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American Express Platinum Credit Card Features & Benefits

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Published: 17 October 2019Last Updated On: 13 January 2021

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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The American Express Platinum Credit Card is your invitation to a world full of luxuries, no matter where you are in the world; you always have a range of numerous benefits along with their outstanding. As a cardholder, you are provided with exclusive lifestyle and travel benefits.

Highlights of the Card

  • Priority pass enrolment to airport lounges across the globe is complimentary
  • Free Wi-Fi with Boingo
  • Receive an annual travel credit of US$300
  • 24/7 access to platinum travel & concierge services
  • Free enrolment under the Membership Rewards
  • Enrolment under hotel loyalty programs

American Express Platinum Credit Card Features

The features of an AmEx Platinum card include:

Membership Rewards Program

The American Express Platinum Credit Card greets its members by providing this rewards program. Any retail spend made via this AmEx Card earns you 1 reward point for every 1 USD spent. The best part of this program is that your rewards never expire. These rewards can be redeemed on a range of services like free upgrades or flight bookings, free hotel stays, shopping and gift vouchers among the lot.

Online Banking

Your credit card account can be easily accessed via the American Express Website or the American Express Middle East Mobile App. You can access the following services at your fingertips:

  • Activation of your card
  • Updating any contact details
  • Setting alert preferences for Email and SMS
  • Putting in a request for a supplementary card
  • Referral to a friend and earning bonus points

Supplementary Cards

Your close ones can now enjoy the benefits of th American Express Platinum Credit Card along with you. Any immediate family member, with the age being above 15 years can partake. You are eligible for 5 free supplementary cards, after which the charge is US$350.  This can be done as easily as via the online website or the mobile app.

Comprehensive Insurance Policies

You can enjoy worldwide insurance policies for you, or any of your family members by calling the American Express helpline. The American Express Platinum Credit Card members are protected via a range of insurance policies mentioned below:

  • Up to US$30,000 for Travel Car Rental Insurance
  • Up to US$1 million for Travel Accident Insurance
  • A maximum of $2,000 for Purchase Protection Insurance
  • A maximum of $500 for Refund Protection Insurance

American Express Platinum Credit Card Benefits

As a cardmember, you are entitled to various travel and lifestyle benefits. They are detailed below for you to further understand.

Travel Benefits

  1. Annual Travel Credit: Everytime you renew this American Express Credit Card, you will receive a US$300 travel credit. This can be used on airline or hotel bookings to make your travel special. When you renew with Platinum, you will receive a US$300 credit every year with the contingency that you have to pay beforehand for your travel worth the amount of US$3,000.
  2. Access to Airport Lounges: As a Platinum member, you have access to over 1,000+ airport lounges in more than 130 countries across the globe. You can now have a relaxing time away from the airport buzz before that tiring flight you need to catch.
  3. Deals With Leading Airlines: You can enjoy the International Airline Program, which offers a wide range of deals with some of the world’s leading airlines, depending on the route and airline. Emirates offers special prices on booking first class and business class. Similarly, Etihad Airways offer 15% off the Pearl Business Class and Diamond First-class. Whereas, Lufthansa offers a discount up to 10% in first and business class.
  4. Unlimited Internation Wi-Fi: The leading provider Boingo provides you with free unlimited access to the WiFi worldwide. You can enjoy Boingo hotspots on up to 5 devices that are available on numerous airports, hotels and popular locations.
  5. Deals for Hotel Stays: Your American Express Platinum Credit Card offers benefits that include room upgradation (when available), checking in early, checking out late, dining experiences or spas at the available locations.
  6. Elite Hotel Loyalty Program: As a Platinum cardholder you enjoy a fast track upgrade to higher tiers of loyalty programs without having you fulfill their criteria.
  7. Car Rentals: You can have access to the higher tiers of the car rental partners as a Platinum cardmember.
  8. Cruise Privileges:  Having an American Express Platinum Credit Card entitles you to various benefits like on board and shore excursion credits.

Lifestyle Benefits

  1. Concierge Service: You can reach out to your Platinum Concierge for any sort of advice or recommendation, starting from the restaurant recommendations to advice for the best flowers in town.
  2. American Express Invites: As a platinum member, you are invited to sought after events in the city. You are also entitled to Dining Privileges with this Credit Card at 600 selected restaurants around the world. The deals on dining vary from a complimentary appetizer to a 20% discount on the bill.
  3. Exclusive Shopping Benefits: Shopping is the best form of cardio they say. Make your shopping experience a lasting memory, while dealing with the top-notch brands and designers and explore your fashion taste. With this card, you can enjoy special benefits such as new fashion collection previews, pre-sale events’ access, free alterations, and personal shoppers.

Summing it Up!

The American Express Platinum Credit Card has touched every sphere of your life through its multiple benefits offered. It makes sure to give you a premium experience as a cardholder. Airline, dining, shopping, cruise, hotels, car rentals, any benefit - you just name it and it’s there!