Al Hilal Balance Check in UAE

Al Hilal is an Islamic financial institution that was incorporated in 2007 in the UAE. It is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and offers Shariah-compliant services across the country.

At Al Hilal Bank, you can open savings and current accounts, avail of credit and debit cards, get finances for cars, house, and personal usage, and even avail of wealth management services. Additionally, those who open bank accounts can use a multitude of activities to do Al Hilal account balance checks, make transactions, and others.

In this article, we will exclusively look at the various banking channels that you can use to check the balance of your Al Hilal Bank account.

What are the Different Ways to Make an Al Hilal Bank Account Balance Check in UAE?

Here are the different banking modes that you can use for an Al Hilal balance check -

Al Hilal Bank Account Balance Check Through Internet Banking - 

Online banking is a convenient way of banking as it can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. On top of that, you can get your account details and instantly perform account activities without the need to visit a bank branch.

You can simply visit the bank’s official website and sign into your existing bank account online with accurate credentials. Once logged in, you can accordingly proceed to view your balance.

Al Hilal Bank Balance Check Through Mobile Banking - 

Al Hilal mobile banking gives you a seamless experience in accessing your account details from any part of the world and at any time. This mode of banking is not only convenient but safe as well. You can perform multiple banking operations like utility bill payments, money transfers, conversion of your credit purchases to an easy payment plan, and more. Apart from these, you can also open bank accounts, do Al Hilal balance checks, and much more.

All Apple and Android users can install the bank’s app via Apple Store and Google Play Store, respectively. Note that the mobile application can be used in both English and Arabic languages. Once you log into your account, you will be able to easily check your Al Hilal Bank account balance and other details.

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Check Your Al Hilal Bank Account Balance Through Phone Banking - 

Phone banking is an offline banking channel that every customer of Al Hilal can utilise. This service is available 24/7 throughout the year. Existing customers who wish to do an Al Hilal account balance check must dial 600522229 to get in touch with one of the financial institution’s officials.

Those who want to make inquiries regarding their current account balance but reside outside the UAE can get in touch with the bank authorities by dialling +971 26 35 6020.

Other phone banking services of Al Hilal Bank include checking previous 5 recent transactions, account statement requests, credit card usage details, utility bill payment details, and much more.

Check Your Al Hilal Bank Balance Through SMS Banking -

SMS banking makes it pretty easy to do an Al Hilal account balance check. Besides inquiring about balance, you can also avail of utility bill payment services, obtain the latest currency exchange rates, request cheque status, transfer money within your accounts, and/or third-party accounts, and more.

Check Al Hilal Bank Balance Through Call Center - 

The customer support service of Al Hilal Bank is available round the clock for assistance. Existing customers can smoothly make an Al Hilal balance check by getting in touch with the concerned officials via call.

Check Your Al Hilal Bank Account Balance Through Branches and ATMs

Al Hilal account balance checks can be easily done through ATMs as well. You can go to your nearest ATM, insert your card, and enter the 4-digit PIN. Further, choose a preferred language and choose the relevant option to check current account balances. 

Alternatively, you can also make your account balance inquiry by visiting your nearest branch of Al Hilal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How frequently can I do my Al Hilal account balance check via SMS banking?

Ans: The SMS banking service is available 24/7 and you can make your account balance inquiry anytime and as many times as you want.

Q2. Currently, I am residing outside UAE and have an account at Al Hilal, Abu Dhabi branch. How can I get in touch with the bank officials?

Ans: To get connected with the bank representatives at any of the Al Hilal branches in the UAE, dial +971 26 35 6020.

Q3. Does Al Hilal Bank charge an amount to avail of the mobile banking services?

Ans: No, there are no charges/ fees to use the Al Hilal mobile banking feature.

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