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Arab Bank SWIFT Code

Branch Name Branch Address Branch Code Swift Code
Arab Bank Dubai, United Arab Emirates XXX ARABAEADXXX

Arab Bank Swift Codes for Other Branches

Branch Name City Branch Code Branch Address Swift Code
UAE Branches Centre Abu Dhabi ABC UAE Branches Center, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADABC
Abu Dhabi Branch Abu Dhabi ABD Abu Dhabi Branch, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADABD
Ajman Branch Ajman AJM Ajman Branch, Ajman, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADAJM
Al Ain Branch Al Ain AIN Al Ain Branch, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADAIN
Central Transfers Unit Dubai CTU Central Transfers Unit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADCTU
Foreign Trade Centre Dubai FTC Foreign Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADFTC
Dubai Branch Dubai MAK Dubai Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADMAK
Deira Branch Dubai DER Deira Branch, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADDER
Fujairah Branch Fujairah FUJ Fujairah Branch, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADFUJ
Ras Al Khaimah Branch Ras Al Khaimah RAK Ras Al Khaimah Branch, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADRAK
Sharjah Branch Sharjah SHJ Sharjah Branch, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates ARABAEADSHJ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Arab Bank BIC code?
Ans: Arab Bank swift code, also called as Arab Bank bic code is a unique code meant to identify the bank for fund transfers. It includes the branch code, country code, location code, and code status of the bank. The Arab Bank swift code is ARABAEADXXX.

Q2: Where can I find Arab Bank swift code for a specific branch?
Ans: Arab Bank swift code is mentioned on the bank’s website, your monthly statement and even on the cheque book. 

Q3: Are Arab Bank swift codes same for all the branches in the UAE?
Ans: Yes, the Arab Bank swift code are same for all its branches in the UAE. However, the branch code, usually included in the swift code is different for all the branches.

Q4: Is Arab Bank swift code same as the Arab Bank bic code?
Ans: Yes, Arab Bank swift codes and Arab Bank bic codes are same. 

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