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In an increasingly interconnected world, having access to seamless and efficient banking solutions across borders is paramount. ADCB, in collaboration with Nomo Bank, brings forth a transformative banking experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

The ADCB Nomo bank account caters to the requirements of individuals seeking international banking services, providing a range of features and benefits tailored to their requirements. With a strong emphasis on digital convenience and global accessibility, this account enables customers to effortlessly manage their finances, make international transactions, and enjoy competitive foreign exchange rates.

Join us as we delve into the details of the ADCB Nomo bank account and explore its features, advantages, and how it empowers individuals to navigate the world of international banking with ease. Discover a banking solution that opens doors to a seamless and connected financial journey across the globe.

An Overview of ADCB Nomo Bank

ADCB, a prominent banking entity known for its comprehensive range of financial products and services, has joined forces with Nomo Bank, a digital-first banking platform that prioritises convenience and efficiency. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the banking experience by leveraging technology and modern approaches.

By combining ADCB's robust infrastructure and Nomo Bank's digital prowess, users can expect to enjoy enhanced banking solutions, seamless digital experiences, and a host of tailored offerings to meet their financial needs. The ADCB and Nomo Bank collaboration signifies a powerful synergy that paves the way for a new era of banking excellence in the UAE.

Features and Benefits of Opening an ADCB Nomo Bank Account 

Here are some of the salient features that you can enjoy with an ADCB Nomo Bank Account in the UAE -

  • Fee-free global spending with Nomo debit card. Make easy payments in Kuwait, London, New York, Paris, and more. 
  • Round-the-clock control over the funds through ADCB Nomo Bank’s mobile application
  • Secured international bank account with GBP 85,000 FSCS protection, Face ID, and personalised PIN 
  • Sharia-compliant banking 
  • Zero account fees and no minimum balance requirement
  • Make free international transfers in GBP and to other ADCB Nomo bank account users using their mobile number or account details, regardless of where they are. 
  • Compatible with Apple Pay
  • Easy sign-up process - open account within a few minutes
  • Access your funds easily at any point

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Types of ADCB Nomo International Bank Accounts in the UAE

Discussed below are the types of ADCB Nomo International bank accounts in the UAE -

1. Current Account

You can access your ADCB Nomo current bank account in 6 different currencies, exchange funds instantly, and make payments as you travel in the local currency. This international bank account is designed to suit your international lifestyle indeed. 

Here is what you get with this ADCB Nomo Bank account -

  • Multiple Currency Accounts - You can add new currency accounts within seconds where you can save and spend money in multiple currencies like GBP, AED, EUR, USD, SAR, and KWD. You can also exchange currencies within the application as you travel rather than carrying a prepaid card to pay in the local currency.
  •  Zero Charges on International Spending - Spending while travelling gets easy with an ADCB Nomo bank account. You can spend without stress using your Nomo debit card with zero fees applicable, even if you are overseas. 
  • International Transfers Made Easy - You can conveniently transfer money from various currency accounts based on where the recipient is. Nomo ADCB current bank account offers zero-fee GBP transfers. You can even send money without any charges to other Nomo bank users with the help of their banking and account details or mobile numbers, no matter where they are based.
  • Security Features - Nomo ADCB ensures that your account remains secure no matter what. To access this international bank account, you need a Face ID and personalised PIN. Furthermore, like other UK-based banks, this ADCB Nomo bank account covers your funds under the FSCS scheme of up to GBP 85,000. 
  • Apple Pay Compliant - You can access your funds anywhere and make payments using your iPhone or Apple Watch without any additional charges. To pay using Apple Pay, simply link your debit card and use it for in-store purchases, online spending, and in-app purchases. 

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2. Fixed-Term Deposits

You can also grow your funds in GBP or USD by opening an ADCB Nomo Fixed-term deposit account. This type of international account allows you to select the deposit tenure while offering you profit rates of up to 5.35% per annum. Here are some benefits and features of ADCB Nomo Fixed-Term Deposit accounts -

  • Instant Wealth Growth - With this ADCB Nomo bank account, you can save your funds for a set duration and earn profit at the end of the term (calculated on the deposited amount). You can instantly gain access to open a fixed-term deposit account when you open an ADCB Nomo current bank account. Note that you have the liberty to choose between the different currencies and the tenure and track your savings directly in the ADCB Nomo mobile application. 
  • Choose Term as per Your Financial Objectives - You can choose your duration between 3, 6, or 12 months and the bank will inform you about the profit rate you can expect. Once the term ends, you can access the funds along with the profits. 
  • GBP and USD Options Available - You can open this international bank account in the currency of your choice - GBP and USD. The minimum deposit to open this bank account in the UK is GBP 5,000 or USD 10,000. The best part about opening this fixed-term deposit account is that you can open multiple accounts at one time. 

