Ajman Bank Swift Code

Ajman Bank SWIFT Code Dubai

Branch Name Branch Address Branch Code Swift Code
Ajman Bank PJSC Ajman Bank Head Office, Al Ittihad Street, P. O. Box 7770, Ajman, United Arab Emirates XXX AJMNAEAJXXX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Ajman Bank swift code?
Ans: Ajman Bank swift code is an identification code allotted to all its branches in the UAE. The swift code also stands for Ajman Bank Business Identifier Code or BIC. This code is a combination of branch code, country code, location code, and code status of the bank. The swift code for Ajman Bank branches is AJMNAEAJXXX. XXX in the swift code is branch specific and it changes on the basis of the branch chosen.

Q2: Where can I find Ajman Bank swift code?
Ans: You can find Ajman Bank swift code on the bank’s website or on your monthly bank statement. 

Q3: Are Ajman Bank swift codes and bic codes same?
Ans: Yes, Ajman Bank swift code and BIC are the same thing. 

Q4: Are Ajman Bank swift codes same for all the Ajman Bank branches in the UAE?
Ans: Yes, the Ajman Bank swift code is same for all of its branches. However, you need to suffix is with the branch code of the branch of your choice.

Q5: When do I need to use the Ajman Bank swift code?
Ans: You need to use the Ajman Bank swift code when for financial transactions.

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