How to Open ADCB Zero Balance Account Online?

ADCB zero balance account or the Active Saver account is a hassle-free way to boost your savings by earning a decent interest on them. This zero balance account allows you maximum flexibility by offering added benefits like extra monthly fee. ADCB zero balance account is an online account – meant to be opened and operated via online platforms only. Let’s cover the top features and benefits of the ADCB zero balance Active Saver Account and how to open it online using different platforms. 

Features of ADCB Zero Balance Account 

  • ADCB Active Saver is a zero balance savings account designed to encourage maximum savings. 
  • There are no requirements to maintain a minimum monthly balance for this ADCB zero balance account. 
  • It is available in three different currencies – AED, USD and GBP. 
  • An initial minimum balance of AED 1000/ USD 1000/ GBP 1000 is required. 
  • Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance of your ADCB Active Saver account. Payment is made monthly. 
  • ADCB Active Saver is an online account, meaning it can be opened and operated online only. 
  • Up to 1% interest rates, available on a tiered basis. 
  • With Active saver, you have access to free online transfers to other ADCB accounts. International domestic transfers to other bank accounts are available with a minimal fee. 
  • No ATM card and cheque book provided to promote savings. 
  • The ADCB Active Saver Account is a Sharia Compliant Account. 

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Benefits of ADCB Zero Balance Account

No Minimum Balance Requirement

While you are required to deposit a minimum of AED/USD/GBP 1,000 at the time of opening the ADCB zero balance account, there is no need to maintain a minimum monthly balance. This allows maximum flexibility for the accountholders and helps them handle their savings without any limitations. 

Extra Savings with No Applicable Monthly Fee

Since the account holders are not required to maintain a minimum monthly balance, no monthly fee is applicable on account operation. You can save as much as you like without worrying about fines levied due to low balance in your account. With zero fees related to account balance, you can focus on increasing your savings and earning high profit via tiered interest rates. 

High Profit Earning Rates

The ADCB Active Saver account offers up to 1% interest on AED accounts. The interest rates are offered in compliance with a tier system. The account holders can earn a minimum of 0.25% interest on their ADCB Active Saver account balance as per the minimum balance required for the tier. 

Convenient Online Operations

ADCB Active Saver is an online zero balance account and hence you can easily operate it using the online banking platform offered by ADCB. The account can be opened using any one of the online means. The online banking platform of ADCB can be used to pay credit card bills, redeem your earned TouchPoints and transfer funds as well. 

Multiple Currency Options

This ADCB zero balance account can be opened in three different currencies – AED, GBP and USD. The account holders can open one Active Saver account in each currency. The initial deposit balance you need to send in remains equal for all currencies – AED/USD/GBP 1000.  

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How to Open ADCB Zero Balance Account Online?

There are four different ways to open an ADCB zero balance account online from the comfort of your home. We’ve compiled a list of steps that you can follow to open an ADCB Zero Balance Account online:


  • Step1- Go to your browser, open and head to bank accounts section. 
  • Step2- You will find a lead form on the main page of bank accounts on our website. 
  • Step3- Select the suitable account type and fill out the suitable lead form by entering in details like your name, email, phone number, monthly income, city and nationality.
  • Step4- You will be taken to the quotes page once you submit the lead form.
  • Step6- Find ADCB Active saver zero balance account among the options that appear on the quotes page. 
  • Step7- Check all the features and details of the account once more and proceed to apply for the account. 
  • Step8- Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and proceed to fill out the application form. 
  • Step9- Provide all the information and attach the required documents. Submit the form once you are done. 
  • Step10- An executive from ADCB will connect with you once your application is received and verified by the bank. 
  • Step11- The executive will assist your further in ADCB zero balance account opening online procedure. 

Via ADCB Website

  • Step1- Visit the ADCB website and head to ADCB zero balance account page. 
  • Step2- Open the accounts section on the website and click on Active Saver Account
  • Step3- Scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to the application form.
  • Step4- Start by choosing the customer category & New or Existing.
  • Step5- If you are an existing customer, fill out your name, customer ID, registered email address and phone number. 
  • Step6- Fill out the requisite details if you are a new customer.
  • Step7- Select your emirate from the drop-down menu and submit the form.
  • Step8- Once ADCB receives your application, an executive from the bank will connect with you to take ADCB zero balance account opening online procedure further.

Via ADCB Contact Centres 

  • Step1- Call ADCB contact centres via their contant number - 600502030. The contact centres are operational 24 hours a day. 
  • Step2- Once you connect with a customer support agent, state your requirement.
  • Step3- The customer support executive will assist you with ADCB zero balance account opening online procedure. 
  • Step4- You may be required to provide a few personal details like the registered email address, customer ID and phone number. 
  • Step5- Keep all details handy before you call the customer support agent to make the whole process smooth. 


  • Step1- Registering for your new ADCB zero balance account can be done via SMS as well.
  • Step2- Type ‘ACTIVE’ and send an SMS to to 2626.
  • Step3- You will either receive instructions to proceed further via SMS or an executive from the customer support team will connect with you to help you with account opening.
  • Step4- All you need to do is follow the instructions you receive on your phone to open your ADCB Active Saver account online.  

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Q1: How can I open an ADCB account with zero balance?

Ans: ADCB zero balance account, the Active Saver account can only be opened using online platforms, via SMS and via contact centres. 

Q2: What currencies I can use for ADCB zero balance account opening?

Ans: You have options to use AED, USD or GBP as your currency for this ADCB zero balance account.

Q3: What is the minimum initial deposit required for ADCB zero balance account opening?

Ans: The minimum initial deposit required for ADCB zero balance account opening is AED/USD/GBP 1000. 

Q4: Can I open more than one ADCB Active Saver account online?

Ans: You can open only one ADCB Active Saver account per currency. 

Q5: How can I operate my ADCB zero balance account?

Ans: Your ADCB Active Saver account can only be operated using online platforms like net banking. 

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