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Headquartered in Amman, Jordan, Arab Bank was founded in the year 1930 in Jerusalem. Today, it has spread over 5 continents with more than 600 branches. In the world of Arab, it is the first financial institution belonging to the private sector.

The sister company of the Arab bank is situated in Switzerland. The sister company is Arab Bank (Switzerland) limited.

The Arab Bank has a number of subsidiaries. Some of the companies in the Subsidiaries include Arab Bank Australia Limited, Arab National Leasing Company, etc.

The Arab bank account offers competitive interest rates, along with the pleasurable experience.

Arab Bank Accounts - Features & Benefits

The features and benefits of the Arab Bank accounts include:

Type of Accounts Features and Benefits
Current and Savings Account
  • Facility for a Joint account is available
  • Facility for the account in foreign currency is available
  • Facility for a Salary account is available
  • Online banking
  • Phone banking
  • Free international Debit card (Visa Electron)
  • Supplementary ATM cards are free
  • Payment of utility bills
  • Utilization of the international network of Arab Bank
Fixed Deposit Account
  • Interest on the maturity of the fund
  • Various options for tenures
  • Customer support available
  • Utilization of the international network of Arab Bank

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Arab Bank Account Types

The types of accounts with the Arab bank are as follows:

  • Savings Account: The Arab bank offers the customers the opportunity to earn interest via the Savings Account.
  • Current Account: Through the Current Account, Arab Bank offers a simple checking account to the customers which bear no interest. It is flexible and convenient for everyday transactions.
  • Fixed Deposit Account: The fixed deposit offers competitive interest rates to its customers. To renew the fixed deposit account, the customer can just use the facility of ‘roll-over’. It is available in every major currency along with AED.

Documents Required to Open an Arab Bank Account in UAE

Following are the required documents to open an account with the Arab Bank:

  • Valid identification
  • Valid residency ID
  • Identification document or birth certificate (for minors)
  • Leasing contract
  • Utility bill

How to Open an Arab Bank Account in the UAE

To open an account with the Arab Bank, the applicants can:

  • Visit the nearest branch of the bank
  • Apply through the online application form

Arab Bank Account FAQs

Q1: What is the contact number of the customer care center?

Ans: The number for the customer care team of Arab Bank is 04-4450000

Q2: How to open an account with the Arab Bank?

Ans: To open an account with the Arab bank, you can visit any of the nearest branches of the Arab Bank.

Q3: Can I change the PIN of my ATM card everywhere?

Ans: Yes, you can change the PIN code of your Visa Electron ATM card on any ATM of the Arab Bank.  However, if you hold a Gold or Classic card, you will have to inform the bank for the issuance of a new PIN.

Q4: Are there any charges for using the Debit card?

Ans: For local use, there are no charges. However, 2-3% will be charged in case of international use.

Q5: What steps should I follow if I ever lose my card?

Ans: If you ever lose your card, make sure to inform the bank as soon as possible. If the card you lost was a Visa card, call +973 17 29 10 29. If you lost the card in Jordan, call 4600900.

Q6: Every time I try to log in, I get the message “Your Account is Inactive”. What should I do?

Ans: The message “Your Account is Inactive” means your account has not been activated yet. To activate your account, you will either have to contact the branch or the customer support team of the bank.

Q7: I got the message “Your Account is Locked” when I try to log in. What is wrong with my account?

Ans: When the password and the User-ID are typed wrongly for 5 consecutive times, the account gets locked. That is when you receive the message too.

Q8: How can I apply for the Arabi Online service?

Ans: You can follow any of these methods to apply for the Arabi Online service:

  • You can visit the branch of the Arab bank to sign the approval for the agreement and select the provided services
  • You can also apply through the website of the Arab Bank. However, you will have to visit the bank to sign the approval for the agreement
  • Contact the Customer Support team of the Arab Bank to issue the Arabi online service. After that, you will have to visit the bank to sign the approval for the agreement

Q9: Why am I not able to transfer the amount?

Ans: It can be due to the fact that you are exceeding the daily transfer limit. Check the limit of your daily fund transfer. Also, if you’re trying to transfer the amount in other currencies, make sure that when converted, it is not exceeding the limit.

Q10: Which services are provided by the Arab Bank online banking?

Ans: There services provided are in two separate types: Personal and Third-Party Payment.

Services for a personal account include:

  • Summary of the Account balance
  • Statement of the account
  • Loans and Fixed Deposits
  • Funds transfer within the accounts of the customer
  • Management of accounts enrolled through online banking
  • Address change of the account
  • Viewing the activity log
  • The calculation for the currency transfer to a different currency
  • Calculator for the car lease
  • Cheque Book request
  • Details of the Visa card
  • To correspond with the branch via mail

Services for a Third Party account includes:

  • Internal fund transfers
  • External fund transfers
  • Scheduled fund transfers

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