How to Deactivate Ajman Bank Debit Card?

Founded in 2007, Ajman Bank is the first Islamic bank in Ajman and among the top-rated ones in the UAE. Serving its customers with comprehensive financial services and products since becoming operational in 2009, Ajman Bank provides excellent flexible financial instruments like credit cards, debit cards, treasury bills, and more.

The primary debit card of the bank is the World Debit Card, which lets you experience seamless transactions, utilise excellent rewards, and more. The card offers various premium offers and travel benefits designed for the convenience of the customers.

With that said, cases like fraudulent transactions, pin thefts, lost or stolen cards, unauthorised use, and other cases have made it necessary to be aware of the steps to deactivate Ajman Bank debit card. Knowledge of these procedures can help you protect yourself from further losses. So if you are wondering how to deactivate Ajman Bank debit card, let’s read below and understand all the involved steps.

What are the Steps to Deactivate Ajman Bank Debit Card?

If you find some fraudulent or suspicious transactions related to your Ajman debit card, or if your card is stolen or lost, deactivating it is the best way to protect your savings and minimise losses (if any).

To deactivate Ajman Bank debit card, you can reach out to the customer care team of the bank. For this, you can either visit your nearest Ajman Bank branch or contact the bank via its telephonic bank services.

If you go for the option of phone banking, you would need to dial 800 22 847 if you are in the UAE. In case you are calling from another country, you can dial +971 6 701 8552. The bank representative with whom you would be connected will first enquire about the reasons for your deactivation and seek other relevant details. They will then process your deactivation request within the specified timeline and notify you when the deactivation is done.

In case you have any queries regarding your Ajman bank debit card or a related topic, you can also get in touch with one of our experts.


Q1. How to know if your Ajman debit card is deactivated?

Ans: You can reach out to customer care of Ajman Bank and check the status of your debit card deactivation after 24 hours of initiating the request.

Q2. What will happen when you deactivate your Ajman Bank debit card?

Ans: Once you deactivate your Ajman debit card, all transactions related to your debit card will not be processed. However, recurring payments (like bills and subscriptions) may be processed if you have only disabled your card, it’s a good idea to connect with the bank and enquire regarding the same.

Q3. Can you reissue a new debit card after deactivating your last Ajman debit card?

Ans: Yes, you can always request the bank to issue a new debit card once the deactivation of your last card is successfully processed.

Q4. Can a deactivated Ajman debit card be functional again?

Ans: No, a deactivated Ajman debit card cannot be operational again.

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