details - this may include the frequency of the statement and more.
  • Depending on the available options, you can then easily register for periodic e-statements or download one.

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How to Get an NBF Statement via Mobile Banking?

Besides NBF online banking, you can also use NBF mobile banking to download your e-statements from the NBF Direct app by following the given steps -

  • Download the NBF Direct app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Once done, log in using the same username and password as used for online banking.
  • After you are logged in, search the menu and locate the option for ‘e-statements’.
  • Enter the specified details like the specific period, the download format, and more.
  • As per the options, you would be able to register for regular NBF bank account statements at a certain frequency or download them whenever you wish. 

How to Get an NBF Statement via WhatsApp?

The National Bank of Fujairah doesn’t currently provide WhatsApp banking services. You can, however, reach out to the bank’s 24-hour customer support at 8008NBF(623) to get more bank-related details.

Benefits of NBF Statements

Here are the major benefits of NBF bank statements -

  • NBF statements display all your transaction history for the specified period and cover every detail with respect to your account - from balances to settlements and more.
  • As all your major transactions are recorded, you can have an overview of your spending pattern over the months. With this information, you can see where you need to curb your spending and make changes to your monthly financial budget accordingly.
  • With your NBF bank statement, you can easily identify fraud or errors by making a comparison of the statement with your records. In case of any error or fraudulent activity, you can instantly connect with the bank and take the necessary steps.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I print my NBF e-statement?

Ans: Yes, you can always print your e-statement after downloading it on your PC or mobile.

Q2. Can I get my bank statements offline too?

Ans: You can visit your nearest branch of NBF or call the customer care service at 8008NBF(623) to know more about offline bank statements.

Q3. Will I receive an OTP on registration with NBF direct online banking preview?

Ans: Yes, you must enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number. The OTP verification helps in ensuring a safe login to NBF online banking.

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