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A leading Islamic bank in the UAE, ADIB is based out in Abu Dhabi and is vouched for its impeccable banking solutions related to personal banking, corporate banking, and more. The financial products provided by the bank include personal bank accounts, credit and debit cards, Takaful, financing, business accounts, etc. 

Besides these, ADIB also allows you to open bank accounts like current accounts, savings accounts, Ghina savings accounts, electron accounts, Ghina salary accounts, short-term investment accounts, investment deposit accounts, and more. Among these options is the ADIB Smartbanking account which offers bountiful bonuses and rewards. 

This article will help you discover more about what is Smartbanking account, how to open ADIB Smartbanking Account, and the features and the benefits offered by this account. However, we will first explore this question:

What is moneysmart?

moneysmart is a digital community developed by the ADIB Bank to bring together people with different financial experiences and allow them to exchange their knowledge about the same. With this digital platform, you can get in touch with active members across the globe and get insights into financial trends. 

When you join this community, you can view product reviews and expert reviews before making new investments. You can even avail of smartbonus when you participate in the community. Individuals opening an ADIB Smartbanking account can easily participate in the moneysmart community. 

ADIB Smartbanking Account: An Overview

ADIB Smartbanking account, reportedly the world’s first digital Islamic bank account, is a savings account only meant for personal use that allows you to save in AED. It is usually focused on technology-savvy people who prefer a convenient online banking experience. This account has a social community network where you can exchange ideas and get updates on the recent market trends. 

With this account, you can participate in the moneysmart community and avail yourself of rewards and bonuses for being an active member. This banking account will allow you to enjoy easy online banking and even view monthly e-statements via your emails. 

Features of ADIB Smartbanking Account

The following are the key features of the smartbanking account:

  • Both UAE nationals and expatriates are eligible to open this account
  • There is no requirement for a minimum balance
  • You get a free debit card upon ADIB Smartbanking account opening
  • You can earn profits on your saved funds
  • You can earn a smartbonus when you refer a friend to ADIB Smartbanking
  • The debit card can be customised as per your financial requirements 
  • You can block, freeze, or re-issue the cards and regulate the spending/withdrawal limits immediately
  • You must be earning at least AED 5,000 per month or be a student between the ages of 18 and 24 years 
  • You can manage this account using the latest Smartbanking application 
  • You don’t need to visit the ADIB branch for the on-boarding process, as you can open the account digitally and receive a welcome pack delivered for free

Benefits of ADIB Smartbanking Account

Mentioned below are the advantages of opening an ADIB Smartbanking Account:

  1. You can transfer your salary to this account and win rewards via the ADIB salary bonus scheme
  2. You can avail of high discounts when you use the ADIB Smartbanking card for ADIB Smart deals application 
  3. Individuals can earn more rewards for being a member of the ADIB moneysmart community
  4. You get a free debit card and chequebook at your doorsteps for free 
  5. One can easily withdraw cash at any of the ADIB ATMs with Smartbanking mobile application
  6. You get the option to easily transfer funds to any UAE bank accounts using your mobile number
  7. Users can earn attractive profits on every Dirham available in the account
  8. With smartdeals, you can avail of more than 1,500 deals and discounts 
  9. You earn a bonus of AED 20 for referring a friend or by being active in the moneysmart community 
  10. You can send money home if you are an expatriate, with this banking account offering one free domestic and international transfer every month
  11. There is a facility of Expressfinance for select customers with ADIB Smartbanking accounts and salary transfer accounts. Its benefits are:
  • You qualify for personal finance for amounts up to AED 3 million 
  • You can customise the repayment amount as per your requirements
  • You can easily apply for a personal loan using your mobile phone
  • You can monitor and redeem the Sukuks allocated to you with National Bonds
  • You can avail of a finance amount of up to AED 100,000 within two hours
  • The entire financing process is paperless and quick 

Eligibility Criteria for Opening an ADIB Smartbanking Account

For salaried people, the eligibility criteria are:

  • Minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 per month 
  • You must be a salaried professional, a business owner, or a partner in a firm

Other people who can apply for the same:

  • Housewives (including housewives with Visas)
  • Students (with valid student ID) aged under 24 years

Documents Required to open an ADIB Smartbanking Account

The following are the documents necessary to open a smartbanking account:

  • Original passport
  • Emirates ID (for nationals and residents)
  • Valid residence Visa
  • Banking service agreement 

Ways to Utilise ADIB Smartbanking Account

  • You can open the smartbanking account online simply by filling out the online form and submitting the required documents
  • You can schedule an appointment to avail of your free debit card at a convenient time
  • Download the mobile application and monitor your account even when you travel
  • Co-create and earn smartbonus by participating in the moneysmart community. You can earn rewards even for referring a friend.
  • Once the account is set up, you can enjoy simple and smooth online banking and get your e-statements in your mail 


ADIB, the Islamic Bank based in Abu Dhabi, offers various banking and financial solutions. Its recently launched moneysmart community, a digital network of active members, is beneficial for those wishing to learn about managing funds using financial education programs. You can use the account to get market updates and even connect with experts for financial planning. 

One of the main offerings of this initiative is the ADIB Smartbanking account, which is a digital savings account that enables tech-savvy people to avail of banking services easily. What sets the ADIB Smartbanking account apart from the mainstream accounts is that you can customise your debit card according to your financial acumen. With the ADIB Smartbanking account, you can avail of smartbonus, referral rewards, and more by participating in the moneysmart community.

The account can be opened by both salaried and non-salaried groups in UAE. Students aged between 18 and 24 years can also open an account to manage their finances conveniently, while salaried employees earning above AED 5,000 per month can do the same for the ADIB Smartbanking account.

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