Al Hilal Bank Swift Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Al Hilal Bank BIC code?
Ans: Bank Identifier Code also known as Swift Code is an identification code for all the branches of the bank. The code for Al Hilal Bank is HLALAEAA, which is a combination of the country code, location code, branch code, and code status.

Q2: Can I use the same swift code for all the Al Hilal Bank branches in the UAE?
Ans: Yes, the same swift code can be used for all the Al Hilal Bank branches in the UAE. However, the branch code may be different. 

Q3: Is Al Hilal Bank swift code same for all the branches?
Ans: Yes, Al Hilal Bank swift codes are same for all the branches. However, the branch code is branch specific. 

Q4: How do I check my Al Hilal Bank swift code for my branch?
Ans: You can go to the bank’s website or open one of your monthly statements to check the Al Hilal Bank swift code with great ease. 

Q5: Is Al Hilal Bank BIC code different from swift code?
Ans: No, Al Hilal Bank swift code and BIC codes are same. 

Al Hilal Bank SWIFT Code

Branch Name Branch Address Branch Code Swift Code
Al Hilal Bank Corniche Road, Sheikh Sultan Building, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates XXX HLALAEAAXXX

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