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for ADCB Nomo Bank Accounts

To apply for an ADCB Nomo bank account, you need to fulfil the following criteria -

  • Minimum Age - 16 years
  • You should be a resident of the UAE or Kuwait

Documents Required to Apply for ADCB Nomo Bank Accounts

Here is the list of documents required to apply for an ADCB Nomo Bank Account -

  • Passport
  • Tawtheeq, DEWA or Ejari

Note -  When you click pictures of the documents, make sure there is no glare and that all the information is clearly visible.  

Process to Apply for this International Bank Account in UAE

The process of applying for an ADCB Nomo Bank Account is a straightforward one. You must first install the ADCB Nomo app (available on Google Play for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users). Once done, follow these steps - 

  • Step1- Setting Your Preferences - Before you start your application, Nomo Bank will require you to read over its Terms & Conditions. Your email address and mobile number will be then confirmed by the bank. It will also establish the security of your account by asking you to set up an account passcode (Face ID can also be configured to access the app more quickly and securely). Next, provide your phone number. ADCB Nomo Bank will send you an SMS with a 6-digit confirmation code. To verify your cellphone number in the app, enter this code.Users are advised by the bank to leave notifications turned on so they may stay updated on account activity. The bank also advises continuing marketing communications.You will then need to set up a personalised passcode to access your account. After that, you will be asked to mention your hometown and how you prefer to be addressed.
  • Step2- Identity Verification - The bank will verify your identity with the help of your passport. For this, make sure that you provide an original physical passport when prompted. Don’t click a picture of the passport or a picture of another image. The photo taken for identity verification should be coloured and from your phone. Furthermore, the bank will ask you to record a short video where you would need to move your head and recite some numbers. This will help ADCB Nomo Bank verify your identity. 
  • Step3- Address Proof - In the next step, ADCB Nomo Bank would need to confirm your address of residence. For this, it will request you to upload the front and the back copy of your Tawtheeq, Ejari, or DEWA (applicable to UAE citizens). The process will just take a few minutes, owing to the bank’s seamless onboarding systems. 
  • Step4- Tax Details  - Inform the ADCB - Nomo Bank about the country where you are a tax-paying resident. Even if you are not paying income tax, you would still be considered a tax resident in the jurisdiction. 
  • Step5 - Check the Income Proof - To determine whether you are eligible for an ADCB Nomo bank account, the bank would need to know your monthly income. For this, you would need to provide it with an estimate of your overall assets by selecting the required options. The bank will require you to provide the name of the countries where you have assets and bank accounts for regulatory considerations. You will be further prompted to provide your reason to register an account to ensure that you get to make the most of the ADCB Nomo collaboration. The bank will ask you additional questions if you are applying from the UAE.You will then get a push alert from the bank informing you of the confirmation after the checks are concluded. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you verify your documents when applying for an ADCB Nomo bank account?

In case you are asked to submit certified documents to complete the application process, you can do the following -

  • Visit a lawyer, notary, or barrister registered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office at
  • Visit any of the lawyers from the list of lawyers abroad or find a solicitor in the UK Law Society.
  • Get the documents certified by an accountant registered and recognised by professional institutions like CPA, ACCA, or ICAEW. 
  • Get the documents attested from a consulate, embassy, or a high commission employee of the country of issue. 
Are there any ADCB Nomo Bank account opening charges?

There are no ADCB Nomo Bank account opening charges nor is there any monthly account fee. This is because the ADCB Nomo current bank account is a zero-balance account. 

How can you access the ADCB Nomo Bank account statement?

You can access your international bank account statement on the ADCB Nomo Bank mobile application itself. The statement gets issued within 24 hours of the last day of each month. To see your bank account statement, go to the ‘Profile’ section and select the ‘Statements’ option.

Can you overdraw your ADCB Nomo Bank account?

If you overdraw, you would be required to add funds to bring the balance to zero or above. Note that in case you fail to do so, it will be considered a breach of the terms and conditions laid down by the bank. 

Can you store the list of frequent transfer recipients in your ADCB Nomo bank account?

You can store a list of frequent transfer recipients in your bank account.

Where can you find your international bank account details?

To find the details for one of your accounts, sign into the ADCB Nomo app, select the account, and click on ‘add money’.

Can you link more than one phone number to the same account?

No, you cannot link more than one mobile number to an ADCB Nomo bank account. 

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