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Al Hilal Bank is one of the leading banks in the UAE offering different types of banking product and services with unmatched benefits. Al Hilal also offers credit cards, services like personal finance, vehicle finance, wealth management, and a lot more. Banking with Al Hilal is a seamless experience with its impeccable banking services that are custom tailored to cater to the demands of its customers. Here we are going to talk about different kinds of bank accounts, deposits, and their benefits that’ll help you know more about Al Hilal.

Some Benefits of Having an Al Hilal Bank Account

Here are some common benefits for different types of AI Hilal Bank accounts.

  • Withdraw cash with no fees at ADCB ATMs
  • ADCB Deposit Machine for free cash deposits
  • Free Net Banking services
  • Free E-Statement
  • Fully Shariah compliant
  • Personalized account number
  • Thumb impression recognition 
  • Free instantly issued personalized Visa Debit Card
  • Full-time Automated Banking Service
  • Monthly profit distribution
  • Personalized cheque book
  • Available in EUR, AED, GBP, USD, EUR, & CAD
  • No initial balance required

Some Important Features of the Al Hilal Bank Account

Here is a list of major features of Al Hilal Account

  • No minimum balance, fees, or charges
  • Prize of AED 1 Million awarded every month
  • 20 monthly prizes of AED 1000
  • Monthly Profit Calculation/Distribution rate of 0.33% per month. It gets calculated on the average monthly balance.
  • If you maintain a minimum average balance of AED 5,000, you can win the prizes. 
  • As many times you transfer an additional AED 5,000 on your balance, it gives an extra chance to win.
  • If you transfer your salary in the amount of AED 5,000 to an Al Hilal bank account, you get an additional entry to the draw 

Additional Benefits based on Account Types

Salary Transfer Account:

A salary transfer account is often used for crediting salary. If you have one with Al Hilal bank, you can enjoy these below mentioned benefits:  

  • Attractive profit rates
  • First two free ATM transactions, if made within UAE only
  • First three free online transfers per month, if made within UAE
  • First online international transfer free per month (1st year only)

Seghaar Savings Account

Seghaar savings account are dedicated to kids with following benefits to offer: 

  • Fully Shariah compliant
  • Win AED 1 MILLION a month
  • You can get a zero balance account with no minimum balance maintenance requirement
  • Either parent, or the Legal Guardian, can open the account
  • Benefits of monthly profit distribution
  • Thumb impression recognition facility
  • You can get a personalized account number
  • Instant issuance of free personalized Visa debit card
  • Free E Statement
  • Internet, Mobile, SMS Banking services are provided for free of cost
  • 24/7 Automated Banking Service 

What are the Types of Deposits AI Hilal Bank Offers?

When it comes to savings, Al Hilal bank offers two types of deposits. Both the deposits are Shariah-compliant and offer free Internet, Mobile, SMS & 24/7 Automated Banking facilities.

  • Wakala Deposit
  • Term Investment Deposit
Categories Wakala Deposit Term Investment Deposit
Deposit Deposit starting from AED 5,000 Term Investment Deposit starting from AED 5,000
Profit Rate Maximum expected profit on maturity (completion of tenure) Up to 1.43%
Tenure Flexible tenures up to 12 months Tenures of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months available
Profit Distribution Maximum expected profit on maturity (completion of tenure) Monthly profit distribution auto rollover options at maturity

Eligibility Criteria to Open an Al Hilal Bank Account

You can have an Al Hilal Bank account if: 

  • You are a UAE resident
  • You are 18 years, or above

Why Open a Bank Account with Al Hilal Bank

Here is a list of reasons to why can consider opening a bank account with Al Hilal bank.

  • An account with minimum requirements: With Al Hilal, you can open up your bank account with minimum requirements. You don’t need an initial balance to open the account. Once you open an account, you get a VISA debit card and a personalized cheque book for free.
  • Personalize your Debit Card/Cheque Book: With Al Hilal, you can decide how your name appears on your VISA debit card and your cheque book.
  • Pick the Welcome Kit as per Your Convenience: Once you complete the account opening formalities online, you don’t have to go to the bank to collect your welcome pack, it gets delivered to your place. However, if you wish, you can drop by at the nearest branch to collect the same.

What all documents you may need for opening an Al Hilal Bank account?

Here’s all that you need to open an account with Al Hilal Bank:

  • Your Passport or Passport copy
  • Your Emirates ID or Emirates ID copy
  • Your Signatures

How to Open Al Hilal Bank Account in the UAE

You can easily open an account with Al Hilal bank in three simple steps.

  1. Register Your Documents: You can easily download the Ahlan app and request for opening an account. Scan and upload the required documents like your Passport and Emirates ID.
  2. Share a few details: Next, step is to share a few details like your name, address, contact number, etc., as prompted by the app.
  3. Get the debit card at your doorstep: Once done, your account will be set up with zero balance and your welcome pack will be delivered to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions on Al Hilal Bank Account in the UAE

Q1: What is Al Hilal Ahlan?

Ans: Al Hilal offers an online banking app called Ahlan. The app provides you with a platform to open an account and facilitates you with account related details too. You can download this app from Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Q2: Are there any account opening fees or charges?

Ans: No. there are no charges for opening an account.

Q3: Is there a minimum balance required to maintain the account?

Ans: There are no initial charges to open a bank account with Al Hilal bank. You can simply open your bank account with a ‘Zero’ balance. You can, however, win AED 1 Million prize every month if you maintain a minimum balance of AED 5,000 per month.

Q4: Why should I open a Salary Transfer Account with Al Hilal Bank?

Ans: Apart from facilitating easy transactions, Al Hilal Bank salary account gives you an opportunity to win AED 1 Million every month on a salary transfer of AED 5,000.