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Citibank, among the most eminent banks around the world, has been present in the UAE since 1964 and has become a major player in the country’s banking industry. It presents a great option if you are on the lookout for bank accounts in UAE, with Citibank bank accounts being available in the form of Citibank savings accounts, Citibank current accounts, and more.

A bank statement is an official record of all the funds deposited and taken out of a bank accounts within a specific month or quarter. When you bank with Citibank, each step of the process of getting Citibank statements is made highly streamlined.

In this article, we will discuss the ways through which you can easily avail of Citibank statements and understand their key benefits, features, and more.

What is Covered in Citibank Statements in UAE?

Citibank statements allow you to be aware of all that’s going on with your Citibank bank account. With these bank account statements, you can find all the details regarding your account’s transactions.

Here are the details generally covered in bank account statements in the UAE -

  • Account Activity: All transactions - purchases, deposits, and withdrawals - completed throughout the statement period are listed.
  • Account Balance: This is the total amount of money in the account as of the closing date.
  • Account Number: The account number of your Citibank bank account would also be present in the statement.
  • Account Summary: Comprehensive details about the account including the initial and closing balances, deposits, withdrawals, and fees.
  • Account Type: This describes the type of account such as Citibank savings account, current account, and so on.
  • Bank's Contact Info: Information related to the bank's customer service department's mailing address, phone numbers, and website can be found here.
  • Credits: The funds credited to the bank account over the statement period are represented here.
  • Debits: These refer to withdrawals of funds from an account made within the statement period such as purchases made using debit cards, cheque deposits, and bill payments.
  • Statement Date: The date at the top of the paper usually indicates the date on which the statement was generated.
  • Total Fees: These are the fees applicable to the bank account during the statement cycle.
  • Dates of Transactions: These are the days on which the transaction was completed.

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How to Get Citibank Statements?

Let’s now discuss the steps to be followed for the different methods of obtaining Citibank statements -

Get a Paper Statement

  • You can contact the 24/7 CitiPhone Banking Service by dialling +971 4 311 4000 to register.
  • If you want to get your statement by mail, make sure to verify the address.
  • Note that as per Citibank's Schedule of Fees & Charges, a monthly paper statement fee would be applied.

Get an E-statement

Within one to two days of the Citibank statement date, you can view and download your monthly statement on Citibank Online. You can easily download these statements through mobile banking, where you would be required to log into your account and choose the option for ‘Statement’. Next, choose ‘PDF’ and enter the OTP received on your registered number to have your Citibank bank account statement ready. 

You can follow similar steps to download your Citibank statement through online banking. To start, log into your online banking account and choose the ‘statement’ option.


You can also manage consumer finances using e-Advices in a modern, practical, and paperless manner. Important documents such as information on address changes, insurance-related documents, and investment portfolio documents, including unit trust redemption advice, are available through Citibank Online or can be delivered as an attachment via email.

  • You will be notified via email when an eAdvice becomes available.
  • On Citibank Online, you can access e-Advices anytime by selecting ‘View e-Advice’ from the ‘Service Centre’ menu.
  • After entering your OTP (One Time Password), you can change the e-Advice setup details on Citibank Online by selecting ‘My Profile’ from the menu option.
    • The email on which you want to receive notifications can be changed.
    • You can convert your supplied e-advice to PDF format or connect to an online e- advice. Note that you won't get printed advice in either situation anymore.
    • If you select ‘Cancel Enrolment’ on the e-Statement page, you would be able to enrol for paper advice to be mailed instead.

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Benefits of Citibank Bank Statements

Here are the major benefits of Citibank statements - 

  • Easy-to-Access Statements: Citibank statements are conveniently available through online or mobile banking and can be obtained whenever you want, irrespective of your location.
  • Assistance in Monitoring Citibank Account: With your Citibank statement, you can easily check all your transactions, credits and debits, and more. This way, you can stay informed with respect to your account’s status and activities.
  • Highly Secure: Citibank online is a secure platform that facilitates easy access to data for users while protecting against loss or unauthorised usage.
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Q1. How can I update my E-statement password if I forget it?

Ans: After signing into your Citibank Online account, choose 'Account Information' and select 'E-statement'. Once done, select the 'See and update Registration' option to update your e-statement password.

Q2. How can I update my existing email address if I need to?

Ans: You can sign into your Citibank Online account and choose ‘My Profile’ followed by ‘Update Contact Details’. You can also dial +9714 311 4000 if you need to update your existing email address.

Q3. How many months' worth of statements may be seen using Citibank Online?

Ans: A record of your last 36 statements is available on Citibank Online.

Q4. Can I sign up for electronic statement delivery and reminder services?

Ans: Yes. When you sign up for the e-Statement Delivery Service, an email with your e-statement attached and a notice (that you can see on Citibank Online) will be sent to your preferred email address.

Q5. How do I obtain my E-statement Password?

Ans: You will be prompted to enter your preferred e-statement password when you sign up for e-statements on the Citibank Website and choose the "E-Statement Delivery Service". This password must adhere to the following conditions -

  • Characters - at least 8 and up to 13
  • The password must be an alphanumeric
  • At least one alphabet should be capitalised

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