How to deactivate CBD Debit Card?

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD), founded in 1969, was initially a joint venture of names like Commerzbank, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, as well as a few UAE entrepreneurs. It has evolved into a dynamic and cutting-edge banking organisation over the years.

With a chain of 15 branches and over 121 ATMs across the UAE, CBD offers a wide range of commercial and retail banking products and services in regular and Shariah-compliant forms. This includes CBD debit cards, which have global acceptance and come loaded with perks.

While the security of these cards is top-notch, it’s necessary to be aware of the steps to deactivate CBD debit cards in case your card is lost or stolen to prevent or reduce any financial damages.

So if you are wondering how to deactivate CBD Debit Card, keep reading below.

How to Deactivate CBD Debit Cards via Online Banking?

If your card is lost or stolen, you can easily deactivate or block it through your internet banking account in only takes a few minutes. For this, simply log into your CBD online banking account and go to the page or section for ‘Cards’. You can then use the ‘lock’ button to temporarily block your debit card. Keep in mind that you can also choose the option for reporting stolen or lost cards here to quickly deactivate CBD debit card. 

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How to Deactivate CBD Debit Cards Using the Official Mobile Application?

The steps to deactivate CBD debit cards with mobile banking are quite similar to online banking. First, download and install the official CBD mobile banking app. Move to the ‘cards’ section and choose the debit card that has to be deactivated. You can then click on the lock option and report lost/stolen cards to complete the process.

Deactivate Your CBD Debit Card with SMS Banking

Although you may not be able to directly deactivate CBD debit cards with SMS banking, you can monitor all of your account activity with the help of this service using your smartphone. In case you detect any suspicious transactions, you can use any of the other methods discussed to deactivate or lock your CBD debit card.

How to Deactivate CBD Debit Card on Call?

If your card has been lost or stolen, you can immediately dial (600) 575-556, from your registered number to have the bank deactivate your CBD card. Keep in mind that if you are dialling from outside the UAE, the number for the same is +971 600 575 556.

Visiting a Branch to Deactivate Your CBD Debit Card

While the methods discussed above are quite convenient, you can always visit your nearest bank branch to deactivate your CBD Debit Card. In this case, you would need to request the bank’s customer service representatives to block or deactivate your debit card.

Parting Words

CBD debit cards are among the top debit cards in the UAE, thanks to their global acceptance, 24/7 customer support, lucrative benefits, and jaw-dropping deals on dining, retail, lifestyle, entertainment, and more. 

In case your debit card is stolen or lost, you can easily deactivate it using the methods that we discussed in the article - phone banking, mobile and internet banking, and branch visits. 

For more information on CBD debit cards and related terms, you can connect with us on today!

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