Al Hilal Bank Accounts

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Al Halal is an Islamic bank founded by Abu Dhabi Islamic Council. It began as an investment of the Abu Dhabi government. The Al Hilal bank opened in the year 2008 with four branches. The customers are provided treasury, corporate, wholesale banking, investment and Islamic personal services by the Al Hilal bank.

The Al Hilal bank also manages the Global Sukuk Fund, the GCC Equity Fund and the Al Hilal Global Balanced Fund.

However, the most innovative ideas from the Al Hilal bank are the Qibla card, UAE’s first Scented Credit card I.e, the Lala Al Hilal Credit card, Egrab and money-staton.

Al Hilal Bank Account - Features & Benefits

Some of the basic features and benefits of the Al Hilal bank account is:

  • Fully Shariah Compliant
  • Banking service is automated and available 24X7
  • Personalized account number
  • E-statements are free
  • Facility of Thumb Impression recognition is available
  • Available in currencies of AED, USD, SAR, GBP, CAD and EUR
  • Banking facility of SMS, mobile and internet are free

Bank Accounts offered by Al Hilal

The types of bank account of the Al Hilal bank are:

  • Al Hilal Bank Savings Account- The customer with the minimum balance of AED 5000 has a chance of winning AED 1 million every month.
  • Al Hilal Bank Current Account- The customers with a Current account get the first cheque book free.
  • Al Hilal Bank Salary Account- The salary transfer account holder requires doesn’t need to maintain a minimum balance
  • Term Deposit Account- The term deposit starts from AED 25,000 and is available in AED only.

Documents Required to Open an Al Hilal Bank Account in UAE

The documents required to open an account with the Al Hilal bank are:

  • Passport of the applicant
  • Emirates ID of the applicant

How to Open an Al Hilal Bank Account in the UAE

To open an account with the Al Hilal bank in the UAE, the applicant can:

  • Visit the nearest branch of the Al Hilal bank
  • Use the Ahlan app

Al Hilal Bank Account - FAQs

Q.1 What is Ahlan app?

Ans: It is an app through which the customers can open an account or manage their accounts. The customers can download it from google playstore or App Store.

Q.2 Who can use the Ahlan app?

Ans: Any applicant who is 21 years of age or above can use the Ahlan app. He should also be a resident of the UAE.

Q.3 How can I use the Ahlan app?

Ans: To use the Ahlan app, you will have to download the app first. After the downloading is complete, just follow the instructions on the screen. Also, make sure to keep your Passport and Emirates ID ready.

Q.4 How can I begin my relationship with the Al Hilal bank using the Ahlan app?

Ans: You can begin your relationship with the Al Hilal bank, using the following steps:

  • Scan your Emirates ID and passport and select the way you would like to use the Ahlan app
  • With a few basic steps, personalize the banking experience
  • Your account is ready to be used. You can get your welcome pack delivered to your doorstep or at the nearest Al Hilal branch.

Make sure to keep your identifications ready when opening an Al Hilal Savings Account with the Ahlan app.

Q.5 Do I need to upload my signature? If yes, why?

Ans: Yes, you will have to upload your signature so that you can continue experiencing the banking services without any hassle.

Q.6 When is the debit card delivered?

Ans: The debit card is generally delivered within 48 hours of the account opening. Also, at the time of delivery, your fingerprint and identity card also verified for extra security.

Q.7 What should I do if I experience trouble with using or downloading the Ahlan app?

Ans: If you experience trouble while using or downloading the Ahlan app, you can restarting your phone. If it doesn’t work, delete and re-download the app. If the problem persists, call 600 522 229 from your registered mobile number.

Q.8 Who is eligible for the cash offer?

Ans: Only those customers who opened their account through the Ahlan app are eligible for the cash offer.

Q.9 How can I find out the details of my Al Hilal Savings Account?

Ans: After you have opened your Savings account with the Ahlan app, the app will take you to the dashboard, personalized for you. You can check your Savings details in your personalized board.

Q.10 How do I claim the cash prize?

Ans: If you meet the criteria, your cash prize will be automatically transferred to your Savings account using the Ahlan app.