Aseel Business Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 05 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 17 November 2020
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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The Aseel Business Credit Card provides you with mobility and freedom to manage and grow your business. It comes loaded with features that help in taking your business to the next level. It aims at maximizing the revenue of your business and management of cash flow while enhancing convenience and security. It is a Shariah-compliant card that provides your business recognition with cost-saving features.

Highlights of the Card

  • Annual fee waived off for the first year
  • Cashback
  • Global Acceptance
  • 3D Secure Transactions
  • Minimal documentation
  • Grace period
  • Attractive profit rate

Aseel Business Credit Card Features

The key features of this card are:

No Annual Fee

The annual fee for holding the Aseel Business Credit Card is waived off for the first year.

Cash Back

Every time you use your card, you earn reward points. These accumulated reward points are converted into a cashback on your card anniversary.

Low-Profit Rate

You can enjoy an economical profit rate on your outstanding balance.

High Cash Withdrawl

In case of need for cash funds for your business, you can access the cash withdrawal facility, with which you can withdraw up to 90% of your available credit card limit at a low-profit rate.

Balance Transfer

You can transfer the outstanding balance of all your other credit cards to your Aseel Business Credit Card. This helps in better management of all your business expenses in one card.

Quick Cash

You can avail of immediate cash in case your business requires liquidity, which can be repaid through flexible repayment options.

Aseel Business Credit Card Benefits

The perks offered to the cardholder are:

Minimum Repayment and Easy Payment

You can pay as low as 5% of the total outstanding balance on your card. You can also split your purchases into affordable monthly payments with a  flexible repayment schedule of up to 36 months with the Flexible Installment Payment Plans.

Recognition of Your Business

The Aseel Business Credit Card comes with your company’s name embossed on it. This gives you the advantage of a customized card that can help in branding your business while matching its needs.

Supplementary Cards

You can get up to six complimentary supplementary cards for your business partners or key employees.

Free Credit Shield Takaful

You are covered with a 30 day free trial of the Credit Shield Takaful that protects you against any personal unforeseen situation upon activation of your card.

Cost Savings

You can enjoy unmatched deals and discounts with this Aseel Finance Credit Card which helps in reducing your business expenses on travel and hotels, courier services, car rentals, gifts, restaurants, and much more.

Expense Tracking Tool

With your Aseel Business Card, you can enjoy the first free expenses tracking tool in the MENA region. It helps you generate up to 12 standardized reports to track spending by the merchant, card and/or transaction, or you can schedule your reports to be periodically generated. To manage the utility of the Business Credit Card, business owners can also set role-based permissions.

Globally Accepted

The Aseel Business Card is globally accepted at more than 39 million outlets in more than 200 countries around the world.

Grace Period

As a cardholder, you enjoy a grace period of up to 51 days when you settle the outstanding amount on your call in full by the due date of the payment.

Minimal Documentation

You can avail the card simply with minimal documentation required.

The Final Say!

The Aseel Business Credit Card aims at providing maximum benefits and features that cater to the needs of your business. It ensures that your business grows and rises to the top level with maximum cost savings.