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Citibank offers 24/7 banking services that include checking accounts and savings to long-term investments which are offered to you at higher rates of interest. It has a wide range of popular reward cards, cashback cards, emirates cards, and travel cards. The Citibank Credit Card offers a host of benefits including travel, movies, shopping, dining, golf, entertainment and more.

However, the credit card provider also has to maintain a fair share of restrictions to be kept in mind. It is necessary to know the application policies of Citibank for ensuring that you qualify for a sign up bonus on the card and your application does not get denied automatically. Although the application rules for Citibank credit cards are not as restrictive or complicated like some issuers, they can still become confusing at some point.

Many of these rules are directed towards applicants who have applied or are applying for more than one cards. Citibank is a major card provider, so such a situation may arise quite often.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Citibank Credit Card

There are a number of factors that may affect your eligibility to apply for a Citibank UAE Credit Card. To apply for these credit cards, the applicant needs to meet the following eligibility criteria.

Minimum Income per month

The applicant has to present an independent income source. Every Citibank card has a monthly minimum income requirement. Only those applicants who earn the minimum income monthly as specified on each card can apply for that particular card.


For applying for Citibank credit cards, you need to fulfill the age eligibility criteria as specified by the bank, depending on your nationality.


It might get a little difficult for you to apply for the Citibank UAE credit card in case you do not have a UAE residency. However, it isn’t exactly impossible. Although the process for you would be longer and the eligibility criteria would be stricter.

Address Proof

A valid address is required for completing the process of application. Utility bills can act as address proof.

ID Proof

The UAE nationals may submit their valid Emirates ID for completing the process of application. The expats can submit the copy of their visa and passport.

Credit History

All the applicants have to go through an extensive check on their backgrounds in terms of their credit history. Bad credit history may lead to rejection of the application.

Sign-up Bonus

As compared to the competitors, Citibank is a little generous when it comes to sign-up bonuses. Almost every Citibank UAE Credit Card has a Welcome Offer for the cardholder which might include sign-up bonus along with Skyward miles.

The following are the sign up bonus offered on a few Citibank Credit cards.

Card Name  Sign-up Bonus
Citi Simplicity Credit Card Free for life
Citi cashback credit card 250 AED as a statement creditFee free
Citi Rewards Credit Card Fee free
Citi Premier Credit Card 400 AED as a statement creditNo annual fees for one year
Citi Prestige Credit Card 1250 AED as a statement credit30,000 ThankYou points on sign-up
Emirates-Citibank World Credit Card 400 AED as a statement creditNo annual fee for 1 year
Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card 800 AED as a statement credit
Emirates-Citibank Ultima Credit Card 1500 AED as a statement credit25000 Skyward miles as a bonus

Calling Before Applying

The credit card rules could be confusing and they might change without being noticed. Moreover, the credit card providers may sometimes have separate rules for different credit cards offered by them. If you plan to get multiple Citibank Credit Cards, then calling the customer care to confirm the rules so that you don’t end up stuck in any issues is worth the time.

In a Nutshell!

The Citibank has a variety of credit cards to select from and every Citibank Credit Card offers various benefits and privileges. However, the card issuer has imposed certain rules and restrictions on the application of these credit cards. It is advised that you should be aware of all these rules and restrictions while applying for the card(s) or your choice. You must not risk on missing out the sign-up offers or even worse, getting your application rejected.

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