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The Arab Bank values commitment, trust, service excellence, customer focus, teamwork, empowerment, and transparency. Hence, they offer one of the best Savings Account in the UAE.

With the Arab Bank Savings Account, the customers get the chance of earning interest at their credit balance.

Arab Bank Savings Account - Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the Arab Bank Savings Account are listed below:

  • Online Banking Servies are free
  • Phone Banking services are free
  • Free Cheque Book with the Arab Bank Savings Account
  • The facility of accounts for Foreign Currencies
  • The facility of Joint Accounts
  • Facility for Salary Account
  • Free Debit card for International use (Visa Electron)
  • Supplementary Cards are free
  • Payments of Utility Bills
  • International Network utilization of the Arab Bank

Documents Required to Open an Arab Bank Savings Account in UAE

The documents required to open a Savings Account with the Arab Bank are as follows:

  • Applicant’s valid ID Card
  • Applicant’s document of Residency
  • Utility bills
  • Lease contract
  • Birth certificate or ID card of the minor

How to Open the Arab Bank Savings Account in the UAE

To open an Arab Bank Savings Account, the applicants can

  • Fill the form via the Online Application
  • Visit any branch of the Arab Bank

How to Close the Arab Bank Savings Account in the UAE

To close the Arab Bank Savings Account, the customer will have to submit a letter to the Bank.

Arab Bank Savings Account FAQs

Q1: When and where did the Arab Bank commence its operations?

Ans: The Arab Bank commenced its operations in the year 1930 at Jerusalem.

Q2: What is the monthly balance requirement to maintain with the Arab Bank Savings Account?

Ans: You must maintain a minimum monthly balance of AED 3000 with the Arab Bank Savings Account.

Q3: Is there any charge if I fail to maintain the minimum balance requirement of the Arab bank Savings Account?

Ans: Yes, you will be charged a fee of AED 25.

Q4: How many Cheque Books are free with the Arab Bank Savings Account?

Ans: With the Savings Account of the Arab Bank, you will receive one free Cheque Book.

Q5: Can I get more cheque Book if I have used the free one?

Ans: Yes, you can. However, you will be charged AED 10 for the Cheque Book with ten leaves and AED 25 for the Cheque Book with 25 leaves.

Q6: Are there any charges for the foreign currency deposit and withdrawal in cash?

Ans: No, the deposits and withdrawals in cash are free for foreign currencies.

Q7: If I want to close my Savings Account, will it be free or will I be charged?

Ans:  You will be charged AED 100 to close any of the accounts with the Arab Bank.

Q8: Are the charges subjected to Value Added Tax?

Ans: Yes, the charges are subject to Value Added Tax.

Q9: What is Arabi Online?

Ans: Arabi Online is the Online Banking service of the Arab Bank.

Q10: How many branches are there of the Arab Bank?

Ans: There are more than 600 branches of the Arab Bank.

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