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Packed with the advanced features & benefits, the Aseel Business Credit Card helps in enhancing the business growth. This Aseel Finance Credit Card assists in maximizing the business revenue and refines the management of cash flow while ensuring absolute safety & security. This business credit card offered by the Aseel Islamic Finance basically gives prestige & recognition with its advanced features for the business in a Shariah-compliant manner. Therefore, it provides its cardholder mobility & freedom to grow as well as manage their business from anywhere in the world.

Features & Benefits of the Aseel Business Credit Card

This Aseel Finance Credit Card offer unparallel features & benefits to meet the business need of its cardholder, giving them the ability to take their business to another level. Given below are its key features & benefits:

  • Low-Profit Rate: This card comes with competitive profit rates. Thus, it enables its card member to pay a ‘low-profit rate’ on their outstanding amount.
  • Visa Intellink: The Aseel Business Credit Card enables its cardholder to view as well as manage their expenses in one location. This exclusive feature organizes, simplifies, and tracks their every expenditure, enabling the card member to manage their cash flow in an efficient manner.
  • No Annual Charge: No annual charge is applicable for the first year on this Aseel Finance Credit Card.
  • Free Supplementary Cards: Member of this card can avail up to 6 free supplementary/add-on cards which can be issued to the eligible employees or company partners.
  • Minimum Repayment of 5 Percent & Flexible Installment Payment Plan: The cardholder can pay as minimum as 5 percent of their total outstanding balance. In addition to this, member of this card can pay back for their purchases with the convenient ‘Installment Payment Plan’ up to 36 months.
  • Recognition & Eminence: This Aseel Finance Credit Card comes with the cardholder company’s name embossed on it.
  • Grace Period: The cardholder can avail a free grace period of up to 51 days if the member of this card pays their full outstanding balance by the due date of payment.
  • Complimentary Credit Shield Takaful: The Aseel Business Credit Card offers complimentary ‘Credit Shield Takaful’ for the first month (upon activating the card). It basically provides coverage in any unforeseen personal circumstances where the cardholder unable to pay their outstanding balance.
  • Complimentary Expense Tracking Tool: Aseel Islamic Finance provides the ‘1st Expense Tracking Tool’ across the MENA region. This easy tool enables the card member to generate a maximum of 12 standardized reports on demand in order to track spending by merchant & transactions. Else, the cardholder can schedule their reports to be generated periodically. In addition to this, business owners can set role-based permission to manage the use of this card.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: This card is accepted in more than 39 million establishments in 200 countries globally.
  • 3D Secure Feature: The card enables its cardholder to make safe
    & secure online transactions as it comes with 3D secure feature.
  • Documentation: The Aseel Business Credit Card requires minimum documentation.
  • Cash Withdrawal: The cardholder can avail a maximum of 90 percent of the total credit limit at a competitive profit rate and get instant liquidity for their business.
  • Quick Cash: The cardholder can avail instant cash in times of financial needs & repay it later in installments through convenient repayment options.
  • Balance Transfer: The cardholder can transfer their outstanding balance from other bank’s card to this Aseel Finance Credit Card.

Rewards & Offers of the Aseel Business Credit Card

The cardholder can earn reward points on their spending which will be converted into cashback on the anniversary of their card.

Fees & Charges of the Aseel Business Credit Card:

Here are fees & charges associated with the Aseel Business Credit Card:

Description Charges
Profit Rate 1.99 Percent (per month)
Annual Membership Fee of the Primary Card Free for 1st year, 500 AED from 2nd year onwards
Supplementary Card Charges (up to 6 cards are free) 50 AED Per Supplementary Card
Late Payment Fees 159 AED
Cash Advance Charge (Cash Advance limited to 3000 AED per transaction) 60 AED per transaction
Charges of Card Replacement (Free once a year) 100 AED
Duplicate Statement Charges
  •                    Less than 3 months old statements
  •                     More than 3 months old statements
  •                                            25 AED/month
  •                                            50 AED/month
Returned Cheque Fee 100 AED
Processing Fee of Outstation Cheque 50 AED
Credit Shield (for every 100 AED) 0.89 percent of the outstanding amount (free for 1st month)
Charges of Dispute Verification 100 AED
Cash Advance Limit 90 percent of the credit limit
Minimum Amount Due 100 AED or 5 percent of the outstanding amount, whichever is greater

Additional Benefits of Aseel Business Credit Card

Business Cost Saving Schemes: This Aseel Finance Credit Card offers a range of exclusive discounts & offers to its cardholder. These offers mainly help in reducing the business expenses on travel, hotel, car rentals, gifts, restaurants, courier service, and much more.