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The Fixed Deposit Account of the Arab Bank offers competitive profit rates. The customers of the Fixed Deposit accounts are also given the opportunity to choose the date of maturity.

If a customer wishes to renew the Arab Bank fixed Deposit account, they can do that through the roll-over Facility. The roll-over facility is automatic. Moreover, at renewal, the customers have the option of automatically adding the fixed amount.

The Arab Bank fixed deposit account is available in major currencies including AED.

Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account - Features and Benefits

The features and benefits of the Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Accounts are as follows:

  • Credit on interest in reaching maturity
  • Various tenure options for the customer
  • International network utilization of the Arab Bank
  • The dedicated customer support team for the customers

Documents Required to Open an Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account in UAE

The documents required to open a Fixed Deposit Account with the Arab Bank are:

  • Valid document of residency of the applicant
  • Valid identity Card of the Applicant
  • Contract of the lease
  • Utility Bill
  • Identity card or Birth Certificate for the Minors

How to Open Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account in the UAE

To open a Fixed Deposit with the Arab Bank in the UAE, the applicants can:

  • Apply through the Online Application form
  • Visit any of the branches of the Arab Bank to apply

How to Close Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account in the UAE

To close the Fixed Deposit Account with the Arab Bank, the customer will have to submit a letter to the Bank. There will be a charge of AED 100 to close the Fixed Account.

Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account FAQs

Q1: What is the minimum amount required to open an Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account?

Ans: The minimum amount required to open an Arab Bank Fixed Deposit Account is AED 5000.

Q2: What are the major currencies available with the Arab Bank Fixed Deposit?

Ans: The major currencies available to open an Arab Bank Fixed Deposit are USD, AUD, CHF (SFR), GBP, AED, JPY, SAR, SEK, KWD, CAD, DKK, and EUR.

Q3: What is the percentage of Fixed Deposit interest rates with the Arab Bank Account?

Ans: The percentage of the Fixed Deposit interest rate is decided during the deposit time. The percentage rate can differ for every customer according to the amount and tenure. 

Q4: What should I present for the Identification Card?

Ans: For the Identification card, you will have to produce your Emirates ID card.

Q5: Can I access the Fixed Deposit account through the Arabi online?

Ans: Yes, you can access the Fixed Deposit account through the Arabi Online application.

Q6: What are the benefits of the “e-Fixed” Deposit account?

Ans: The benefits of the “e-Fixed” deposit account includes the following:

  • Booking a new Fixed Deposit account
  • The duration for the deposit is flexible for the USD and JOD accounts

Q7: What are the services you can apply for through the Arabi Online App?

Ans: You can apply for the following services through the Arabi Online app:

  • Request for Cheque Book
  • Stop the Cheque payments online
  • Request for Commission Certificate and interest or balance
  • Loans and credit cards
  • Request to stretch the limit of your Credit Card(s)
  • Request to enable the credit card for online purchases
  • Special instructions to be sent

Q8: What is the fee of the primary Visa Classic credit card of the Arab Bank?

Ans: The Primary Visa credit card is free for life.

Q9: What is the fee of the Primary Visa Gold card?

Ans: The Primary Visa Gold card is free for life too.

Q10: What document should I submit as part of the Utility Bill?

Ans: As part of the Utility Bill, you can submit an Electricity bill, water bill, etc.

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